Saturday, 27 April 2013


Go! Go! Amai Meido-tan~!


Welcomies, goshujinsama~!♥
Today I decided to try out my maid outfit from Bodyline!
**This isn't so much a review, but I'm sure you'll get an idea of the quality from the pictures~ The shipping was fixed, and I also ordered a nekomimi headband and wristcuffs along with it.♪ I also bought everything in yen, which worked out cheaper!♥♥


I decided to get this particular meido costume, because it reminds me of the Mew Mew Café uniforms from Tokyo Mew Mew ahh~!♥♥♥


Outfit Rundown!

W-wait! It's all Bodyline~! www
Everything except the socks and tights and my underwear and me heehee~♪♪

You might not be able to tell from the picture, but it's huuuuuugely mahoosive on me! OTL It's the smallest size but it's still way too big. I think my mummy is going to help me take it in at the sides. The skirt is much too long, but I fixed that with using my new cupcake petticoat, and putting my super duper foofy petti underneath it! The apron straps are too long so the slip off my shoulder, so I'll be altering those as well~♪

You can see the fit a little more in these gifs~ It's very comfy, but after a while, wearing two headbands can hurt a little. It's super duper fun to bounce around in~♥ I wish I could work in a real maid café!♥ I just hope I wouldn't get too shy around customers...


Duffy-chan thinks it's cute, too~! 

Duffy-chan said he wants to be a butler~!♪

Close-up~♪ I used my new make today. It's uber amazing for rosy posy cheeks! I'll be making a blog post about it tomorrow. I think I'm starting to get the hang of eyeliner, too~♪

That's all for this outfit post~!♥ I hope you enjoyed it, goshujin-sama.♥
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night~♥
Lovey love and bai bais from Amai-tan and Duffy-chan~!

Friday, 26 April 2013

♥Review: Sweetie Cakes~!♥

Sweetie Cakes Review!


Kaboom~! Heyo everybunny~!♥ Hyaa it feels like it was only yesterday since I last did a review, but it was actually two days ago www~♪♪ Today I'll be reviewing the lovely Sweetie Cakes shop!♥
Sweetie Cakes is an uber cute brand selling magical original print tights~!♥ There are also some other really cute things for sale, including an original print t-shirt!♪ Fun Fact: GalaxxyRocks also sells Sweetie Cakes products!
Link are below~! Strawberry Gateaux - Sweetie Cakes store♥ Roll Cake - Sweetie Cakes tumblr♥ Cupcake - Galaxxy Rocks

I ordered the Candy Party tights in pink! Click the picture to visit the item page~♪

Aren't they gorgeous~?!♥ Unfortunately, white is sold out in both sizes. I'd love to get the mint version though ww~♥♥

I placed my order on March 16th. Shipping from the US was only $6.80, which I though was really reasonable!♥

On April 10th, I got a lovely email telling me my order had shipped~!♥♥ I bounced a little in excitement heehee~♪

The super cute lil package arrived on the 23rd April~! Pretty average shipping time for something coming from the US~ I very rarely have things that are quicker, though interestingly, packages from Japan often arrive much quicker than those from the US. I would have expected it to take longer~

I don't have a photo, but the package arrived very safely and happily~! It was sealed in a plain envelope~


♥Picture time~!♥

Inside the envelope were the tights, neatly sealed in a plastic packet~! The design is super duper cute~♥♥ It's also got lovely details, and the print is very clear~!♪

They're super long! They felt very soft, too~♥

Here they are worn~♪♪ They fit perfectly and are really comfy!♥ The print is still very visible evern when they're worn.

 A quick close up of the skirt~! It's a hand me down that was handmade. The MLP fabric is so cute~♥

♥Outfit Time!♥

♥Sweater: Milklim
♥Skirt: Handmade
♥Tights: Sweetie Cakes
♥Nekomimi: Bodyline
♥Fluffy Star: Little Mizz Kitty
♥Bows: Bowkuma

♪Rating Time♪

Fit: (Absotively wonderful~! They fit just nicely so the print doesn't stretch to the point that it's not so visible.)
Comfyness: (Soft and light~!♪)
Print Quality: (Super clear so the whole world can see the cute candies!♥)
Fees: (The price for the tights and the shipping were both very reasonable~♪)


 ドキドキ~!5 hearts for Sweetie Cakes because I love these so much~! They're perfect for fairy kei and amaloli outfits, and I hope I can work them into a candy themed mahou kei outfit too!♥♥ I can't wait to see what Sweetie Cakes releases in the future~ I really want a pair of the Melty Galaxy tights!♥♥

I really hope you enjoyed this review~!♥ This weekend I'll be reviewing my new makeup, showing off my lovely Duffy Bear, posting my meido outfit, and hopefully making a video if I'm brave enough~♥♥
Thankies uberly lots for reading~! Have a sweet day and a dreamy night~♪

Love from Amai~♥

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

♥Review: Milklim & Japonica Shopping Service~!♥

Milklim & Japonica Review

Chu chu everybunny~!♥♥ It's time for another review! I'm sorry it's a teeny bit late, but I've been super busy with all sorts of princessy things pyon~♪ On Tumblr I got asked many things about ordering from Milklim, and those questions will all be answered here too, and probbie more accurately~
Milklim is a super cute Fairy-kei brand selling a variety of clothing in a whole pastelly rainbow of colours♥
Click the ice cream to visit their online shop~♪

Milklim don't ship internationally, so first you'll need to find a shopping service!
I decided to use Japonica Market~ click the doughnut to visit their website~♪

The website is very easy to navigate, and I found the information was pretty clear!
**They also do auctions on Mbok and Yahoo~
If you get stuck on what to put in your initial "order form" email (because the form provided is mainly auctions), here's what I put:

Seller url:
Item name: (I copy-pasted this)
Detail: (I put the colour here)
Item url:
Fixed price: (in Yen)

I then used the "payment" form provided:

Payment :  (PayPal)
Shipping Options : (I used registered airmail)
PayPal Account :
PayPal Confirmed Shipping Name and Address : 

Here's what I ordered~!♪
Click the pictures to go to the item pages~♥

 I ordered this super cute frilly sailor collar cutsew in lavender!

Along with the "Ice Cat" sweater in light pink~!♥

I sent my order email on April 1st and straight after, I got an automatic email saying that they'll respond within 24 hours! It also had their opening hours and contact details.

The next day I received a PayPal money reques for the initial deposit plus an email from Japonica! The initial deposit is the price of the items plus the PayPal fee. My deposit was 5258Yen; 5040Yen item cost + 208Yen PayPal fee. The email explained the costs and also contained contact details and details of my order. it also said that the order will be placed as soon as the deposit is received.

About two hours after sending my deposit, I received another email thanking me for the payment and confirming that my items had been ordered! I was very impressed at the speed~♪

On the 8th I got an email saying that my items had arrived at their office~ yay! It also asked if I would like the final invoice. The email contained my initial order details plus commisson. It would also have had details of the domestic shipping, but mine was free! ♥♥ I believe Milklim has free domestic shipping when you spend over 5000Yen! ♥♥

I then replied with confirmation that I was ready for the final invoice, but got a reply explaining that they had a slight backlog of orders so I'd need to wait a little for the invoice. I was super happy that they were nice enough to let me know!

On the 10th I got the PayPal money request for the final invoice along with an email detailing the breakdown of costs. It was super clear and helpful! The commission costs came to 850Yen and the registered airmail to the UK came to 1460Yen. 

I paid straightaway, and about an hour later I got an email thanking me for my payment and telling me that the package had been sent out! It also said that I'd get a tracking number the next day.

On the 13th I got an email apologising for the delay with my tracking number and the number was attached! My parcel had already reached the international exchange.

♥My package arrived safely and happily on the 16th!♥


It arrived in a large plastic/card envelope!


The customs form was marked as a gift and the price was marked down too, so I avoided customs charges~ hooray~!♪♪


Inside, the clothes were securely bubble wrapped~

 And inside the bubble wrap, they were in individual packets!


The sweater and cutsew were both uber great quality, I couldn't wait to try them on~!♥


Time for some outfit shots~♪



♥Cutsew & Sweater: Milklim
♥Pumpkin Shorts: Handmade by me
♥Tights: Holley Tea Time
♥Neck bow: From my seifuku
♥Mahou shoujo badge: Pinkly Ever After
♥Hi-tops: Everlast
♥Hairbows: Bowkuma
♥Wand: Magical Doremi

Both the sweater and cutsew are lovely and comfy, and fit me really well! (I have awkward sizing vOv )
They're really happy in my wardrobe, and match most of my clothes~! I can't wait to mix and match them with many other things.♥ With this outfit, I went for an uber cute mahou shoujo look!

And the scores are in~!♪

♥Japonica Shopping Service♥

Communication: (It was nice to be told when my money had been received and I was happy with how they kept me updated.)
Speed of service: (I was so impressed! Such quick responses in most of the emails made the short wait because of their "backlog" seem like nothing~)
Fees: (I was very happy that they provided clear price breakdowns in the emails!)

A super great shopping service, I felt safe using their service (like I would get the correct items and my money was in good hands)! The fact that they responded to my emails so quickly and kept me updated so much really surprised me. It felt like lightning in comparison with my previous experiences with another SS. I would totesy 100% recommend them~♪


Comfyness: (Both garments are uber snuggly and comfy~!)
Fit: (**personal** They fitted me really well!)
Quality: (Such lovely quality! The print on the jumper is tippy top and so are the frills on the cutsew.♥)

I love both the sweater and the cutsew! I'm so happy that they fit so well, and stay comfy! They match up with so many things I already have, so I can mix and match plenty of outfits! I can't wait to buy more Milklim items~♥ 


Pon pon~♪ That's it for my Milklim / Japonica review! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask~♥
I highly recommend Japonica! I'll be using their services again for sure~♥
My next review will be my Sweetie Cakes tights, and I'll also make a post on my Bodyline maid outfit!
I've been ordering more things recently too~!♥♥
Thankies so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed the review! Have a sweet day and a dreamy night~♥

Love from Amai~