Saturday, 27 April 2013


Go! Go! Amai Meido-tan~!


Welcomies, goshujinsama~!♥
Today I decided to try out my maid outfit from Bodyline!
**This isn't so much a review, but I'm sure you'll get an idea of the quality from the pictures~ The shipping was fixed, and I also ordered a nekomimi headband and wristcuffs along with it.♪ I also bought everything in yen, which worked out cheaper!♥♥


I decided to get this particular meido costume, because it reminds me of the Mew Mew Café uniforms from Tokyo Mew Mew ahh~!♥♥♥


Outfit Rundown!

W-wait! It's all Bodyline~! www
Everything except the socks and tights and my underwear and me heehee~♪♪

You might not be able to tell from the picture, but it's huuuuuugely mahoosive on me! OTL It's the smallest size but it's still way too big. I think my mummy is going to help me take it in at the sides. The skirt is much too long, but I fixed that with using my new cupcake petticoat, and putting my super duper foofy petti underneath it! The apron straps are too long so the slip off my shoulder, so I'll be altering those as well~♪

You can see the fit a little more in these gifs~ It's very comfy, but after a while, wearing two headbands can hurt a little. It's super duper fun to bounce around in~♥ I wish I could work in a real maid café!♥ I just hope I wouldn't get too shy around customers...


Duffy-chan thinks it's cute, too~! 

Duffy-chan said he wants to be a butler~!♪

Close-up~♪ I used my new make today. It's uber amazing for rosy posy cheeks! I'll be making a blog post about it tomorrow. I think I'm starting to get the hang of eyeliner, too~♪

That's all for this outfit post~!♥ I hope you enjoyed it, goshujin-sama.♥
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night~♥
Lovey love and bai bais from Amai-tan and Duffy-chan~!


  1. How much did your maid dress turn out then? I want to buy one but they're so expensive TT ^ TT

    1. I'm not 100% sure since I paid in ¥ and got accessories but I'd say it was around £38 including the shipping~! ❤❤

  2. Hello Amai chan, are you interested in selling this maid set?! If you do, please contact me! Thank you so much!!!


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