Sunday, 7 December 2014

♥Autumnal/Wintery Looks feat. DreamV Dear My Love♥

Hello everybunny!♥ Lots of people are getting excited for Christmas, but that sort of thing kind of bores me haha, I'm more excited for the New Year (fireworks!) & lucky packs!♪ Also, recently I started listening to a band called Moulettes, they're music is really beautiful! I recommend them.♪ The other month I realised I didn't actually have a decent winter coat, so decided to buy a couple from DreamV. I also picked up a cute sweater and fluffy boots.^^ I hope you like the outfits.♥

 ♥Warm Outfits♥


Coat, boots → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Top, skirt, tights → Bobon21
Duffy Bear Bag → Tokyo DisneySea
Necklace, headband, hat → offbrand

The coat was pretty cheap, so I wasn't expecting it to be really super duper, but it's so soft and cosy and well-made!♥ I'm so glad I bought it. ; v ; The fur collar is removable and it has decent sized pockets! Pockets! Hooray!♪♪  The shoes are really nice too! The bow straps on them are removable, but I prefer having them on the boots.^^ I decided on a neutral colour coat since I've bought quite a few things that would match it recently, plus it matches my Duffy & Shellie May bags.♥

It doesn't have much poof room when buttoned up, so I'd save this for not-so poofy skirts, and skinny jeans and such.♪

Recently I also bought a cloche hat!♥ I've been wanting one for a while but it's quite hard to find one in a colour that matches pieces that I have.. ;; v ;; I'm glad I found one to match my coat!♥


Sweater → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Blouse → Bodyline
Skirt, tights → Bobon21
Shoes, headband → offbrand 

I bought this sweater but then suddenly wondered what I could wear it with... I should have considered it more before I added it to the order, but it goes really well with this blouse & skirt!♥ It's also quite nice over some burgundy skinny jeans that I recently bought.♪


Coat → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Top, skirt, headband, tights → Bobon21
Shoes → Bodyline
MyMelo bag → Tofu Cute
Necklace → offbrand

I needed a pink coat to match my menagerie of pink clothes, and spotted this!♥ I really love that only fastening one or two buttons gives it lapels.♪ It has a little more room for poofy skirts than the last coat, but I don't think it's quite long enough to accommodate something like lolita. I should really get a jacket for my lolita clothes, but I don't think I wear them enough to justify a purchase like that.. ; v ;'' The sleeves are really baggy, so it has a sort of poncho shape without being a poncho.♪ The only drawback is that my arms can get a bit cold if I'm wearing something short sleeved underneath haha..;;

More pockets!♥ Like the other coat's pockets, these are a good size too.♪ They can comfortably fit my iPhone 6.^^

It's really cute buttoned up fully, too!♥ The faux fur collar is really cosy, and also removable.♪ If you're looking for a fairly inexpensive & cute coat, I suggect you check out DreamV.^^ As cute as places like Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge and Angelic Pretty are, they coats are much much more expensive. ;; - ;;''

Thank you for reading!♥ I hope you'll stay warm this winter.♪ Remember that vitamin c is good for fighting colds! :D Next week I'll be posting my most recent Bobon21 haul & outfits, along with a sponsored review from a lovely handmade store, I'm really excited!♥♥

Wishing you a peaceful winter weekend & week!♪♥

Love, Eliza♥


  1. I love your style, it's so cute. That coat looks absolutely beautiful! ^_^

    minae |

  2. Super cute! I love how you can button it up in two ways for the pink coat :)

  3. Aww so cute love the pink outfit

    ~ Sann


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