Sunday, 18 August 2013

♥Cute New Clothes~!♥


♥New Clothes!♥

Happy Sunday, everybunny!♪ Recently I was planning on doing a huge Taobao order, but I went to the supermarket with my mum this morning so I could buy new earphones and ended up with some new clothes too~!♥ I'm still doing the Taobao order, just not as big because I managed to pick up some things I needed today!♥♥ You wouldn't expect it, but supermarkets and similar shop can be really good for picking up cute clothes cheaply.♪ Mine are from the children's section, since not many adult clothes fit me - I'm a size 4/6! ;;

This is going to be a really long post and quite picture heavy! ;;


 ♥What I bought...♥ 

♥ → Cute puff sleeve blouse, size 12yrs

There's lace going down each side of the blouse, it's not over the top so it's just nice♪

There's also lace on the sleeves and bottom of the top~♪ I'm not quite sure what the design is on the bottom lace, it's a little hard to make out, but it's not garish or super tacky looking.♥

When I picked it up, I was worried bout it being too thin, but there's a layer underneath!♥

♥ → Lacy Peter Pan collar top, size 12yrs

The collar has sequins on~! They're not particularly clear, but I'm quite glad there aren't sequins all over it. Just a few here and there.♪

 There's a comfy undershirt layer attached!

♥ → Cat print sweater, size 12yrs
Cat print shorts with tights, size 11yrs

The sweater is uber soft and snuggly~ it's lovely!♥ The shorts are a thin corduroy fabric, and are also really comfy.♪ The tights fit, but aren't very roomy though not to the point that they're uncomfy. Hopefully as I start to get more exercise, my legs will get thinner and they'll fit better!(*^ ^*) Recently I haven't done much exercise because of the heat. ;;



I tried to make each outfit unique, it was quite challenging to not just add the new things into outfits that I've worn before~♪ I hope you enjoy them!♥

♥Cult Party Kei Inspired♥


Outfit features:  Cute puff sleeve blouse

I honestly didn't think I'd have anything even remotely Cult Party Kei in my wardrobe! But somehow I managed to pull some things together!♥ It's very exciting, because I thought I'd have to wait quite a while before attempting something Cult Party-like. The blouse is quite baggy, so I tucked it into the skirt but left a little hanging over the top. The cardigan is a hand-me-down, but the tie is missing, so I threaded a ribbon where it should have been.♪ Sadly the skirt is much too big for me, but no problem!♪♪ I carefully pinned it at my waist and used a light petti to poof it out a little so it wasn't so flat and sorry looking.
I'd love to buy some rocking horse shoes to go with it!♥ Should I buy some this week? ww~ I'd also really like to get a peignoir.♥ Soon I'm being sent a custom flower crown to review! I'm so so excited, and it would work really well with Cult Party~!

It's surprisingly comfy - I was quite worried the stockings would be uncomfy but they stayed up nicely!♥
I hope I can improve my Cult Party Kei look in the future.♥

Here are some makeup/hair closeups~!♪
I'm always trying to improve my makeup~ (*^ ^*;;;) Someday I'd really like to go the whole way and try wearing circle lenses and false lashes!♥ 



 ♥Casual Cute♥


Outfit features: Lacy Peter Pan collar top

I'm not quite sure what style category this would fall into, but pretty much all of my cutesy casual outfits are inspired by super cute gyaru fashion.♥ Would they be Magogyaru/Roma-Gyaru~?♪ Plus I'd be a Ganjiro ahah~ (*^O^*;;;) By the way, I'm really sorry if my terminology is off! I'm quite new to Gyaru substyles and terminology.(*^ ^*;)
This top is also nice and baggy~! So it tucks nicely into my shorts.♥ I added my seifuku bow as a sort of bowtie, since my other bowtie looked a little off, and did my hair in an updo with a bow~!♪ I wish my hair was longer, I might get myself a long caramel/light brown wig soon. The socks are Angelic Pretty, and the handbag is Loris (a Taobao store).

 I'm not usually into big big handbags, but I think this really works!♥ Plus it's lilac like my creepers and shorts, and also has a lovely big bow~♪

Makeup/hairstyle closeup~♪
The updo is super cute so I think I'll do my hair like this again!♥ I'm also a little obsessed with these sunglasses ww~ I'm so happy I finally found some pink heart shaped ones~ they were only £1 too.♪



 ♥More Casual Cute~!♥

Outfit features: Cat print sweater & cat print shorts with tights

This outfit is super cute but much too warm for a hot day like today~!♥ I'm glad though, because knowing the weather over here, it could get colder any second haha~ Without the tights (they're quite thick!), the shorts would be peachy for summer.♪ I wore the Peter Pan collar top under the sweater and folded the collar over~! 


 The cat print is all over the shorts and sweater~ I love it!♥

 Makeup/hairstyle closeups~!♪
Keeping with the cat theme... pearly cat ears~!



 That's all for today~ sorry for such a long post, but I really hope you enjoyed reading and seeing my new outfits!♥ Please expect another penpal tips post in the future, as well as another lolita outfit post!♪ Oh, and I'd just like to say thankies superly so much for all the lovely comments I get~ it really means so much to me!♥♥ Sorry I don't always see them and reply straightaway, I'll make sure to reply though!♪
Thankies so so much for reading~! I hope you have a super sweet day and a dreamy night~♥

Love, Amai♥♥


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