Wednesday, 31 December 2014

♥Sponsored review → Cuteberry!♥

Happy new years eve everybunny! c: Sorry I haven't posted in a little while, I've been snowed under by various things.^^;; Let's hope for a prosperous & positive 2015 though! Today I'm so very happy to bring you a review for a store called Cuteberry.♥ Luisa, the owner of Cuteberry, makes beautiful handmade accessories and clothing that have a sweet & elegant theme!
Click the banner above to visit Cuteberry on Storenvy!♪

Here are some really cute things from the store! (pictures are also links♪)→
This would be super cute with lolita, mori, dolly-kei, and himekaji outfits!♥ I love the little rose decoration.♪
I love the little butterfly on these roses, this would be super lovely in a more OTT classical lolita outfit.♥
This bracelet/choker would add a really elegant touch to outfits that have a burgundy or creamy colour scheme.^^
I love how the roses and leaves on this ring look like they're made out of fondant icing!♪

♥The Product♥

Today I'll be reviewing this super pretty Fairy Rose hair comb!♥


Sadly the package took a little while to arrive (2-3 weeks), I think due to the holiday season post, but the comb arrived safely & undamaged in a bubble wrap envelope.^^ Inside the package was the comb, neatly wrapped up.♥

I love it when stores send cute notes like this ; 7 ;♥ Thank you so much Luisa!♥

The packaging is really cute! It's lovely when packaging is more than just plain plastic wrapping.

Inside was the comb, a business card, and a little sticker!♥ The illustration on the card is adorable. ; v ;♥♥

And here is the comb itself.^^ I love the different shades of pink on the rose petals!♥♥

View of the back of the comb.♪ The roses are neatly attached and there are no defects.^^

♥Worn Photos♥

I decided to wear it almost like a mini flower crown.♥ It's very comfortable and sits securely in my hair.^^

 The rose comb matches my rose bracelet perfectly!♥ (Everything must be roses, everything) I love how delicate the comb is, it's not too big so it's a nice little touch to outfits.♥


Rose comb → Cuteberry
Dress → TRALALA Penderie
Boots → DreamV 

The rose comb inspired me to put together an outfit with a sort of antique look.♪ I got this dress a while back but for some reason hadn't worn it until recently.;; The print has roses, just like almost everything else ww♥ The rose comb adds a nice pop of colour to the outfit!♥ 

 This rose comb would be really cute with a lot of my floral clothes!♥ Though sadly, most are more suited to Spring/Summer weather. ><; I'm looking forward to the more gentle weather when I'll be able to coordinate it more!♥♥


Thank you so much for reading, and thank you so much to Luisa for sending me such a lovely accessory to review! ; v ;♥♥ Please don't forget to check out Cuteberry here!

Have an absolutely wonderful New Year! Take care.♥

Love, Eliza♥

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Monday, 15 December 2014

♥Bobon21 Haul & Outfits! -Winter-♥

Hello everybunny! c: ♪ I hope you've had a lovely weekend.♥ Today's post will be about my most recent haul from Bobon21, one of my favourite brands! First I'll post everything in the haul, then I'll post outfits using the different pieces.♪ I ordered this haul quite a while ago, but it only arrived last month after quite an awkward shipping ordeal. OTL But finally I put together outfits & such.♥♥ I'm sorry that the lighting is different in a few of them, it's because I put them together at different times. ;; v ;;'' The outfits start after the haul section, in case you want to skip there.♪ I hope you'll enjoy the outfit collection. m(_ _)m

This is now one of my favourite tops, I wear it so much! ; v ;♪ It goes really well over skirts & shorts and skinny jeans.♥

These shorts are super thick & warm.♥ They're really soft too.♥ I'm not sure I'd wear them on their own a lot, I think they'd go better under dresses. c:

I've been wearing this a lot recently too! ; v ; It's a really cosy sukapan, the tartan fabric is nice and thick so it's really good for warm weather.^^

These shorts are super cute, I especially like the plaid fabric & booty bow!♥ There are also pockets, which are always a bonus.♪

These shorts are super cute too, they're made with a denim fabric and have cute embroidery as well as cute pockets & frills!♥

This dress has been released since spring/summer, but I decided to finally buy it! ; 7 ;♥ It's quite 50s style with the collar & puffy skirt(though of course the skirts were longer back then haha ;; )

This top is really really pretty, and I love the style, but it's not great. OTL The fabric has no stretch to it, so it's quite uncomfortable to wear and move in. ;;

This blouse is super cute and comfy! ; 7 ;♥ I love the tie and the patterns on the fabric.♪


Here's another piece from a couple seasons ago, but I've been wanting it for a while and finally snapped it up!♪ It's really comfy to wear.♥

I bought this cardi to go over my flappie dresses.♥ I love the patterns! ; v ;

I think this dress wins the prize for cute & cosy ww ;; v ;; ♥ The fabric is velur-ish, and the faux fur trim is so lovely!♥ This is from last winter I think, but they re-released it!♪

Another cute winter dress from last year.♥ The faux fur collar is removable! It's cosy, but not quite as cosy as the other dress.

The details are really pretty!♥




Dress → Bobon21
Hair clips, earrings → Eyecandy
Shorts, shoes → offbrand 

The dress is suuuuper short so I wore shorts underneath, though I think they add a cute detail to the bottom of the dress since it's quite plain.♪
I wanted to go all out with himekaji this year for winter ; 7 ;♥ It's just a shame I rarely go out haha.. OTL I really like matching pastel colours with faux fur trims & accessories. ;; v ;;♥♥

Makeup ; 7 ; I just kept it simple ;; v ;; I'm still not really brave enough to experiment a lot with makeup but I'd like to try false bottom lashes sometime!♪


Dress, choker → Bobon21
Earrings, hair clips → Eyecandy
Shoes → offbrand 

I think this is one of my favourite outfits now ;; 7 ;;♥ I feel like a winter princess.♥ The dress is super super comfy, it's so lovely! Sadly the choker is a bit big on me, but it's so cute I don't mind too much. ;; v ;;

I think the only downside of the dress is that it's quite heavy to wear. ;; I wore it to Hyper Japan and got more tired than usual haha.. ; 7 ;''

Natural makeup again ; 7 ;♪ I love the makeup that the Swankiss models & shop staff wear, so I'm quite inspired by that at the moment!♥


Top, skirt, tights → Bobon21
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Headband, necklace → offbrand 

I'm not sure I can quite express how much I wear this outfit, but it's a lot.^^; It's just so comfy and easy to throw on ww.♪ It's really nice to have a super casual & easy to throw on but still cute outfit in my wardrobe, so I've ordered a few more casual pieces recently. c: ♥
This top also comes in pink, so I'm tempted to get that and the skirt in the black colourway if they're not sold out when I next order clothes.♪

The top and skirt are both super comfortable! The skirt is super good because it's a sukapan, so it has shorts underneath for extra practicality and warmth ww♪



Skirt, tights → Bobon21
Blouse → Bodyline
Headband, shoes → offbrand 

The same outfit as before, but a bit more dressy.^^


Top, skirt, tights → Bobon21
Shoes → Bodyline
Necklace, headband → offbrand

This is a cute & simple outfit too, but a little more himekaji! ;  7 ; ♥ I find that simple outfits like these are perfect for cute dates, like a café, going shopping, bowling, visiting a zoo or aquarium etc. ; v ;♥♥ They're cute, but comfy to wear out & about!♪
I don't wear many accessories or jewellery, but I like to add a cute headband and necklace to my outfits♪



Dress, headband → Bobon21
Shoes → Bodyline
Pom pom earrings → Eyebandy

I really love 50s style fashion, but I find it a little difficult to find pieces that I really like/fit me. OTL It's a fairly simple outfit, but the dress is super foofy! The chiffon overlay is quite thick, so it holds up without the need for a petti, it's great!♪

The heart detail on the top of the dress is fab ; 7 ;♥ It's a little see-through though, so if you're particular about undergarments that you may wear showing through, you might want to wear something plain white.♪


Top, shorts, headband → Bobon21
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love) 

If the top wasn't so uncomfy, this would be such a nice outfit... ;; 7 ;;'' The shorts are so so warm, I love them!♥ They're lined too, which is great because my skin is quite sensitive with wooly material. ; v ; If I wanted to make this outfit with an alternative top, I'd probably choose a cute sweater, turtle neck, or the top in the outfit below.♪


Top, shorts → Bobon21
Boots → DreamV
Headband → offbrand 

Another simple and casual but cute outfit! This top is wonderful, it goes with so many things I have! Plus it's really comfy, so I wear it a lot.♪ It's quite plain, but it's nice to have days when things are more simple.♥


Blouse, shorts → Bobon21
Headband, shoes → offbrand
Earrings → Eyecandy 

I wanted to make this outfit a mix of boystyle and himekaji... so does make it oujikaji?♥ I love mixing boystle elements with feminine touches like the cute boots and lots of pink.♪ It would look super awesome with a prince-ish jacket, I really need to get one sometime!


Blouse, shorts, headband → Bobon21
OTKs → Angelic Pretty (Print: Sweetie Violet)
Shoes → Bodyline
Waistcoat, skirt(in below photos) → offbrand 

I think the waistcoat and rocking horse shoes make it more princely than before ; 7 ;♥ I decided on wearing the Sweetie Violet socks because they match the floral lace on the blouse, plus the colours work too!♪ I really love this waistcoat (it's new, too!). I find it so hard to find boystyle pieces in colours that aren't bold. ><
I like it with the skirt, too! But I really want some matching shorts/knickerbockers for the waistcoat so I can make even more boystyle outfits.♪


Top, shorts → Bobon21
Head bow → Liz Lisa
Boots → DreamV

More simple, cute and comfy.♥♥ I really like having the big bow, too.♥ Comfy top, comfy shorts, and comfy boots! I think this would be a cute date outfit too, or maybe for shopping or exploring a city.♪ This outfit will almost definitely be coming to Tokyo with me when I go again next year ww ; v ;

It would also be cute with more flat shoes like a cute pair of hi tops or doll style shoes.♪


Top, shorts, tights → Bobon21
Shoes bows → Little Black Bow
Wig → Lockshop
Head bow → Liz Lisa
Shoes → offbrand 

I put this outfit in my last post, but I wanted to add it to this post too because I used a few Bobon21 pieces!♥ Somehow I think the black wig makes the outfit look better since most of the outfit is cream and my hair looks like latte ww ; v ;

Bonus: black wig♥ I originally bought it for my Simon Blackquill cosplay (I bought white fringe inserts and also black extension to make the ponytail extra puffy ww ), but I wanted to try it out of cosplay!♥ I quite like having dark hair. ; 7 ;♪ Plus this wig is so pretty & natural. ;; v ;;♥

I hope you enjoyed this haul & outfit post!♪ Thank you so very much for reading, I always appreciate your kindness & support m(_ _)m♥ I hope you'll look forward to future posts!♥ I have a few more outfit posts and reviews etc. coming soon.♪♪

Have a lovely lovely day and a wonderful night♥

Love, Eliza♥