Tuesday, 3 May 2016

♪Gemstone Bracelets ~ unEarthedCreative Review♪

Hello everybunny!♪ How are you? I've been very tired lately, so I haven't done much blogging at all, sorry ><; I'm fairly active on twitter.. sort of.. so if you want to keep up with up with my shenanigans, I can be found on @Elizabunnii ♪ Though truthfully, I'm very boring.. but from the 8th May (just over a week!) I will be in Japan again, so I will actually be getting out and doing interesting things haha^^;; 

Today's post is about a shop called unEartherCreative that a friend of mine recently started~! I hope you will check out the lovely handmade bracelets.♪ They're all made with real gemstones!♥ (Ahh I love gemstones and such ><) They're also adjustable which is super good! Since I have annoying small wrists hah..

For 15% off your purchase, you can use the code 'ELIZABUNNII15'♪

You can click the picture below to visit the store~ ^^


There's a nice variety of  bracelet colours and different gemstones as well as different designs♥ Gemstones include moonstone, lapis, howlite, jasper, amazonite and agate♪ They're all really pretty, I love them^^ 

Here are some close ups!

This one is moonstone! It's so pretty ;; v ;;♥ 

♥Worn photos♥

Of course the gemstones make the bracelets super pretty, but another lovely thing about them is that because they're adjustable, they fit perfectly and don't slip around~! The reason why I don't tend to bracelets is that they usually end up towards my elbow because they're too big..OTL But these ones fit so perfectly so I'm super happy~ ;; v ;;♥

I recently got these jeans from WEGO and this sailor top from Ank Rouge and despite my collection of clothes I keep going straight for the baggy jeans ww.. I'm enjoying a cute and comfy and casual aesthetic at the moment~ I haven't had much energy to dress up ;; 

On the plus side, these bracelets really suit casual & cute outfits!♥ They're comfy to wear too, I don't find that they get in the way at all.^^


Thank you for reading~!^^ Please don't forget to check out unEarthedCreative here~♪ You can also use my code 'ELIZABUNNII15' for 15% off!♥

Have a lovely day everybunny~♥♥

 Love, Alice♥


  1. waah it's so cute! I think I would like to have one with roze quartz ^^

  2. Those gemstones are so precious! I would love to have them!

  3. They look like they can be worn by a girl and a boy! So awesome!


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