Sunday, 27 March 2016

♥Hippity Hoppity Bunny Shoes~!♥

 Hey everybunny! It's sort of.. almost Spring? Hopefully it will be here properly soon!^^; I'm a little bored of cold grey weather now..
It's only a month and a half until I go to Japan again which means... Tokyo Disney Resort!!♥ The Easter event started at Tokyo Disneyland this week and I can't wait to see the Hippity Hoppity Springtime parade again! >< It was so so cute♥ 
So since it's the time of all things hippity hoppity, and I recently got a pair of my dream shoes, let's do a bunny themed outfit post!♪

♪Candy Stripper Prank Bunny Sneakers♪

Of course, they're platforms! And of course, they're bunny themed ww♪ Candy Stripper actually released these last year and I fell in love with them, but ¥32,000 was way way too much haha.. so I waited for them to come on sale... and they were still too much! www But then I gave in and got them anyway because they were the last pair in existence online haha. >< There weren't any others at any stockists. Just one pair in the colour and size I wanted hah.. super lucky~^^;♥

Though before I bought them, I double checked to make sure they're definitely fake fur. >< Thankfully they are! c:

They're so so cute!♥ They go really well with my bunny ear backpack, phone case and hat www Everything must be bunny themed. :3c

The laces are glittery!♥

Overall, these are awesome shoes!♥ They're also really light too, since the platforms are a sort of foam material. c: 



Top & Shorts → Miauler Mew
Shoes → Candy Stripper
Hat → One Spo

I got this baseball set from Miauler Mew ages ago when they had a 50% off sale but I've never found a way to coord it really well because of a lack of a cute cap and shoes, but finally I have a way haha♪ These shoes are super comfy, but just a little roomy so I need to get some grips for them at some point ww 

The hat is so cute ; 7 ;♥ It's so soft.^^ I like that it's quite big ww

I recently got a cute highlighter from Étude House, and it's magical~!  I love it ww♥ 


Top → Ank Rouge
Jumper → Milklim
Skirt → Bodyline
Shoes → Candy Stripper

 Fairy Kei! For the first time in.. over a year, maybe two years? ;; I forgot how much I loved wearing it though!♥ I'm glad I kept all my fairy kei things. c: I'm thinking of getting some more soon.^^ I've got so so many MA*RS pieces now, so maybe I can focus on the fairy kei part of my wardrobe since it never got so big?^^;♪

 I think these shoes are really cute with fairy kei? ; v ; I also really like this outfit. ; 7 ;♥ I felt really cute when I wore it and the other outfit ahah.^^; Actually, it was really nice to spend some time putting outfits together. ; v ; I really haven't had much energy or motivation lately. :c

 My Kylo Ren poster arrived the other day so of course I had to put it up straightaway www♥

Thank you berry much for reading~! I hope you enjoyed this outfit post!♥ 

Have a lovely Easter♥

Love, Alice♥


  1. So cute! >w<~

  2. omg these are soooo adorable! loving your style x

  3. The whole outfit looks really cute! Not my kind of daily outfit, but for events looks stunning!


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