Thursday, 29 August 2013

♥Recent Buys!♥


My Recent Buys~!


 Heyo everybunny~! (*≧ω≦*)♥ I hope you're feeling happy and full of positive energy~!♪♪
Today I'm going to do a slightly different post to normal, since I bought so much recently~!♪ I actually ordered it a week or so ago, so now it's all on its way to me~♥(o´ω`o) A lot of things I bought are from Taobao, so although I'll be showing you what I bought in this post, I'll be doing a full review of the products and the shopping service once everything arrives~!♥♥ I'll also do a review of everything else I order when it all arrives~♪

First of all, my order from JBox~!(*^O^*)♪
I mainly got things to help with my Japanese studies~! I'm progressing pretty well with the textbook I bought~ it's a nice refresher for things I learned previously, and I'm also learning so many new things!♪ I wanted some other products from here, but I'll get them another time instead♥

A subscription to CoroCoro magazine~!♥  
I won't be able to read much of it at all, but it'll be fun to look through and I can have a good attempt at trying to recognise some words and phrases!♪

A Pokemon kanji practice book~♪ 
I'm trying to learn kanji at the moment! I've known all the katakana and hiragana and a few basic kanji for years but since I was so busy with other studies, I never got the chance to continue learning more Japanese properly, but now I am!♥

Learn hiragana with Pokemon book~!
This isn't for me, it's a gift for Josh! Since I'm hoping to study in Japan (I should really make a proper post about all this haha... (^ ^;;) ), he wants to learn as much Japanese as he can so he can visit me~! It'll also be a nice thing to do if he gets kinda bored at uni~

Beginner's kanji practice book - 240 characters~
This is a workbook that teaches 240 basic kanji~ and also hiragana and katakana~ yay~!♥ It also comes with a pull-out poster♪

Next, my purchases from CDJapan~!♪
I bought soooo many magazines~!♪♪ They're aimed at children, so I thought they'd be great for practicing my reading~(*^ ^*)♥ Plus they're super super cute, and come with cute posters and free gifts!♥♥ There were so so many cute magazines, but because of how heavy they are, I could only choose a few heehee~ Here are the ones I bought~




Now for my Bodyline order~!♪♪
I've been needing new shoes for ages but each time I've had money, I forgot to buy some! ;; I was going to order some pairs from Taobao, but then realised that with everything else in my order, the shipping rate would be huge because of the weight! So I decided to go for Bodyline because of the flat airmail shipping rate♪ 

In pink~! (Top left)

In pink-white~! (Bottom)

And finally... everything I ordered from Taobao~!♥
I wanted to buy some super cute things~! I would have bought more but again, shipping weight haha...;; I'll hopefully be doing a group order with a friend next month though, so we'll both save on shipping!♥♥ I bought my cosplay for October MCM, which is going to be super cute~! It's another gijinka, but also a magical girl... hmm... I wonder if I should reveal who it is teehee♥ Perhaps when the order arrives?♪ I won't show the main cosplay, but two things I ordered will be used in the cosplay! Hehehe~~

Hello Kitty tights~ I just couldn't resist!♥ 

 Bunny tights in white~! I figured that the white would match more of my outfits♪

Pumpkin shorts with braces~!♥♥

Pink heart seifuku~♥

 Foofy tutu skirt~♪♪

Another pair of super cute pumpkin shorts~!♥

A cute wig~!♥

 Another cute wig~!♪


A baby pink randoseru eeee~~! ♥♥♥
(This is a picture from my shopping service~♪ It shows the colour more clearly than the stock photo heehee♪♪)

So there's going to be a lot of reviews soon, along with new outfits~ hooray!♥♥ I hope you'll look forward to them, and I hope you enjoyed reading. m(_ _)m♥ My next post will be about my studies and future plans~! I think it would be nice to have them written out somewhere.♥ I'm really happy because they're dreams within my reach! I just need to put in the effort.♪♪
I hope you have a lovely sweet day and a dreamy night♥♥

Love, Amai♥




  1. I have that pink and white tiered skirt! It's so cute! Bobon21 is my favorite taobao shop :D

    1. Bobon21 is one of my favourites too~ it's so so cute!♥♥ I wish I could buy everything from there heehee~♪♪

  2. yay all your things are so cute *-*
    I should try to buy on taobao

    1. Aww thankies~!(*^ ^*)♥ And I really recommend it! It's a little difficult at first but I'm sure most shopping service are really helpful, I know mine has been!♪

  3. Hope it goes well with learning Japanese, I love those bunny tights I need a pair! :)

    1. Thankies so so much~!♥ And yes, they're so cute! I recommend getting them from Taobao since it's so so much cheaper than buying them elsewhere~!♪

  4. The randoseru is so cute ;w; can't wait to see you wear it :3


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