Thursday, 11 December 2014

♥Sponsored Review → Little Black Bow♥

Hello everybunny!♥ I hope your week is going well.♥ I feel like I should be happier about the cold weather, considering how much I was wishing for colder weather back in summer. >< Today I'm very happy to bring you a review for Little Black Bow by Brooklyn Bow, who very kindly sent me a pair of shoe bows to review!♪ Little Black Bow sells beautiful handmade bows that clip onto shoes!♥ They're so pretty & dainty, but I'll show you more in the review.^^♪
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The package arrived safely in a plastic bag.♪ It arrived to me very quickly because it was shipped within the UK.^^

Inside was a cute brown envelope!

 It had a cute LBB logo on the back.^^

Inside was a cute little box wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it extra safe!♥ It was safely & securely packaged.^^

I love the box! ; 7 ;♥ It's so cute, and it has a touch of glamour too.♪

Inside was a pretty card featuring the bows that I was sent & a kind note!♥♥

Underneath the paper were the bows!♥ They're so so pretty ;; v ;;♥

♥The Bows & Styling Ideas♥

The bows are absolutely gorgeous!♥ I love how they're satiny with a layer of organza ribbon.♥ The ribbons are sturdy and fairly thick, meaning that they don't flop and they stay nicely in shape. I also love the very simple but pretty design! When I saw them I was really excited to add them to shoes to add a cute & pretty touch.♥

The clips are securely sewn to the ribbons, they're not wobbly.^^ The bows are also neat at the back as well as at the front.♪

I love the little LBB tags on the back!♥ I think it's great when brands add these touches to their products.♪

There's also a little heart!♥

They add a really pretty touch to my plain burgundy heels.♥ I love cute bow heels, but it's fairly difficult to find the, but with bow clips I can turn a plain pair of heels into something cuter.^^♪

Bow closeup.♥ You can see these shoes & bows in one of my outfits below!

Beige & black are a pretty and vintage style colour scheme, and as these heels are fairly plain like the first pair, I really wanted to try the bows on these too!♥

Here I added them to the ankle straps! I put an outfit together with these shoes & bows below.^^♥

The bows are also really cute on the toes too!♪


 I tried them out on my rocking horse shoes too!♪ They'd be really cute with a pastel goth outfit, since they add the pop of black over the pastel colour.♥ I think they'd be cute with an ouji style outfit as well.♪




Shoes bows → Little Black Bow
Top, shorts, tights → Bobon21
Hair bow → Liz Lisa
Wig → Lockshop
Shoes → offbrand

I recently bought this black wig for a costume, but I wanted to style it to match the new bows!♥ My wardrobe very much lacks black pieces, but I think the pops of dark colour go nicely with the overall cream tones.^^♪ I wanted to make the outfit really doll-like with lots of bows, and the Ella bows have the perfect amount of daintiness!♥


Shoes bows → Little Black Bow
Blazer, top → Ank Rouge
Skirt → Liz Lisa
Tights → Bobon21
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)
 Bow triplets!♥ I'm glad I put the bows with a beige outfit, I really like it.^^♥ Plus, they work with the bow pattern along the bottom of the skirt and the bow details on the blazer!♪ They make the shoes more interesting & pretty too, so the lower part of the outfit isn't left looking plain.^^ They're really good for toned down outfits, if you want to have a cute touch on something that's more smart/dressy.♪


Thank you so much for reading!♥ And a super big thank you to Little Black Bow for sending me the lovely shoe bows to review!♥♥ I hope you enjoyed the review & outfits, please don't forget to check out Little Black Bow.^^ There will be more outfit posts & haul posts coming soon!♥

Have a lovely day & dreamy night.♥ Take care.♥

Love, Eliza♥

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