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♥Review: Yumetenbo/DreamV♥


Yumetenbo/DreamV Review!

Yo-pyon everybunny~!
I'm super duper happy because this is my first review! I hope I do okies~
There will also be some tips for ordering from the shop!
After spending so so much time on the DreamV site looking at what to buy, I decided on the following~!
(You can click the pictures to go to the item page!) 
I ordered the skirt in pink, peter pan collar cutsew in pink, and the lace trim cutsew in white!
Rakuten stores don't use PayPal, so you'll need to use a card!
    If you add things to your cart in the Japanese Rakuten, it'll be easier to pay through the "global" Rakuten!
    After placing the order, a confirmation email from Rakuten will appear. Within 24 hours, a confirmation email from Yumetenbo will appear too! If you order on a Friday, you might not get a confirmation until Monday since I don't think they work weekends. 
    Emails from Yumetenbo will be in Japanese. In the first confirmation email from them, below the list of items you bought, there'll be an estimated shipping date! Below this is a price overview that will tell you how much the shipping will cost.
    Yumetenbo only ships by EMS and ships according to how much you spend; not the weight!
    I placed my order on Thursday 21st March, got my confirmation from Rakuten straightaway, and got my confirmation from Yumetenbo the next day. My estimated shipping date was the next Monday (25th).
    On the 26th, I got another email from Yumetenbo containing my tracking number~! Because it was EMS shipping, it arrived in no time! It arrived in the country on the 28th March. However... Yumetenbo doesn't mark down prices and I was charged a customs fee. Because it was a bank holiday weekend and I'm guessing there was a mail backlog, I didn't get my customs invoice until the 2nd April. I paid my customs fee the next day at the parcel depot and collected my lovely box~! I would have gotten it much quicker if it wasn't for the bank holidays on the 29th and 1st.
Everything came in a nice secure box!
 On the top there was a lot of paper, to keep everything in place.
Each item was individually wrapped.
 Then I opened them up~!

Everything was so lovely! The cutsews are made of a really comfy fabric, and they fit pretty well. They're quite long on me, but they seem to be made to be quite long.

Comfyness:   (Super duper comfy~!♥)
                                                Fit: (Not totesy perfect, a little roomy and a little long)

                                               Quality: (Lovely quality, the lace is nice and not scratchy too!)
Lovely and super cute! Only dropping half a point because of fit, but I have really awkward measurements anyway! Note: I ordered these in the smallest size.Yumetenbo also have a really helpful size chart on each product!
The skirt is made from 3 layers: a top chiffon layer, a second chiffon layer, and a shorter tulle layer. It's fairly foofy, and a petticoat isn't needed to give it some poof!
Comfyness: (Very comfy, the elastic on the waist doesn't dig in.)
                               Fit: (Fits perfectly! Though it's quite short even on me, but not short enough to be a problem.)
                           Quality: (It might be a little see through if you wear darker tights or shorts underneath.)
Foofy and bouncy and really cute! I just wish it came in blue or purple too! The mint is currently sold out so only black is available.

Here are some photos of everything in outfits!

 I tucked the top into the skirt, and used a petti underneath! It's not a particularly poofy petti, but it adds a nice poof to the skirt. The shoes are from Bodylne and so is the bow.
A gif to show how foofy and fun it is~ ahh~!♥
Close up of the pink cutsew!
This skirt is super duper flattering on me~♥♥
Outfit #2! The pumpkin shorts are handmade by me, the Hello Kitty bag is from Hamley's, the bows are from Bowkuma, and the shoes are from Bodyline!
The neckline is a little roomy on me ahah~ ;;


And so concludes my super duper Yumetenbo review!♥ 
Next I'll be reviewing my Bowkuma bows, and soon I'll be doing a Milklim/Japonica shopping service review!
 Feel free to comment below with any questions or drop a message in my tumblr ask box~♪
Thankies super so much for reading~♥

Love from Amai~♥

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