Tuesday, 27 January 2015

♥Fukubukuro 2015 → Liz Lisa Rose Ribbon Emboss Suitcase!♥

Hello everybunny! How are you? I hope you're well!♥  Today's post is another fukubukuro reveal!♪ This weekend I was busy taking photos for other reviews & outfit posts, it seems like it had been forever since I took outfit photos properly ahah..;;
The fukubukuro in this post will be the Liz Lisa Rose Ribbon Emboss suitcase!♥ After seeing previous fukubukuro, I was very excited to get a Liz Lisa suitcase.♪ I bought mine through Tokyo Kawaii Life which is the official online store of Liz Lisa, TRALALA, Penderie, JugeETTA, and Liz Lisa Doll. (Though I think the existence of Liz Lisa Doll is waning? Last year they pulled the line from physical stores, and online, it's only available in the outlet section) You'll need to use a forwarding service like Tenso to purchase from there.♪ It's also mostly in Japanese. This fukubukuro came with a one-use 20% off coupon to use during January, 500 bonus points to your TKL account, and free domestic shipping.♪

♥The Suitcase♥
It's the same as the Liz Lisa x MyMelody collab suitcase in size and design, but it has a cute embossed pattern instead of the MyMelody pattern. I'm super happy because when travelling, I have the MyMelody case for super cute outfits, and this for more toned down outfits♥ I need to travel more to justify using these hah...;;

A close up of the pattern.♪ It's simple and delicate, I really like it.♥

The corner details are especially cute. You can also see the pattern here a little.


This has the same locking system as the other case too.♪


Like the other case, the inside of this seems delicate and easily scratched/dented by the things inside, so I'll line this with a blanket before I put anything in so I can prevent damage. c:

The white straps have magnetic poppers which close, luckily they're not real buckles to unbuckle whenever it needs to be opened.^^;;

♥The Clothes♥

Unlike the MyMelody collab fukubukuro, this fukubukuro was a complete surprise!♪ I'm really happy with what I got inside mine ;; v ;;♥♥

 This is the onepiece I got.^^♥ I love the pattern.♪ The fabric is quite thick, as are the sleeves, so it's definitely a piece for colder weather.

 The frill and ribbon at the front are nice little details.^^

I love the lace panel at the back.♥

I wasn't sure about this at first because I don't really wear yellow or green.. ; 7 ;'' But it looks super cute with the jumper that's from this fukubukuro!♥ Plus it's floral, so that's a plus.^^

The back is very slightly stretchy, though when I tried it on it's a little roomy on the waist. Though under a jumper, it doesn't look strange.♪

The print is very pretty.♥ I think if it was in a different colour scheme, I'd love it even more ww

 On each side, there's a cute little bow with pearly beads!♥

The cami is really cute! I've never bought a cami from Liz Lisa or any other brands because I've never really felt like paying around ¥2,000 for one. This may have changed my mind though ww It's super soft.♥ Plus I'm buying more and more loungewear♪

 The little daisies along the top edge and the straps are super cute.♥♥

This jumper is so so so very snuggly! ;; 7 ;;♥ It's super warm and looks so cute with the skirt and a pair of boots and a beret.♪

 The back has cute lace & button details.♪

 The simple flower pattern makes it pretty versatile, I have a few things that I could match with it to make a cute outfit.^^♥

The flower buttons almost match the flowers on the pattern.♥

I think this is a phone case, but I'm not 100% sure. It's pretty but I don't think I have much use for it right now.^^; Though it might be useful for storing small accessories while travelling.♪

It closes with a simple magnetic popper.

I think this has to be my favourite piece! ; 7 ;♥♥ The scalloped lapels and collar are amazing ;; - ;;♥ Plus, the texture & colour remind me of Shellie May!♥ It's a super cute baggy jacket, and also really warm. It looks so so cute with turtle neck sweaters & tops (I sort of took the idea from Josh because he wears blazers and turtlenecks a lot. In fact I'd say most of the time, he has so many ww♪)

The fabric isn't super soft but very very thick!  Perfect for braving the freezing January & February weather, they always seem so much colder than December even though Christmas makes December seem more... winter-ish ww


 The floral lining is gorgeous ;; - ;;♥♥

Thank you so much for reading!♥ I hope you enjoyed seeing the suitcase and the goodies inside.♪ I wonder what the suitcase fukubukuro will be like next year? I think if it's another random selection, I might play it safe and just get the Liz Lisa x MyMelody collab case if they do one again.♪ (It's been difficult enough to find space for these two cases ww) I feel like I was pretty lucky this time! ; 7 ;♥ My Ank Rouge fukubukuro will hopefully arrive soon, it's arrived in the UK! I'm just waiting for it to make its way to my house ww The Angelic Pretty fukubukuro post will be in the next few days.^^♪

Have a lovely peaceful day & night!♥

Love, Eliza♥

Sunday, 18 January 2015

♥Fukubukuro 2015 → Liz Lisa x MyMelody Collab Suitcase!♥


Hello everybunny! Today is MyMelody's birthday!♥ So I thought it would be the best day to post about the Liz Lisa x MyMelody collab fukubukuro that I bought!♥ I've been interested in the Liz Lisa brand for a couple years but didn't follow it closely or buy anything until August last year when I was on holiday in Tokyo (and one of the outfits I bought is has been a go-to outfit since♪). I guess I never thought it was totally my style until I really got into himekaji during over last year, but for the last few months I've found myself keeping up to date with releases and following them closely!♥ To be honest, given the amount of florals that Liz Lisa releases and the MyMelody collab items, I'm surprised I never really got into it sooner. MyMelody is my favourite Sanrio character, so I was determined to save up in case there was a collab fukubukuro and... there was! ; 7; In this post I'll be showing you details of how I bought the case, and details of the case & contents. Soon I'll put together outfits and post them.^^♪
♥Buying the Fukubukuro♥

When I saw that the different Liz Lisa fukubukuro had been announced I was so happy to see there would be a MyMelody collab one!♥ It was in-store exclusive so I couldn't order it online and have it sent through Tenso, so I contacted a shopping service straightaway haha.. ;; 7 ;;'' I used Tokyo Pirates, an in-store shopping service. Last year the owner kindly bought Tokyo Disney Resort tickets for my boyfriend & I!♥ (We wanted the proper passport tickets instead of printouts which were easier to get but not as souvenir-ish www) There wasn't a guarantee that I would get the case, but I was just happy that I was able to put my deposit down and be on the list.♪ To my surprise, on the 20th December there were in-store reservations for the fukubukuro! I received and email from Tokyo Pirates saying that it had been reserved and it was guaranteed that I would get my fukubukuro!♥♥ I was so happy, now it was just a point of waiting until early January for my fukubukuro to be sent to the shopping service.♪ On the 4th January I got an email to say my fukubukuro had arrived and I got my shipping invoice which I paid asap. ; 7;♥ On the 6th January it was shipped and on its way to me.♪ It arrived exactly a week later on the 13th, and with no customs fees at all! ;; 7 ;;♥ I was almost certain there would be customs fees, but... UK customs are incredibly random haha, it seems really hit & miss whether there will be charges or not. Scroll down to see unboxing photos!♥

¥30,000 for a ¥60,000 value fukubukuro!♪

Here is the sample that was posted, I fell in love with everything! ; 7 ;♥ I love how it's all casual, but still super pretty & cute.♥ There's also a lot of potential to mix & match pieces to make different outfits!

The print on the case itself is super cute!♥ Maybe for some people it would be a little OTT, but I love how it's a vintage suitcase style.♥

 ♥Fukubukuro Arrival♥

Here's the box! The was no damage to it and it was all safely sealed up.♪ I decided to open it downstairs rather than trying to get it all open in my small room and having packaging everywhere ahah..;;

Inside it was nicely wrapped up and there was also a little note & gifts from the owner!♥ It's a cute hair wrap.♥ (If you don't have a hair wrap, I recommend them; they're so useful & soft & cute ww♪)

Inside the box the were lots of little plastic bags to keep it all safe. (I found a Donki bag! It made me want to go there again ww..)

In all its glory.♥ 

Here are the tags from each item inside the fukubukuro to give you an idea of the value.♪

♥The Suitcase♥ 

The suitcase itself is gorgeous, and I'm so glad it's designed to be a carry on size because it would get destroyed as check in luggage. OTL (I was sad to see muddy marks on my nice pink case when I went to Japan >: ) This or my other case will definitely be coming to Japan with me in May!♥ It's likely that most of the clothes will too.♪ It would also make a really cute weekend bag!^^

It has two wheels so it can be conveniently pulled along. The handle extends quite a lot too.^^ I love the vintage suitcase style with the straps going around it and the details on the corners.♥ The design is also adorable with MyMelody, roses (!!), and ribbons!♥ MyMelody also has different expressions.♪

The top of the case has a little handle.♪

The corners are particularly cute, with scalloping and little hearts.♥

There's also a metal plate with "Liz Lisa" written on it.♥

 On the left side, there are little feet so you can place it on its side without it getting dirty.♪

On the right side, there are two combination locks, a handle, and two straps that close with magnets.♪

Close up of the combination lock and strap.

 The magnet is pretty strong.^^ I love how it looks like a buckle strap ww.

The inside is very simple, and there's no padding or anything so I'll remember to be careful to not scratch or mark the interior with whatever I put inside. When I pack things into it, I might lay a small blanket inside to line it. c:

There's a little net pocket which doesn't seem to have much space, but would be useful for small items like documents, charger cables, and other small electronics. It's also a handy place to keep them for when you need to take them out when you have to go through security.♪

The bottom part has two straps to keep things secure.♪

♥The Contents♥ 

The blanket is very very soft, and I love the ribbon edging it has.♥ It's a shame it's not a little bigger; I can't go full-on blanket burrito with it ww The print is the same as the suitcase, it all coordinates very nicely!♥


 MyMelody has different expressions in the little illustrations.♥

There are also roses & ribbons.♥ But in particular, lots of roses. This makes me very happy. ; v ;♥

The pouch is a little smaller than I expected, but it's a good size for my makeup essentials.♪ The print is the same as the blanket and suitcase.^^♥

Little MyMelody patch on the front.♥

The zip charms have the Liz Lisa logo on.♥


 The coat is incredibly pretty, and is a gorgeous pinky beige colour.♥ It's quite puffy, so theres room for a fairly poofy skirt underneath.^^ I wonder if it will look nice with lolita as well as himekaji? It seems quite versatile, I'll test the poofiness capacity when I put outfits together ww.♪ The bow on the back is a nice simple but cute touch.♥

The collar is removable, so it will work nicely in Spring and Autumn too.♥

I love the buttons!♥ They're similar to the buttons on my Ank Rouge blazer.♪

It has pockets!♪♪

 This skirt is really pretty, and it's also quite light & airy!♥ It's made from a dusty pink chiffon. I think it's a great year-round piece.^^ It could be coordinated with warm boots in the winter, or cute sandals/peep toe heels in the summer.♪ The braces are removable, and it has a little bit of shirring at the back.

The lace add a really cute touch.♥

The onepiece is really sweet.♥ It's a kind of onepiece/jumperskirt, as it looks cute with or without a blouse since it only has little capped sleeves.♥ I've read that there was a very similar dress released in 2013, but that doesn't bother me. c: I never had the opportunity to own this dress the first time around but now I do.^^

 The lace is very simple and cute, and the floral print is quite subdued which makes the onepiece quite simple but pretty overall.♪ The only problem I found with this is that the underskirt isn't as wide as the outer skirt, so I might not be able to puff it out like I initially thought of doing.><;

The lace around the waist is really pretty.♥


The top is lovely, and along with the sukapan, makes a really cute set.♥ I love pieces that have the netting panels are the top and then a collar.♪ I was a little surprised that the material is a very thin wool-like material, so it might not be so great towards the end of spring. However, it is quite light to wear.^^

 The details are really pretty, and I love the cream x brown colourway, it remonds me of tiramisu ww♪

The collar is super cute.♥

The cardigan seems a little plain, but that makes it more versatile.♪ I've been in need of more cute cardis, so I was really happy when I saw one was in the fukubukuro.^^ It goes well with all the other pieces, though I'm yet to try it with the top, it might not work with the sleeves.

The scalloping along the edges is super sweet.♥

The lace along the top has a pretty floral pattern.^^

I love the scalloped collar on the blouse. ; 7 ;♥ It adds a really nice touch of cute without making it a super fluttery blouse that's only good with more dressy outfits.

The pintucks and little frills are lovely. ; v ;♥ It's a little see-through (the blanket shows through the sleeves), and the sleeves are even more see-through, so it might be better to wear a cami underneath or a cardi on top.♪


Lastly, the sukapan.♪ It's very pretty and lacy.♥ And... the lace has a rose pattern!♥

There's shirring on the back, so it's pretty stretchy.

Close up of the pretty rose pattern. ; 7 ;♥

 The little bows along the top are a nice touch.♥

Thank you for reading!♥ I hope you'll look forward to other fukubukuro reveals and the subsequent outfit posts.^^♪ My Liz Lisa rose emboss suitcase LP and my Angelic Pretty LP are here now too.^^ I'm just waiting for my Ank Rouge LP which should be at Tenso sometime next week.♪ I'm so glad I bought this Liz Lisa x MyMelody LP, everything is so lovely and I can't wait to start properly coordinating different pieces. I think I might wait until my new shoes from DreamV arrive though.^^;

Have a lovely day & a dreamy night everybunny♥

Love, Eliza♪