Saturday, 10 January 2015

♥Recent Purchases → December/New Year! + Quick Diary♪♥

Good evening everybunny♪ (Sorry for the slowness of posts lately, I'm afraid this is what Ace Attorney and Omega Ruby do to me.OTL) I hope your 2015 is off to a lovely start.♥ Hopefully this year will be filled with positives! ;; v ;; I have a few plans for this year including going to a few more theme parks around the UK, perhaps taking a trip to Disneyland Paris, and going to Japan again in May for my birthday.♪ Actually, those all involve theme parks, oops.. but let's face it, most of the times I went out in 2014 involved theme parks or something similar hah... I basically didn't go out unless it involved a theme park/attraction, Tokyo, or London. Standard. (I really did try though OTL, spending three weeks in Tokyo and going out each day was a huge achievement for me ;; v ;; ) This year, I want to go out even more even if it still only involves silly fun stuff! ;; v ;;♪ Though I did go to more theme parks in 2014 than 2013, so yay. ;; 7 ;;♪♪  I also want to try getting a driving license, which would make a lot of things a lot easier, I hate public transport ; n ;'' Plus I'd be able to get a season pass for Thorpe Park and just drive there whenever... - 7-♥
In 2013/2014, I didn't get any lucky packs but this time I was determined to be prepared for them! I'm glad I was able to get pretty much all the ones I wanted.♪ (The TRALALA ones were really pretty, but the one I wanted sold out too quickly, and the Jesus Diamante LP would have been awesome but maybe another year ww) I was following a lot of lucky pack things on twitter and instagram, since I figured seeing different lucky packs might introduce me to new brands and such. c: I discovered Gelato Pique, which is a really cute roomwear brand! I might try to bid on one of the lucky packs on the yahoo jp auctions if there are any left and at a reasonable price.
This year I want to improve my fashion & blogging more. ;; v ;;♥ I really want to do more with the flappie & sweetie pinup styles, I really really love them. ; 7;♥ It would also be nice to improve gyaru, mainly himekaji.♪ Since going to Japan, I've really fallen in love with some brands that I didn't pay so much attention to before, like Axes Femme, Ank Rouge, and TRALALA.^^ I'd say I want to do more with boystyle, but all my boy clothes are my lazy clothes, like throw on a top and hoodie and skinny jeans hah.. OTL I wear my boy clothes a lot, but they're just for lounging around and aren't anything special at all!;; It'd be nice if I could put together a few more boystyle outfits that are worth posting though ww. Anyway, in this post I've put together the things I bought in December and during the new year!♪ On a side note, there are still some Liz Lisa fukubukro available on the online store.^^

♥What I bought♥ 

Liz Lisa

Rose Ribbon Emboss Carry♪
 This lucky pack is a true lucky pack because there was no sample reveal and the contents are random!♪ (and the original 'lucky pack' concept was for stores to sell off unsold products for cheap to make way for new products) A lot of people seemed disappointed with this, but I think that's just them being silly because there was nothing 'exclusive' produced for this particular lucky pack apart from the suitcase(which is apparently small enough for hand luggage! Hooray!♥). Everything inside is still Liz Lisa (pretty things ; 7; ) so I don't understand the things I've seen people complain about ww. Plus I've seen people mention that the quality of previous lucky pack contents hasn't been quite on par with regular Liz Lisa products, so surely having old stock is better because it's the normal good quality?;;; But I digress, I'm really excited to see what's inside my suitcase when it arrives!♪

MeloMelo Carry♪

I'm super super excited for this lucky pack! ; 7 ;♥ I love the Liz Lisa x MyMelody and LizMelo products, but I haven't been quick enough to get them previously. >< I was really hoping they'd release an LP this year, so I saved up and as soon as it was announced, I contacted a shopping service ww♪ I used Tokyo Pirates (full review will come when it arrives♥) who also bought Tokyo Disney Resort tickets for my boyfriend and I back in July!(We could have bought them online and printed them but we wanted proper tickets hah..)

 This LP contains 9 pieces including a makeup pouch and blanket! ;; v ;;♥ Everything looks uber cute, and there's a lot of potential for a variety of coordinates with it all!♥♥ There's a coat, long top, blouse, suspender skirt, dress, cardigan, and sukapan.♪

The design on the case itself is so so cute. ;; v ;;♥♥

After Christmas I spent my Christmas money in the online store..♪

Castle Flower panel top in pink♪

 Web Limited plaid a-line top with sailor collar & matching sukapan in pink♪

Floral check shorts in pink♪

Big bow scarf in (did you guess?) pink♪

I spotted this salopette on yahoo jp auctions for about £10, and it can be separated so it's just a skirt!♪

Ank Rouge

Ank Rouge Lucky Pack♪

Ever since I went to Japan I've really fallen in love with Ank Rouge ww♥ It's now sold out on the online store so I couldn't get all the sample photos, sorry! From what I can remember, this LP contains a coat (there are two designs, each in red or beige), a dress, and a mix of some other things(like a skirt, turtle neck top, blouse etc.).♪ I think in total there are around 6 pieces.♥ Judging by the photos I've seen on twitter and instagram so far, everything is so pretty! ;; 7 ;; Hopefully 2015 will see plenty more Ank Rouge purchases. Unlike the others, this one hasn't shipped yet, but hopefully it'll be sent to my tenso soon.♪ (I've never bought anything from the Ank Rouge online store before so I'm not sure what the timing is like with orders)

Angelic Pretty

AP Cotton Candy Shop Salopette Lucky Pack♪
I haven't bought anything from Angelic Pretty since around April when I bought... socks haha. ;; I've sort of moved away from lolita style in general, but I saw this LP and thought 'why not?'. Plus it comes with a hoodie. A hoodie.(I love cute hoodies) Plus a dapper lil bow tie on the salo.♥ So I bought this set in pink.♥ If the salo is baggy like my others I can just use safety pin magic hah... :I The print looks way better in photos I've seen posted by others, and there are even cute little constellations!

(because what would a recent purchases post be without me raiding this brand hah.. actually I didn't buy anything from the most recent release because I didn't like any of it ;; )

I bought this fluffy skirt in cream♥

 I really love turtle neck tops & sweaters, and this is also cable knit!♥ I love the cut out shoulders too.♪

This top reminded me of Franziska Von Karma, and it also has Alice in Wonderland on the collar, so for both of those reasons, I had to buy it www - 7 -♥

I think this is a cardi and top? Either way, it's really pretty.^^♥

 Say nothing about the position of those fluffy pompoms and the impending innuendo, these shorts are super cute ww.♪ I also bought 3 pairs of fake over knee socks.♥


I bought these in the dusty pink.♥ At the moment I'm wearing turtle necks and shorts a lot, so some more variety would be welcome ww.♪

These shoes are suspiciously similar to some Liz Lisa ones I've seen, but a fraction of the price.♪ If you're on a budget, DreamV is a good place to go for cute shoes.^^ I bought these in the tan colourway. c:

This was really cheap and cute, and I've never seen a blouse with a collar like this before!♪ I bought it in white, hopefully it'll look cute under cardis and jumperskirts with the collar sitting over them.^^♥

And then I grabbed this cute argyle sweater.♪ I love argyle patterns ; 7;♥ I bought this in the pink colourway.^^ I'm hoping this over the angel blouse with the shorts and shoes will be a pretty cute outfit!♥♥ Plus it'll be cute with a few other things I have.♪

 Tokyo Otaku Mode
I wasn't very impressed the last time I ordered from here; they split one of my orders between two really big boxes..? It was very unnecessary & wasteful ;; All three plushies could have fit into one smaller box.. but I couldn't find anywhere else selling these plushies. OTL

I've seen Loppy cushions that are literally just their heads, which is really... sad. ; - ; But this is a cube so it feels different than just a giant Loppy head. ; 7;♥

Disney Japan's Tsum Tsums are super popular and now AMUSE seems to have jumped on the bandwagon (as has Sanrio), but I'm not complaining, these cushions are so cute. ; v ;♥♥

Thank you for reading!♥ I hope you'll look forward to my lucky pack reveal posts and outfit posts etc.^^ Let me know if there's a review of a specific thing that you would like to see and I'll see what I can do!♪ I really need to get my butt moving and do my trip reports from my holiday to Tokyo, so a trip report from one of the theme parks I visited will be up asap.^^; (I've been really overwhelmed by the amount
 of photos I took and all the places I went, I haven't known where to start and have just been procrastinating, as silly as that sounds OTL) And on a side note in case any readers are fellow Ace Attorney fans, the recently released trilogy is amazing!!♪

I hope you have a lovely day & a dreamy night♥

Love, Eliza♥


  1. Waa you bought so many cute things!! ♥

  2. I love the bunny cube cushion, it's super cute ^--^ I also like the fluffy skirt and the blouse with the angel collar :33
    I ordered this LP from AP too ^__^ but in black. It hasn't still arrived yet XD I'm very excited >.<

    All in all very cute things ^.^


  3. wow youre a rich bitch! do you have a life except for buying clothes?

    1. I'm sure she works for her money and saves up or she lives in a country with a good economy.

    2. The UK's economy isn't the best (I know this because I live there) so I think she is just a great saver. xD

    3. At 18 I don't think anyone can get a job that pays enough for her 100,000 yen (plus some crazy shipping prices) splurge on clothes this month. Tbh if your parents have got the money and don't care where it goes heck I would spend it on cute clothes

  4. Ahhhh it's all so adorable! >u< It must be nice having such a large wardrobe! ^.^ Lots of possible outfits c:
    The wing collar shirt is so cute!

  5. Everything you got is so cute! I love your wardrobe, you can make ten outfits with one piece of clothing, I love that! I look forward to seeing what's inside those lucky packs ^^

    ♥ Minae |

  6. I wish I could afford all this! You got super cute stuff. Happy new year♡

  7. Everything you got it so cute! Can't wait to see a reveal of your Ank Rouge fukubukuro


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