Sunday, 31 January 2016

♥♥Trying something new!♥Koakuma & Agejo inspired style~♥♥

 Hello everybunny~! How are you~?♪ 
This is my first post of 2016~! Sorry I didn't post sooner.. ><; I wanted to wait until I could make this particular post, since it's something new for a new year.♪ Just after Christmas I discovered that I don't look terrible in black clothes, and decided that I should finally try something agejo & koakuma inspired!♪ I've liked agejo a lot for some time, but I've never worked up the courage to try it until now. ; 7 ;♪ I really really like MA*RS in particular~! So I've been picking up a few cute MA*RS pieces in auctions, as well as TRALALA & Dear My Love!♥
Of course, this doesn't mean I'll stop wearing the other style I love! I'm just adding something new♪ I hope you like it!♥ What do you think?♪

I got these in an auction as a set for ¥3,000! They're MA*RS Sugar Gloss♪ One thing I've noticed is that MA*RS pieces are very cheap on Yahoo JP auctions compared to eBay ww I see the same things on Yahoo JP auctions as eBay but for less than half the price. This is the same for a lot of brands, unfortunately. :c

I got this cute hooded dress in an auction too~!♪ The brand is Dear My Love♥ The hood has cat ears ahah~^^ Sadly Dear My Love hasn't really made anything in this style for a long time, but sometimes gems pop up in auctions♪


Cardi & camisole dress → MA*RS
OTKs, shoes, garter, hair accessories → offbrand

I'm lacking brand accessories ahah... but things don't always have to be brand♪ I haven't wanted to spend a lot of money yet, in case the style didn't suit me hah..;; I was very nervous that this dress would look silly on me because I'm lacking in the chest area.. but it fits really well! It's not all loose and weird looking like a fair few things I own, which is super great~!♥ I'm hoping that most MA*RS pieces will be like this because I really like how this set looks ;; 7 ;;♥♥

 The only downside is that the garter takes up most of my thigh, and then the dress is a little long so it covers the top of the garter ><;; Luckily some of it is still visible though, it's quite pretty after all♪

 All I need now is a slightly more merciful pair of shoes ;; The heels on these shoes are very thin so I don't think I could walk around in them for a long time. >< Hopefully before I go on holiday I'll find a pair of cute platforms to wear!♪

I've been practicing makeup a lot recently~ I also started to do eyebrow make and practice eyeliner!♪ I hope I'm improving. >< I think maybe I've improved a little ahah;; I tried my best to do something gyaru inspired with my hair & make.^^;♥

The lighting was super great yesterday when I took these~! It made the green in my eyes show up really nicely ww♥



Cardi → MA*RS
Dress → Dear My Love (Yumetenbou)
Acessories, shoes → offbrand

I love this outfit too ; 7 ;♪ The dress can be worn on its own, like the Sugar Gloss dress, but I usually prefer to wear a cardi or hoodie over short sleeve things.^^;; This is my only black cardi at the moment, but luckily I have a couple on the way!♥ I'm looking forward to being able to mix & match things a little more.♪

 Sadly this dress is a little long on me too OTL So I used safety pin magic to pin it up a little!♪

The lighting was shoddy by the time I took this photo, so sorry for the notso great quality >< But I love the hood on this dress~!♥ Well, I love wearing hoods in general ahah..♪

Thank you so much for reading~!♪ I hope you enjoyed seeing me try out a new style! Hopefully more clothes will arrive soon so I can put together more outfits~! I also have some himekaji and doll style outfits to put together soon! I bought the clothes a while ago, but it's been a little troublesome to get the motivation to dress up recently. ><;; I hope I can be more motivated from here out!♥

Have a lovely day & evening~! See you soon!♥

Love, Alice♥


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