Monday, 19 August 2013

♥Present & Milky☆Planet~!♥ (Mini review, too!)


♥Present & Milky☆Planet♥ 

Good evening, everybunny~♥ I hope the start to your week has been a happy one~!
On Saturday, I went to a mini lolita meetup! It was pretty fun, we went to a café and YO! Sushi♥ I think YO! Sushi must be my favourite restaurant in the world heehee~ I go there so much! In fact, I'm going there with Josh next Tuesday when he visits! I'll have to make a post of all my favourite dishes there ww~♪
Before I went to the meetup, a package arrived for me!♪♪ I was really confused because I hadn't actually ordered anything recently but...


When I opened it, I realised it was the tights that Josh had ordered for me back in May as a birthday present!♥ I was so surprised to see that a necklace was included~♥♥ Everything arrived safely~♪


Here's everything out of the wrapper~♪ She included a cute note on Jewelpets paper♥


The pattern is so cute~!♥ I wasn't sure which tights I'd get, because Josh wanted to surprise me!
The fabric is really really soft, I wish Angelic Pretty would print their tights on soft material like this♪ Maybe they print on a less soft fabric to stop the print fading when worn?

The necklace is really pretty, and I like the simplicity.♪ The chain is coated in a white paint? I'm not totally sure what it is but I'm really glad because my skin usually reacts badly to metals. 

Originally, I was going to wear Promenade de Paris, but I really wanted to wear my new tights~! I thought they'd match really well with Milky Planet~♥♥



Headbow, Comb Bows, Salopette, Cutsew, Shy Bear Bag →  Angelic Pretty
Tights, Necklace → HolleyTeaTime
Fluffy dangly stars → Chocomint
Bracelet → Candy Geisha
Shoes → Bodyline



I wasn't sure that the wig would really match the coord... but I really like how it looks♥


Thankies superly so much for reading~!♥ I hope you enjoyed my coord! (*^ ^*)♥
Today I ordered a bunch of things from Taobao, including a randoseru~!♥♥ Finally~!♪ I also ordered cosplays for Josh and I for October MCM! They're a secret at the moment though, just in case they're out of stock and we have to find an alternative.
I hope you have a lovely sweet day and a relaxy dreamy night~♥

Love, Amai ♥



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