Tuesday, 18 April 2017

♥BB and B Deco Review♥ [Sponsored]

Hey Everybunny~!

Wow, it's been quite a while, right? So so much has happened since I last did any blogging, and a lot has changed too.. like a LOT, for example, I almost have okay eyebrows now. I should probably make a catch up post ww Maybe in a week or so tho.. I have so much going on atm ww But I'm kinda excited to revive my blog, I've sorta missed doing posts. Although things probably won't change aesthetically for maybe a few days, please definitely expect cosmetic changes♪

Anyway, today I'm bringing you a review for BB and B Deco~! A US based store selling premium deco goodies♪ All of the faux confectionery is handmade. Just as a quick note, to buy from their online store (and also see prices) you need to make an account first.
Click the image above to go to the store & the page for the necklace I'm reviewing♪
I chose the 'Crystal Decadent Ice Cream' necklace~ pretty cute, right?♪ I love the tiny spoon, idk why, it's just really cute ww Anything ice cream is always a winner for me tbh♥

The necklace arrived inside a cute BB and B bag, which was a neat touch. 

Super cute!♥ It's also really well made; it's survived me wearing it out a few times, one time being to a convention. I mean I wouldn't recommend dropping it or being careless, but it can survive being worn. Which sounds like an obvs thing accessories need to do, but you'd be surprised (or maybe not) that actually some can't quite manage that ww 
I understand not all handmade things can be totally perfect but this accessory has been finished really nicely, like no rough edges or anything. 


Close up photos♪ I love the crystals that are dripping down! The product description notes that they're Swarovski crystals. I like the shiny touch, and also the slight iridescence to the strawberry. 

The size of the ice cream is p generous! Which is perfect for me bc generally I don't wear jewellery, accessories etc. unless they're loud & fairly in your face. Like noticeable. I'm v go big or go home with accessories bc what's the point if no one's going to see it? I'm not wearing this stuff so it goes unnoticed ww 

Ice cream agejo code♥


Necklace→ BB and B
Top & skirt set→ MA*RS
Headbow→ Dreamybows
Boots→ DreamV


Ofc it has to be an ice cream themed code to match my necklace~!♥ In fact the set also has gold chains on the print, so it matches even more! You can see from the photos how big the necklace is, I like the size a lot. It's big enough to be noticeable and stand out, but also small enough that it's comfortable to wear.
I like that it can work with my darker agejo clothes and also mahou kei/yumekawaii clothes. Versatility in accessories is another thing I like; I feel loathed to get something that doesn't match a good portion of my wardrobe.

You can see here how the necklace matches super well with the print!♥

Thank you so much for reading, everybunny~!
Please don't forget to check out BB and B here

See you soon~!♥

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

♪Gemstone Bracelets ~ unEarthedCreative Review♪

Hello everybunny!♪ How are you? I've been very tired lately, so I haven't done much blogging at all, sorry ><; I'm fairly active on twitter.. sort of.. so if you want to keep up with up with my shenanigans, I can be found on @Elizabunnii ♪ Though truthfully, I'm very boring.. but from the 8th May (just over a week!) I will be in Japan again, so I will actually be getting out and doing interesting things haha^^;; 

Today's post is about a shop called unEartherCreative that a friend of mine recently started~! I hope you will check out the lovely handmade bracelets.♪ They're all made with real gemstones!♥ (Ahh I love gemstones and such ><) They're also adjustable which is super good! Since I have annoying small wrists hah..

For 15% off your purchase, you can use the code 'ELIZABUNNII15'♪

You can click the picture below to visit the store~ ^^


There's a nice variety of  bracelet colours and different gemstones as well as different designs♥ Gemstones include moonstone, lapis, howlite, jasper, amazonite and agate♪ They're all really pretty, I love them^^ 

Here are some close ups!

This one is moonstone! It's so pretty ;; v ;;♥ 

♥Worn photos♥

Of course the gemstones make the bracelets super pretty, but another lovely thing about them is that because they're adjustable, they fit perfectly and don't slip around~! The reason why I don't tend to bracelets is that they usually end up towards my elbow because they're too big..OTL But these ones fit so perfectly so I'm super happy~ ;; v ;;♥

I recently got these jeans from WEGO and this sailor top from Ank Rouge and despite my collection of clothes I keep going straight for the baggy jeans ww.. I'm enjoying a cute and comfy and casual aesthetic at the moment~ I haven't had much energy to dress up ;; 

On the plus side, these bracelets really suit casual & cute outfits!♥ They're comfy to wear too, I don't find that they get in the way at all.^^


Thank you for reading~!^^ Please don't forget to check out unEarthedCreative here~♪ You can also use my code 'ELIZABUNNII15' for 15% off!♥

Have a lovely day everybunny~♥♥

 Love, Alice♥

Sunday, 27 March 2016

♥Hippity Hoppity Bunny Shoes~!♥

 Hey everybunny! It's sort of.. almost Spring? Hopefully it will be here properly soon!^^; I'm a little bored of cold grey weather now..
It's only a month and a half until I go to Japan again which means... Tokyo Disney Resort!!♥ The Easter event started at Tokyo Disneyland this week and I can't wait to see the Hippity Hoppity Springtime parade again! >< It was so so cute♥ 
So since it's the time of all things hippity hoppity, and I recently got a pair of my dream shoes, let's do a bunny themed outfit post!♪

♪Candy Stripper Prank Bunny Sneakers♪

Of course, they're platforms! And of course, they're bunny themed ww♪ Candy Stripper actually released these last year and I fell in love with them, but ¥32,000 was way way too much haha.. so I waited for them to come on sale... and they were still too much! www But then I gave in and got them anyway because they were the last pair in existence online haha. >< There weren't any others at any stockists. Just one pair in the colour and size I wanted hah.. super lucky~^^;♥

Though before I bought them, I double checked to make sure they're definitely fake fur. >< Thankfully they are! c:

They're so so cute!♥ They go really well with my bunny ear backpack, phone case and hat www Everything must be bunny themed. :3c

The laces are glittery!♥

Overall, these are awesome shoes!♥ They're also really light too, since the platforms are a sort of foam material. c: 



Top & Shorts → Miauler Mew
Shoes → Candy Stripper
Hat → One Spo

I got this baseball set from Miauler Mew ages ago when they had a 50% off sale but I've never found a way to coord it really well because of a lack of a cute cap and shoes, but finally I have a way haha♪ These shoes are super comfy, but just a little roomy so I need to get some grips for them at some point ww 

The hat is so cute ; 7 ;♥ It's so soft.^^ I like that it's quite big ww

I recently got a cute highlighter from Étude House, and it's magical~!  I love it ww♥ 


Top → Ank Rouge
Jumper → Milklim
Skirt → Bodyline
Shoes → Candy Stripper

 Fairy Kei! For the first time in.. over a year, maybe two years? ;; I forgot how much I loved wearing it though!♥ I'm glad I kept all my fairy kei things. c: I'm thinking of getting some more soon.^^ I've got so so many MA*RS pieces now, so maybe I can focus on the fairy kei part of my wardrobe since it never got so big?^^;♪

 I think these shoes are really cute with fairy kei? ; v ; I also really like this outfit. ; 7 ;♥ I felt really cute when I wore it and the other outfit ahah.^^; Actually, it was really nice to spend some time putting outfits together. ; v ; I really haven't had much energy or motivation lately. :c

 My Kylo Ren poster arrived the other day so of course I had to put it up straightaway www♥

Thank you berry much for reading~! I hope you enjoyed this outfit post!♥ 

Have a lovely Easter♥

Love, Alice♥