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♥Promenade de Paris♥


Promenade de Paris 

Bonjour everybunny~!♥ Ca va~?♪♪
Promenade de Paris finally arrived a couple days ago~♪ The customs fees were a lot lower than I expected, which was wonderful!♥ I wasn't originally going to buy this print, because at first, it didn't seem to really grab my attention (unlike the re-releases I bought!).
It's super pretty~! But I'm not so fond of prints like this, plus there was no salopette.



The colourways are very soft and pastelly and sweet~♥ My favourites are sax x pink and pink x lavender♪

A few days after the release, I checked out the website since I was interested in the tights.♪
I was surprised to see that a lot of it hadn't sold out! I would have thought it would have been more popular. I had been thinking of getting the tights, since they're so so awesome!♪ I mean, they have the Eiffel Tower and "bonjour" on~♪♪ The only downside of these is that they don't say "bisous" or "au revoir" on the back, which would have been amazing!


I love that Angelic Pretty have the print all the way at the top too~! Though... no one will get to see it ww~

As always, the dresses would have been waaay too big for me. (crycry) So I decided to check out the skirt! (Since I wanted the tights so much, but wasn't sure what to coordinate them with) It's really cute~! Not totally lolita, but I got the idea to make a retro casual coord with it!♪♪ You'll see later. (*^O^*)


I also ordered my first ever wig from eBay~!♪ I'm really excited, and I'm hoping it'll go with Promenade the Paris~! I was going to get pastel pink or mint, but that would have been too much of the same colour through the outfit (and well.. pretty much all my outfits! It'll give me a new challenge, to work it in somewhere..♪), plus I've never had dark dark hair.♪ Or such long hair, for that matter.

I'll probably have to cut the fringe so it's straight across~


...and here it is!
A super duper pretty pink package~!♥♥


As usual it contained the garments, along with cleaning instructions in English, a shopping bag, and an Angelic Pretty sticker!♥


It was a little crushed up in the bag, so it needed some ironing to fix the pleats!♥ There's no lace on the skirt, but I think lace might have been too much.


The tights and sticker~!♪ I have a few of these stickers now, but I still haven't used them ww~ I'm thinking of putting one on my 3DS XL when I eventually buy my own.

Then it was time to try it all on~! I had been planning out my coord since I bought it.♪ I wanted it to be really cute and retro so I bought some pastel pink braces (or suspenders if you're in the US), a pastel pink bowtie, and a pastel beret! I also wanted to pink x white two-tone brogues, but I need to save up a little more for those!♥


Such a lovely skirt but... oh noes! Like all my other lolita clothes, it's very roomy. ;; But unfortunately this has no waist ties or shirring, just some lacing at the back. However, if I tie the lacing tight, it messes up the pleats! It's really lucky that I had the idea to use braces~ now I'm even using them as they're meant to be used, instead of just decoration heehee♪ The skirt effectively just hangs there with the braces clinging on for dear life. OTL 
I either need to eat a LOT more McDo from now on or buy braces in many different colours if I want future skirts to fit.♪


Even though I wasn't blown away by the print when it was first being advertised, it's really really grown on me!♥ It's gorgeous~ tres chic ww~♪ And my favourite colour combination too♥ All the shops have super sweet window displays~ just like Milky Planet, it's a really fun world and it's fun to spot everything!♪♪


And here they are... they tights~! I love love love them♥ The stripes at the feet are so cute~!♪ And just... the Eiffel Tower and "Bonjour"~~ I love it!♥♥


I think having a pink Eiffel Tower on my leg is the highlight of this outfit www~~♪


♥Full Outfit Rundown♥

Tights, skirt, bag, bow on beret (removed from skirt) → Angelic Pretty
Shoes, petti → Bodyline
Bracelet → Candy Geisha
Blouse → eBay (jillpunkxloli)
Beret → eBay
Bowtie, braces → Claire's



At first, I had my hair in plaits with pink bows at the end, but then along with my bowtie..
It lookied like Orion's belt with bows!
So I pinned them underneath, and I think it works a lot better!♪♪
In other news, I also cut my fringe the other day by myself! It saved money and I think I did a pretty good job! ;;
I was worried that the bow from the skirt wouldn't look right on the beret, but I really like it! It didn't seem to fit in on the back of the skirt.. (@^@;;)


This outfit was really fun to try out~!♪ I really want to make more retro style lolita coords in the future, even if they're super casual like this one♪ Too bad flapper lolita would never work! I mean.. it's a complete contradiction isn't it? I'm still hunting for a perfect flapper dress though ww...


Thankies superly so much for reading~! I hope you enjoyed it♪♪
I can't wait to wear Promenade de Paris out somewhere~ It'll probbie be at Frock On!♥
(I also changed my blog a little recently~ I hope you like it! I'll be making a new banner when I get the time;;)
Have a super sweet day and a dreamy night~!♥♥
Bisous xx



  1. I felt the same way about this print- at first I was underwhelmed but it grew on me! The tights are super super cute~ it looks adorable on you!!

    1. Ahh I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that way~!♪
      And thankies so much~!(*^◯^*)♡

  2. You are SO pretty ! *-*

  3. I love what you've done with the skirt - you made such an adorable casual look <3

  4. I love the coord you made, it's casual and cute!♥♥♥

    1. Thank you so much heehee~(⌒▽⌒)♡♡

  5. OMG you look adorable!! *_*

    Pastels look so cute on you!!

    I totally fell in love with your blog *_* I'm following you on Bloglovin and GFC. I think we like the same things so if you want, please check me out!!

    -Abi from

    1. Oh gosh thankies so so much~ and thankies for following~! It means so much to me♡

      I'll make sure to take a lookie at your blog~!( ^ω^ )


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