Thursday, 29 August 2013

♥Recent Buys!♥


My Recent Buys~!


 Heyo everybunny~! (*≧ω≦*)♥ I hope you're feeling happy and full of positive energy~!♪♪
Today I'm going to do a slightly different post to normal, since I bought so much recently~!♪ I actually ordered it a week or so ago, so now it's all on its way to me~♥(o´ω`o) A lot of things I bought are from Taobao, so although I'll be showing you what I bought in this post, I'll be doing a full review of the products and the shopping service once everything arrives~!♥♥ I'll also do a review of everything else I order when it all arrives~♪

First of all, my order from JBox~!(*^O^*)♪
I mainly got things to help with my Japanese studies~! I'm progressing pretty well with the textbook I bought~ it's a nice refresher for things I learned previously, and I'm also learning so many new things!♪ I wanted some other products from here, but I'll get them another time instead♥

A subscription to CoroCoro magazine~!♥  
I won't be able to read much of it at all, but it'll be fun to look through and I can have a good attempt at trying to recognise some words and phrases!♪

A Pokemon kanji practice book~♪ 
I'm trying to learn kanji at the moment! I've known all the katakana and hiragana and a few basic kanji for years but since I was so busy with other studies, I never got the chance to continue learning more Japanese properly, but now I am!♥

Learn hiragana with Pokemon book~!
This isn't for me, it's a gift for Josh! Since I'm hoping to study in Japan (I should really make a proper post about all this haha... (^ ^;;) ), he wants to learn as much Japanese as he can so he can visit me~! It'll also be a nice thing to do if he gets kinda bored at uni~

Beginner's kanji practice book - 240 characters~
This is a workbook that teaches 240 basic kanji~ and also hiragana and katakana~ yay~!♥ It also comes with a pull-out poster♪

Next, my purchases from CDJapan~!♪
I bought soooo many magazines~!♪♪ They're aimed at children, so I thought they'd be great for practicing my reading~(*^ ^*)♥ Plus they're super super cute, and come with cute posters and free gifts!♥♥ There were so so many cute magazines, but because of how heavy they are, I could only choose a few heehee~ Here are the ones I bought~




Now for my Bodyline order~!♪♪
I've been needing new shoes for ages but each time I've had money, I forgot to buy some! ;; I was going to order some pairs from Taobao, but then realised that with everything else in my order, the shipping rate would be huge because of the weight! So I decided to go for Bodyline because of the flat airmail shipping rate♪ 

In pink~! (Top left)

In pink-white~! (Bottom)

And finally... everything I ordered from Taobao~!♥
I wanted to buy some super cute things~! I would have bought more but again, shipping weight haha...;; I'll hopefully be doing a group order with a friend next month though, so we'll both save on shipping!♥♥ I bought my cosplay for October MCM, which is going to be super cute~! It's another gijinka, but also a magical girl... hmm... I wonder if I should reveal who it is teehee♥ Perhaps when the order arrives?♪ I won't show the main cosplay, but two things I ordered will be used in the cosplay! Hehehe~~

Hello Kitty tights~ I just couldn't resist!♥ 

 Bunny tights in white~! I figured that the white would match more of my outfits♪

Pumpkin shorts with braces~!♥♥

Pink heart seifuku~♥

 Foofy tutu skirt~♪♪

Another pair of super cute pumpkin shorts~!♥

A cute wig~!♥

 Another cute wig~!♪


A baby pink randoseru eeee~~! ♥♥♥
(This is a picture from my shopping service~♪ It shows the colour more clearly than the stock photo heehee♪♪)

So there's going to be a lot of reviews soon, along with new outfits~ hooray!♥♥ I hope you'll look forward to them, and I hope you enjoyed reading. m(_ _)m♥ My next post will be about my studies and future plans~! I think it would be nice to have them written out somewhere.♥ I'm really happy because they're dreams within my reach! I just need to put in the effort.♪♪
I hope you have a lovely sweet day and a dreamy night♥♥

Love, Amai♥



Monday, 26 August 2013

♥Review → Yama's Flower Crowns♥


Yama's Flower Crowns 

 Hello everybunny~! It's already the last week of August.. this month seems to have passed really quickly! But I think it's been a fairly productive month, so yay~!♥


Today I'll be reviewing a flower crown from Yama's Flower Crowns, which is run by the lovely Yamasenn!♥
She's a good friend of Josh, and recently decided to open a shop selling custom flower crowns.♪ Yama has a lot of experience in flower arranging, as well as a qualification, so you just know that the crowns will turn out gorgeous~!♥ 

The crown that I'm reviewing is a prototype that she very kindly sent me to review! I'm so grateful~m(_ _)m
I asked for pink and white flowers, including cherry blossoms and roses if it was possible and...

Ta-daaa~! So so pretty♥♥ The one on the right is Josh's~♪
Please note I can't fully review how they were sent because the lovely Josh hand delivered my crown to me, but they were wrapped up nicely in tissue paper, so points for presentation!♪ Though I can say that they're lovely and durable because they survived the journey here in Josh's suitcase!
Both crowns were completely in tact, and no parts were loose or falling off! After a few hours of wear and having to put up with me taking photos, it was still completely peachy.

Not only are the flowers gorgeous, but the crown looks really natural with leaves and not just flowers! Most flower crowns I've seen are just flowers and not natural leafy parts, so these crowns are really unique in that respect.♪ They would work really well for Cult Party and Mori kei, as well as other very natural looks.

♥Time for some pictures of it worn!♥
I coordinated it with the Cult Party inspired coord from last weekend, I feel like a fairy♥

It fits perfectly, and sits nicely on my natural hair and even more importantly - my wig!♥
It doesn't come with any way of securing it, but I had no problems with it falling off. I suggest some hair grips to make sure it's definitely secure when wearing it out.♪

 The flowers are faux, but I love how natural they look.♥ If you look carefully you can see the cherry blossoms aren't all the same length~ it's like it's been freshly picked! The flowers are also very soft, and the colours are coordinated beautifully.♪

 Here's the outfit I coordinated the crown with.♥ I also tried putting my wig in plaits for the first time!
I feel like I should have delicate fairy wings to match heehee♥

 It adds a lovely pop of colour to the creamy dusty colours in the outfit.♪

Overall, the flower crown is gorgeous and super well made! I love how the flowers blend together and how well coordinated they all are.♥ I'm also very happy with the fit and the fact that the whole crown is very firmly held together. The only downside that springs to mind is that although it's very well fitted, it might need to be held into place with grips.

The crowns are £10, are custom made to order, and are shipped within the UK and internationally.♪

Lastly, here are a couple extra pictures because Martin wanted to try out a flower crown~♥

Thankies so so much for reading, and big thankies to Yama for sending me a crown to review!♥ I hope you enjoyed it.♪ If you have any questions, you can send them directly to Yama through Etsy or on Tumblr via ask! Otherwise feel free to ask here and I'll be happy to pass on your questions~! (*^ ^*)♥

In other news, my packages from JBox, CDJapan, Bodyline, and Taobao will be arriving very very soon~!♥ Shall I make a post to show what I bought or just wait until I can review them~? I'm also off to Frock On! on Saturday, I'm really super nervous but also really really excited~!♥ I'll be posting plenty of photos in a post about it~!♪ I've also had a lot of people asking about a new video but ahh I'm really not sure..(*^ ^*;;;)

Anyways, I hope you have a sweet day and a dreamy night~!♥

Love, Amai♥♥