Friday, 26 April 2013

♥Review: Sweetie Cakes~!♥

Sweetie Cakes Review!


Kaboom~! Heyo everybunny~!♥ Hyaa it feels like it was only yesterday since I last did a review, but it was actually two days ago www~♪♪ Today I'll be reviewing the lovely Sweetie Cakes shop!♥
Sweetie Cakes is an uber cute brand selling magical original print tights~!♥ There are also some other really cute things for sale, including an original print t-shirt!♪ Fun Fact: GalaxxyRocks also sells Sweetie Cakes products!
Link are below~! Strawberry Gateaux - Sweetie Cakes store♥ Roll Cake - Sweetie Cakes tumblr♥ Cupcake - Galaxxy Rocks

I ordered the Candy Party tights in pink! Click the picture to visit the item page~♪

Aren't they gorgeous~?!♥ Unfortunately, white is sold out in both sizes. I'd love to get the mint version though ww~♥♥

I placed my order on March 16th. Shipping from the US was only $6.80, which I though was really reasonable!♥

On April 10th, I got a lovely email telling me my order had shipped~!♥♥ I bounced a little in excitement heehee~♪

The super cute lil package arrived on the 23rd April~! Pretty average shipping time for something coming from the US~ I very rarely have things that are quicker, though interestingly, packages from Japan often arrive much quicker than those from the US. I would have expected it to take longer~

I don't have a photo, but the package arrived very safely and happily~! It was sealed in a plain envelope~


♥Picture time~!♥

Inside the envelope were the tights, neatly sealed in a plastic packet~! The design is super duper cute~♥♥ It's also got lovely details, and the print is very clear~!♪

They're super long! They felt very soft, too~♥

Here they are worn~♪♪ They fit perfectly and are really comfy!♥ The print is still very visible evern when they're worn.

 A quick close up of the skirt~! It's a hand me down that was handmade. The MLP fabric is so cute~♥

♥Outfit Time!♥

♥Sweater: Milklim
♥Skirt: Handmade
♥Tights: Sweetie Cakes
♥Nekomimi: Bodyline
♥Fluffy Star: Little Mizz Kitty
♥Bows: Bowkuma

♪Rating Time♪

Fit: (Absotively wonderful~! They fit just nicely so the print doesn't stretch to the point that it's not so visible.)
Comfyness: (Soft and light~!♪)
Print Quality: (Super clear so the whole world can see the cute candies!♥)
Fees: (The price for the tights and the shipping were both very reasonable~♪)


 ドキドキ~!5 hearts for Sweetie Cakes because I love these so much~! They're perfect for fairy kei and amaloli outfits, and I hope I can work them into a candy themed mahou kei outfit too!♥♥ I can't wait to see what Sweetie Cakes releases in the future~ I really want a pair of the Melty Galaxy tights!♥♥

I really hope you enjoyed this review~!♥ This weekend I'll be reviewing my new makeup, showing off my lovely Duffy Bear, posting my meido outfit, and hopefully making a video if I'm brave enough~♥♥
Thankies uberly lots for reading~! Have a sweet day and a dreamy night~♪

Love from Amai~♥

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