Monday, 29 July 2013

♥Hyper Japan~!♥

♪Hyper Japan♪


Heyhey everybunny~!♥ I hope you're having a nice start to the week~♪
Hyper Japan was on Saturday! It was pretty fun, I met some lovely fellow bloggers and friends, but I was so nervous! ;; It was my first time cosplaying, so I was always like "argh omg so scared my cosplay isn't good enough ahh~~" and then when I met people I was excited and nervous and I feel like it was totesy obvious how nervous I was eheh...(^ ^ ;;;) If any of you are reading this, I'm really sorry!♥;; It was so so lovely meeting you though♥♥ 
I'll be at MCM in October! So I'll do my bestest to be less shy and nervous next time! (*^ ^*)♥

Time for lots and lots of photos~ Super piccy heavy~♪ Enjoy!♥
(Josh very kindly let me use a lot of the piccies he took~)

Outside Earl's Court tube station was an actual police box. I'm not into Doctor Who (or at least not the last few series) but this was pretty neat~

There were demos of Ace Attorney 5~! Squee~! This was the first thing Josh and I did♪ I hope Maya is in the new game! Oh oh~ also I can see me in the piccy, in the middle! Josh must have been sneaky ww~♥

 There was an Animal Crossing photobooth!♥♥ Josh and I took cute piccies together ww~♥♥

There was k-pop merch too~!♪ 


Pokemon games~~ (Qv Q ;;)♥♥

 So so many Arpakasso~!♥ I bought my sister an Arpakasso purse~♪

 KERA magazine and CoroCoro comic~!♥♥ I was so so happy to see these, so I had to buy them!♪

Kendo! It was really interesting to watch. The martial artists were concentrating so much!

Madoka figures~ -cries- ♥

Calming nekomimi manatee♥

I met the lovely Denpa-chu~!♥ She was so so sweet, and even let me try her Randoseru!♥♥
 I really want one now~~ -crycry-

I also met some super lovely lolita friends~!♥ Their co-ords were super pretty and so were they and ahh~♪

Of course, we had to get shaved ice~! Mango flavour!♥ It was delicious♪

At around 2ish, we decided we had done everything we wanted to do at HJ and headed to Chinatown~!
I've never been there properly before, but it was amazing!♪ 
I tried taking a piccy of this monument (I can't think of a better word!), but the one Josh took is much better.
I can't help but think that the guy in the blue shirt was posing for us though ww~

Outside a nearby cinema, we spotted this~!♥

We spotted an amazing bakery in Chinatown!♪ We didn't have enough money to buy anything there this time (we needed to buy dinner!) so we'll be going back in August when we take my lil bro♪♪

Afterwards, we headed to Covent Garden♥ We ended up at Forbidden Planet by accident, even though we were planning on going there later! We found the Pokemon manga and Adventure Comics. We'll also be going there next time.♥ It was so so hot, so we decided to find a café! Josh spotted this one, and it was almost empty compared to the packed Starbucks and Costa~ it was only £1 for the canned drinks and it was so cute and quirky!♪ The music was also really swingy and jazzy, kinda like Tape Five. We did some drawing and reading together♥♥

After going to the café, we headed to Westfield for some shopping then dinner at McDo~! It was totesy packed though. OTL
 I took this selfie on the train ww♪


♥Haul Time!♥

I ended up getting a lot more than I had planned on getting ww~ but I'm so so happy with what I bought!♥

It's beautiful~ (Qv Q;;;)♥♥

Very conveniently, HJ had a section with lots of tourist information on Japan~!
It was really helpful since I'm hopefully going to study in Tokyo for a month next summer~♥ (more info soon)
I picked up some really useful leaflets! Some about Tokyo, some about other parts of Japan!

KERA magazine~! It's amazing~♥ I might make an entire post on this and CoroCoro soon♪
I'm also planning on getting subscriptions for both!♥♥

-cries- It had the info on the new Pokemon!!♥♥♥ There's also a really cute silly Pokemon manga, but not the actual manga. Also it lookies like something about Sylveon will be revealed in the next issue!♪♪

I bought a bracelet from Candy Geisha~!♥ Oh goodness, their jewellery is so so gorgeous~ I just wish I could have bought more from the fashion stands! (QO Q;;) Luckily I'll be at Frock On! next month, so hopefully I'll be able to buy lots there~♥♥
I bought my sister an Arpakasso purse, and now she wants a big Arpakasso for her birthday ww~
I also picked up a kawaii letterset!♥ They seem so hard to find at the moment. ;;

 This actually almost made me cry ww~ I got this calendar poster free with my magazines~ 
So incredibly happy♥♥ And so many of my favourite Pokemon are there too~!♥
Duosion, Hydreigon, Volcarona, Frillish, Tynamo, Alomomola~♥♥

Sorry for such a lenghty post! It was a really fun day though♥ 
I'm superly looking forward to Frock On! and October MCM~ in fact I've booked a hotel room for October already ww~♪ I have my second cosplay in preparation too!♥ I think this will be hard to guess heehee~♪
Thankies so much for reading~♥ 
Have a sweet day and a dreamy night~♪



  1. Wait, you were at HJ & China town on Saturday?! If so I could of met you at China town since me & my sister went there ; 0 ; ahhh -cries- Hopefully one day we will meet! <3

    1. Eee~ no way! (OAO;;;) It would have been so awesome to see you there~! (*>O<*) Yes~!! I really hope we can meet one day~! (*^O^*)♥♥


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