Saturday, 6 September 2014

♥Bobon21 Haul & Outfits! -Baby Blue-♥

Hello again everybunny!♥ I hope your September is off to a lovely start. c: I'm really enjoying looking through the Autumn collections of various brands, it's all about burgundy and cream and beige and milk tea for me at the moment!^^♪ But! There's still a teeny bit of summer left, and I have a long overdue haul & outfit post to do.♪ I wasn't actually planning on getting another haul from Bobon21 before my holiday but they released some amazing pieces so I tried my luck and hoped they'd arrive before the holiday!♪ Luckily they did and I managed to do outfit photos, but sadly I never got time to do the post. OTL I hope you'll enjoy the outfits and such now though.^^♪

♥What I bought♥

I couldn't really not buy this ww ; v ; It's part of a two-piece set, and it's very very flappie-esque!♥ It also comes in a creamy pink... I ended up getting both colours ;; v ;; ♥♥

 The detailing is gorgeous!♥ I love the collar a lot, with all the little flowers. ;v;♥ It's kind of art deco-ish!^o^♪

The matching skirt!♥ It's a very simple design, but the pattern is so so pretty!♪

Here's the creamy pink version!♥

The skirt has shorts too!♥ I love skirts like this, especially since I wear quite short skirts. ;;

I wasn't going to buy this at first, but it's so fluttery and pretty.^^ It's cropped too.♪

All of the lacy details are really nice! The sleeves are a little see through, but the top itself has another layer to prevent it being see through.♪

I didn't get this to wear as a piece by itself, but to add poof to other pieces! The pettis I have are much too long for quite a few pieces I have, so this will help a lot!♪

There are shorts underneath! :D♪

The ribbons on the sides are really cute, so it could be worn as part of a fairy kei outfit.^^ When it gets colder and easier to wear outfits with lots of layers, I might try it like that. c:

I love nautical themes so I had to get this top ww ;; v ;; ♥ The bow has a pin so it can be popped on the top or bottom!^^ I prefer it at the top, though it covers the embroidery ;; o ;;

I love the embroidery!♥ It says "Hey! Sailor" though it's spelled "saylor" on the top, but I don't think people will be looking that closely at my left boob anyway. :D The anchor buttons are super cute too!♥

The back is simple but cute, with just a sailor collar.^^

And to match the sailor top, a sailor skirt!♥ (And with braces too eee ;; v ;; )

When I saw the skirt on the site, I thought the shells were printed, but they're embroidery!♥

The back is shirred, so it'll stretch a lot.^^

This dress has such a cute retro-ish style! ; v ; There's also a lavender version, but I went with blue to match the other things.^^ I might pick up the lavender another time if it's in stock though. c:

All of the blue pieces called for a blue bunny ear bow. - v -♥

And another, just to make sure.♪

Pretty jewellery boxes!♥

More nautical themed things! These seashell earrings are so cute.♥

Matching seashell necklace too.^^♥

The details are so pretty! ;; v ;; ♥♥



Dress, headband, earrings, necklace, petti → Bobon21
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Gloves → Bodyline
Socks, belt, bracelets → Offbrand

This dress is so so comfy! ;; o ;;♥ It fits amazingly well too.♪ I love the little details on the dress, and I love that overall, it's a simple & comfy piece that I can just throw on, or make into a more dressy outfit like this one.^^ This dress has a sort of nautical feel too (maybe it's the stripes? c: ), I wore it when I went to Tokyo DisneySea to meet Duffy Bear! QvQ♥♥♥

The dress is very short, but the petti has shorts inside.^^ Without the petti, I just wear ruffly shorts. c:


Simple makeup. ; v ; I decided to wear falsies though.^^


Top, skirt, headband, earrings, necklace → Bobon21
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Bag → Miss Selfridge
Socks, bracelets, shorts → Offbrand

Hooray nautical theme! ; v ; Pastel/light blue and white is one of my favourite colour combinations.^^ As the skirt is really short, I wore shorts underneath. c: This outfit is so so nice to wear in the summer! ;; v ;; Well, British summer, it was even more humid in Tokyo and since it's not a very flowy outfit it wouldn't have been so comfy. Though I did wear it a couple times.^^

The top & skirt both fit really nicely and go together so so well!^^♥ Neither piece is too roomy! ;; v ;;♥



Top → Bobon21
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Hair pearls, bracelets, socks, hair flower → Offbrand

I kind of bought this top without considering what to match it with ww ;; v ;; It's really pretty though, and fits nicely! ;; o ;; It would be really nice with a long flowy skirt!♪ I also bought some Liz Lisa high waisted capris on holiday which would probably go nicely with it too!

It's a pretty & very fluttery top though! TT v TT ♥


Top, skirt → Bobon21
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Hair pearls, tights, necklaces → offbrand

Flappie outfit! ;; v ;; ♥♥ I'm so so happy with this♥ The only letdown was my roots hadn't been fixed up by this point, but ah well. ; v ; The top and skirt both fit perfectly!♥ I love them so very much. ; v ; It's a nice comfy two piece, and easy to move around in, so it's good for dancing! *^*♪♪

I can't show you in photos, but the skirt goes fwip fwip really nicely when dancing, though I can't really dance so... I guess for me, that's when I'm attempting to dance ww♪♪ (My boyfriend and I still need to attempt the Lindy Hop haha♪)


Top, skirt → Bobon21
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Hair pearls, tights, necklaces → offbrand

Now for the blue version! c: With such a lovely set, I just had to buy both colours! ;; o ;; I think I prefer the blue because the colour stands out more, but I just love the overall design of the set anyway! ; v ;♥


Sepia photos! :D Sadly I don't look fancy and suave like a lot of flappers, but... it's still sepia ;; v ;;♥ I really want some big lashes so I can try looking like Betty Boop ww.

I hope you enjoyed the haul & outfit post, thank you so much for reading!♥ I'm not sure when I'll order another Bobon21 haul, they've released so many cute things in July and August that I didn't get a chance to get yet, so hopefully in a few weeks when they do the September release so I don't have to do different orders.^^♪ I'll be doing another review for SpreePicky, which will be up in a day or so! Then it's onto posts from my holiday! :D♥
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥