Wednesday, 17 April 2013

♥Review: Bowkuma~!♥

Bowkuma Review!

Pyon pyon heyo everybunny~! It's getting sunnier here, I hope it's sunny in your hearts, too~!♥
This time, I'm reviewing the wonderful Bowkuma! I'm sure many of you have heard of it, right?
I was super happy to get my order! And I was really excited while my bows were on their way to me in the mail.♥
For those who haven't visited their shop before, click the bow below to take a lookie!

I bought a pair of the "Pink Bow Cake" bows!
Click the picture below to go to the item page~♪

I placed my order on March 20th, both bows came to $9 and the cheapest international shipping was $9.50!
It seems the bows were made to order, so I had to be really patient! On April 3rd I got an email to say that my bows were on their way~ I was super happy!♥ The email was really cute too~♪
My bows arrived on April 13th~ hooray~!♥ It was a lovely surprise since I didn't expect them to be so quick!♪

They arrived in a small bubble-wrapped envelope.

Inside was a supersweet packet containing my bows, candy, and two small cards~!
It was super lovely.♥♥


Isn't this so sweet? They included some cute stickers too!♥
The candy was uber yummy!

Usakumya-chan modelled them for me! I'm very grateful for his help, and he enjoyed it very much.♥

Here's a close-up!
The icing and fabric are both lovely quality.♥

And the back of the bow!
The alligator clips are nicely secured with glue, and don't wobble.

Comfyness: (The fabric is very soft, and the clips aren't stabby!)

Secureness: (They stay in my hair very well, and don't slip down or fall out.)

 Quality: (The decoration is super neat, and the fabric and clip are of a good quality!♥)

Production time/Communication: (Dropping half a point because for the two weeks between ordering and getting the posting email, I wasn't sure what was going on! My patience really paid off though.♥)

I really love them! They're super versatile and go with a lot of my wardbrobe (yay pink~!♥). Everything is such good quality, and apart from the lack of communication while I'm guessing they were being made, they treat customers really nicely! The little touch of adding candy and stickers and the little note is wonderful, and I'll definitely be buying more bows in the future!♥ I just love love love the icing!!


Now for some more pictures~♥

They're super duper twintail-decorations! They're just the right size, too. ♥

That's all for my Bowkuma review~! If you'd like to know anything thing else about them, just let me know in my tumblr ask or in a comment.♥
Next time I'll be reviewing my Milklim clothes along with the shopping service I used.♪
Thankies uber lots for reading~ I hope you have a supersweet day and a dreamy night~!♥♥

Love from Amai~♥

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