Thursday, 10 April 2014

♥Himekaji Dress!♥

Hello everybunny!♥ I hope you're peachy!♪ 
A few weeks ago I bought a cute himekaji dress and flapper dress.♥ I didn't plan on buying them, but I spotted them one day and just had to pick them up ww.♥♥ So today I have a small outfit post with the himekaji dress.^^ I'll make an outfit soon with the flapper dress, but I just need a few more accessories. c:
♥The Dress♥

 It's not as light pink as the stock photo which is a shame, but it's still adorable!♥ (Maybe the stock photo used a lightening filter?) It's a really cute shape, with no waist, so a little like an empire line.♪ I love them because they seem to work really well with my figure! ; u; I bought this in blue in my most recent haul so soon I'll have both colours ww. ; v;♥

I love the bodice part so so much!♥ The pinktucks and buttons are super cute, as is the collar. ; u;  The dress also came with a detachable bow, which is pinned to the bottom of the bodice part in the stock photo, but it could be pinned on the collar like a bow tie!♥♥

The see-through fabric has a really cute & delicate polka dot pattern.♥ 

The dress has a satiny part inside, which is good because the outer fabric with the grid pattern has see-through parts ww. It's really soft, wheras the outer fabric isn't so soft. Though it might get a little softer are a couple washes?

 It's very short! It's kind of like a long top? So it works best with a notso poofy petti or shorts or bloomers.^^ I'm wearing it with the Bobon21 pettiskirt that I got from SpreePicky.♪ It also looks a lot better worn, it seems to go a tad strange when laid flat, which I'm guessing is because of its shape?



Dress, Wig → Taobao
Pettiskirt → Bobon21 (from SpreePicky)
Accessories → Candy Geisha, Rara's Jewels, offbrand.
Shellie May pouch → Tokyo DisneySea (from a shopping service)
Handbag → River Island
Shoes → Bodyline
Socks → offbrand

I'm sorry that Duffy Bear and Shellie May get in every outfit ww I just love them so much and the pouch goes well with so many outfits.; u;♥ I'm actually hoping to get tons more Duffy & Shellie May merchandise and accessories when I go to Tokyo DisneySea this summer.♥♥
The handbag matches the colour of the dress really well! They're both a sort of salmon pastel pink, rather than a baby pastel pink.^^;

 The shape of the dress is perfect, and it fits so so well!♥♥ I feel really lucky when things fit as well as this, so I'm really excited for the clothes in my Taobao haul to arrive!♪

It's quite a simple outfit, and I think even as it gets warmer it won't be too much of a problem that it has sleeves, since they're thin!♥

 Simple makeup for himekaji, but the falsies are still here. ; u;♥♥ I'd like to get a blonder bob wig soon.^^♪

Alternative hairstyle!♪ The bunny ear scrunchie matches the colour of the dress perfectly!♥ I think it works well with the wig colour too, though I think this wig makes the outfit look a little different? c: ♪

Natural hair plus wearing the bow as a bow tie!♥ Sadly my hair was being fussy and wouldn't style so well for this so I popped a headband on, but I'd like to see how it looks with a curlier hairstyle!♥

Thank you so much for reading, everyone!♥ I hope you enjoyed today's post, and I hope you'll look forward to future posts.^^♪ I paid the shipping for my Taobao haul this evening so it should hopefully only be a couple weeks until it's here. c: ♪♪ I'm thinking of ordering some more DreamV things next week if I have money leftover after I pay my fees for my Japan trip (even though my other DreamV things aren't here yet). ;v;
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥

Saturday, 5 April 2014

♥Recent Buys March/April 2014!♥

Hello everybunny! c: ♪ It's April already, and April showers bring May flowers.. which is always a nice thought. ; u;♥ Today's post is a about things I've recently bought!♪ Usually I do one each month but I haven't bought a whole lot lately since I'm saving for my trip to Japan. c:
 ♥From DreamV♥

I ordered a mini haul at the beginning of March, but my shopping service was slow with ordering each thing. ;; Everything arrived at the service apart from the pink dress which will hopefully arrive there soon!♥ I also ordered another dress, but I think it's sold out now because I couldn't find a picture for this post.^^;

I ordered these in beige! I love the other brown boots I have, so I wanted a pair in a lighter colour!♥

I ordered this in ivory.♪

♥From Taobao♥

The other week I thought that even though it's a few months until I go to Japan (just under 4 I think?), I want to get some cute summer clothes ready sooner rather than later. (I'll only end up getting panicky about whether things will arrive in time and such, I mean I've been panicking about things here and there already x-x;; ) So I decided to order some things now in preparation!♥ I'll probably end up getting some more clothes nearer the time as well ww 
I decided to get things from Taobao because generally they have things in my size!♥ Or at least, closer to my size than most high street shops. ^^

I'm really into florals, so I had to get this cute dungaree/bloomer thing!♥ I think this would look cute with my beige heels from DreamV.^^

This is a really cute necklace!♥ I feel like I'm lacking himekaji accessories, so I thought it would be good to pick up a necklace or two.^^
Another cute necklace! I ordered it in white, since the pink might have been too matchy with all my pink clothes.^^;
I think these shorts come with the tights, but I'm not sure. I've been buying lots of long flowy tops so these would be cute underneath! They'd also add a little poof to dresses maybe?

I ordered this in pink!♥ It's super cute. ; u; I can't really resist things with a sailor collar... ;v;''

 I've been wanting bloomers with braces like these for so so long, and these are such a lovely delicate pink colour. ; u;♥ I also bought a blouse to match them!♪

Two blue dresses!♥ I need to order some cute blue shoes now ww.. I actually ordered the pink version of the dress on the left a couple weeks ago, along with a flapper style dress!♥ I might review them tomorrow or next weekend.^^


Cute & simple shorts! I ordered them in the light blue.♪ I thought it would be nice to have simple shorts for when I want to go for walks in gardens or do other more practical things.^^♪ I've found a few pretty parks/gardens in and around Tokyo that I want to visit, as well as some places that are fun for hiking. c:

 More floral! This top is really pretty, and I love roses, so I had to pick it up!♥♥

 I ordered the same top in pink and blue to match the shorts I ordered below.♪ It's all pretty and flowy!♥


I ordered these shorts in each colour too!♥ They'll be cute under the tops above, and they also match the blue dress (the one on the left) from further up as well as the pink version that I have!♥

More roses!♥ This top looks a little strange but also really cute at the same time!♪ It's nice and casual.♥ It also says "sprout", which is awesome. I think I'm like a sprout.. I hope I can become a flower someday ww♪

And lastly (for now).. a flapper style dress (hooray!♥) and a flowy top.^^ ♥ I love the lace on both of them, it looks like a really pretty design!♪
I'm really really excited for everything to arrive!♥ I'll be reviewing and doing outfit posts, though I won't do it all at the same because there's so much haha... ; u;'' ♥ I was going to buy another wig but I think it'll be much too hot for wearing a wig while I'm in Japan, and maybe even over here this summer... it was actually pretty warm today!♪ Next on my list of things to buy are shoes, sunhats and bags ww..♪♪ Oh! My passport application has been sent now too!♥ I also have all the money I need for the course and by May I'll have all the money for the flights to Tokyo.♪ Then it's just saving spending money.^^ It's all so very exciting! ; u;!♥
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥