Saturday, 19 December 2015

♥Ank Rouge Outfit Collection ~Starry Themed Clothes~♥

Hello everybunny~! How are you? I hope your December is going well.♥ Here, it's pretty warm for December. It's strange but the warmer weather is quite nice.♪
Today's outfit collection features the star themed pieces that were in my Ank Rouge haul a while back~! I would have put some outfits together ages ago, but I really wanted some black shoes, and I finally found a cute pair a couple weeks ago♪ I also got the Liz Lisa ballet platforms recently too which work really well with some of the pieces too♥ 

Dress → Ank Rouge
Bolero → Secret Honey
Shoes → DreamV

This dress is so cute, I love it!♥ The print is called 'Moon Feather'. I'm so so glad I got the black shoes ; 7 ; This dress didn't really look right with any other shoes I have, especially not with the bolero. >< I don't own many dark colour cardis, but I'm glad this one matched fairly well♪ It's a bit big though, I love Secret Honey but their 'M' size (the only size they usually do) is quite generous on me. >< Ank Rouge's 'M' size (again, generally their only size) is fairly generous too, it's a shame this dress doesn't have shirring or waist ties to pull it in a little. ;; The print and lace are gorgeous though, so I don't mind too much. ;; v ;; 

I love the embroidery on the collar that says 'Heavenly'♥ I decided on fairly plain makeup, sorry I'm boring. OTL

Dress → Ank Rouge
Shoes → DreamV

The dress on its own.♪ It's pretty cute like this, but not so warm for winter ww.. I love that the dress is a similar shape to lolita dresses, but not as awkward to wear or in need of a big petti. ;; 7 ;;

Dress & Blouse → Ank Rouge
Shoes → DreamV

 I love this dress too~!♥ The print is called 'Fantasy Night'. The blouse is also star themed, there's star lace around the collar!♪ I really like the colour navy, I don't think it looks too bad on me.^^; All of these star themed clothes were late summer releases, but I think they work year round with different amount of layers.♥


Skirt & Blouse → Ank Rouge
Shoes → Liz Lisa

This skirt also has the 'Fantasy Night' print♥ The ruffle along the edge is so cute. ><♥ I also wore the star lace blouse with this skirt.♪ The ruffles along the edge of the skirt are so lovely!♥ This also fits better than the dresses.^^ I was considering wearing heels with this outfit, but I think the ballet pumps work a lot better, plus they're way more comfy. ><♥ I hope I can start replacing a lot of my heels with cute platforms.♪

Skirt & Cutsew → Ank Rouge
Shoes → Liz Lisa

 This time it's the 'Moon Feather' print in pink.^^♪ Sadly the print doesn't show up as well as it does on the navy colourway, but it's still very pretty!♥ The top is really comfy to wear, the only downside is that the cut out moon often distorts.;; It's only of my favourite tops to wear though~! It's cute worn with more dressy outfits, and also worn with jeans for a casual outfit.♪


Thank you so much for reading~!♪ I'll do my best to do more outfit posts & such soon~!^^ I'm a little busy right now with a few super important things, but hopefully they won't cut into my blogging time too much!;; 

I hope you have a lovely day~! Happy holidays♥

Love, Alice♥

Saturday, 5 December 2015

♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Day 22 & 23 (Shopping and going home ><)♥

Hello everybunny! It's time for the final blog post of this particular holiday♪ 
We didn't do a lot on our last day, apart from some shopping. >< But it was good to see a few places for a last time before going home.^^♪

We spotted lots of fun socks in one of the stores!♪ I didn't get any though since I don't really wear socks like that. >< 

We went to Tokyo Dome City again for one last ride on the Thunder Dolphin~!♪

We went back to the Moomin Bakery & Café since I wanted to buy some birthday gifts for my sister~!♥

We went to Baskin Robbins to get some cute ice cream~♪ There were some really cute cakes!♥

Another cute cake♥

Josh got a cute sundae!♥

I got a bunny ice cream sundae!♥ It was adorable^^

The owls outside Ikebukuro were really sweet♥

After a day of shopping, we spent time packing things at the hotel, which took quite a while because we had bought quite a lot ww We had to get up pretty early the next day to get to Ikebukuro station and get the Narita Express train to the airport.^^ Ikebukuro station is quite convenient when carrying suitcases because there are elevators.♪

Our Narita Express tickets♪ It's not too expensive.^^ The train was pretty comfy too.

At the airport, we got Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma plushies!♥ There were a couple shops selling character goods so we couldn't resist ww..

I spotted these as well! Strawberry cheesecake kitkats♪ They were delicious!♥ Next time I go to Japan, I want to try more flavours~

Out flight was from Tokyo to Dusseldorf , then Dussseldorf to London.♪ Having to change wasn't so appealing to me, but I don't think there were any direct return flights that day. ><

Duffy & Shellie May joined us for the flight♥

I love flying, it's so much fun. ;; v ;; It's such a fun way to start & end a holiday♪

Yummy rice crackers ww

The meal was pretty nice♪ Though it came with miso soup which I'm not so fond of, so I gave it to Josh^^; Luckily he really likes miso soup~!

I'm not sure what sort of food this was, but it was pretty yummy www ♪

Tofu! :3 ♪

There was ice cream too~!♥ I was so happy ;; 7;;

This was the breakfast meal♪

Japanese style breakfast~! Both my meals were Japanese style♪

Dusseldorf was pretty rainy, and the strap on my hang luggage bag broke ww.. luckily my parents were picking me up in London so I didn't have to worry about carrying it too far♪ The plane was so so much smaller than the one from Japan!

The view was quite pretty~^^

Until we got to London, then it wasn't so pretty ww..

And there ends my 2014 adventure to Japan~! It was so much fun, though I do regret going in the height of summer, because it was so so hot & busy all the time ahah^^;; So for that reason, we planned to go during a different time of year for our next holiday~!♪ 
If you ever get the chance to go to Japan, definitely go! It's so much fun and there's so so much to do!♪

 Sorry this has taken so long to write out fully, but thank you so much for reading~!♪ I hope you've enjoyed this holiday report, and I hope you'll look forward to reading my next holiday report.^^ I'll definitely be writing those posts up quicker than this. c:

Have a lovely day~!

Love, Alice♥