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Heyo everybunny~!♪ 
♥~I hope your day is full of sparkles and happiness~♥
I'm super duper happy to finally make a Dream☆Sky blog post!(*^ω^*) I've actually had this all for a few weeks now, but unfortunately I was on a long holiday so I was unable to do a blog post. ;;
This is the first time I've bought an Angelic Pretty dress without using a shopping service! Due to bad experiences with my previous shopping service, I decided to just buy it myself and risk the customs charges. There is a shopping service I've been wanting to try, but unfortunately her spaces were filled. I was a little worried that I would miss the release, but I managed to get my paws on almost everything that I wanted through super perseverence~♪
Here are the colours it was re-released in~♪ 
I was really hoping for pink! At first I wanted sax, but then I decided to go with the royal blue~ (though it doesn't seem very royal bluish on this sample ww~)
Dream☆Sky was released Saturday morning (Japan time), so I stayed up to see if it would appear on the international site and unfortunately it didn't! It wasn't until Sunday night (after a LOT of waiting and regular checks ww~) that it was released. By the time I had gotten to the site, most of the accessories had sold out so I wasn't able to get the barette, wristcuffs or Milky Star necklace like I had wanted to, but I got everything else~!♥

As always, I got the salopette!♥
The tights were so so cute, so I had to get them~! I thought tights in royal blue would be too much blue, so I went with the pastel pink.♥

I bought the socks in pink too~!

The Hankami Bear bag had been released for quite a while, and I didn't think it would still be in stock when Dream☆Sky got released, but I was wrong~! So I bought this too~♪


The package arrived all pink and happy, and wrapped in prettiness~♥♥
 I love how Angelic Pretty send things in lovely Angelic Pretty bags~ though maybe they should make Angelic Pretty boxes? It might make things more secure, though I've never had anything damaged!♪

 The dress was packaged in plastic and came with a hanger~ The Angelic Pretty tags were on the dress too~!♪ I love looking at different clothing tags ww~

The fabric is gorgeous♥ I love how all the stars stand out from the blue!♥

Under the first layer of chiffon, theres a layer of lovely blue satin edged with more of the printed chiffon~♪ Underneath that is a light petticoat layer that gives the skirt a bit of poof, but not much.

 The bodice is quite simple, which I like! The lace is quite simple too with "AP" and stars on it♥
I did originally want the op, but I was worried about the measurements so I decided to play safe with the salopette. I was really lucky! Even though it was waaaay too big at first, it has shirring on the back so I could tie it for a better fit!♪
There's also a detachable bow on the waist, which makes a really cute headbow~! (see the piccies below♪)

 The tights and socks were packaged very carefully~! There were also wash instructions in English, and and Angelic pretty sticker~♥
The tights are fairly comfy, but not as silky and smooth as I expected. They fit very well though!

I love crew socks, and these are so so pretty.♥♥ They seem very delicate though, so I'm worried about wearing them too much~^^; On one of them, "Angelic Pretty" is on the side of the foot in sparkly gold~♥

The trim of the socks is simple, but super cute.♪ 

The Hankami Bear bag was bigger than I expected~!♥ 

It's so cute and happy~!♥ It's so well made, and has an "AP" tag on the ear!♥♥

The strap has some lovely details, like gold hearts!♪ It's adjustable, too.

On the back of the bag is a pocket!♪ I love this, it means I can keep my phone in there and be able to take it out quickly.♥ As a note: I have an iPhone for and it fits in there nicely.♪ However the pocket isn't secured by a zip or anything. 
Inside, there's a smaller pocket with a tag on!♥

♥Here's a co-ord idea~!♥

Dream☆Sky salopette in royal blue with Chocomint fluffy dangly star attached to waist
Dream☆Sky salopette detachable bow on a headband with a Chocomint dangly star
Milky☆Planet cutsew in pink
Hankami Bear bag in pink
Dream☆Sky tights in pink or Dream☆Sky crew socks

☆Skirt Closeups☆

Martin decided he would wear my Chocomint star on his bow~!♥

☆Dream☆Sky Outfit Rundown☆
(I feel like a sort of magician in this outfit ww~♪)

Salopette, bow, tights → Angelic Pretty
Blouse, petti → eBay (jillpunkxloli)
Twintail bows → Rara's Jewels
Accessories (dangly stars, ring) → Chocomint
Bowtie, shoes, wristcuffs → Bodyline
Mini pink bows → offbrand




☆Hankami Bear Bag Outfit Rundown☆
(I wore this to a recent pink themed meetup!)

Salopette, cutsew, bag, headbow, socks → Angelic Pretty
Twintail bows → Rara's Jewels
Bracelet → Chocomint
Shoes → Bodyline
Tights, mini bows → Offbrand


I hope you enjoyed my Dream☆Sky post~!♥ I'm so in love with this print~ I was so lucky to be able to get it~!♥♥ I'm quite thankful that Angelic Pretty doesn't seem to be releasing anymore super cute prints, so I have time to save up! Milky☆Planet and Dream☆Sky in the space of a month was pretty tough heehee~♪ Promenade de Paris looks super cute!♥ But luckily(for my purse)/unfortunately no salopette. The skirt is really cute though, and so are the tights! So maybe if I ever find the skirt secondhand heehee~♥ I might buy the tights this weekend if there are any left in stock!♪ Musée du Chocolat looks gorgeous, but again no salopette, and I think it's a little too classic for me. (QvQ;;)

Thankies so so much for reading~!♥ I hope you have a supersweet day and a dreamy night~♪
Love love and hugs~! Chu~♥♥



  1. I just found your blog and you're super adorable!

    I've never purchased from Angelic Pretty but I hope to be able to one day! They have such pretty stuff and that dress is so perfectly cute! I love the color blue!

    My blog: http://ghostlip.blogspot.com/

    1. Aww thankies so so much~♥ (*^ ^*)♥

      Angelic Pretty is amazing~ whenever I wear AP clothes, I feel super happy~!♪ I hope you can buy something from there someday too!♥♥

  2. Your blog is super cuute ♥♥♥

    But I were wondering about something o.o
    What is the fashion you wear? Not the lolita style.. But like, when you don't wear dresses .. Just, maybe a cute shorts and top and it's all light pink,blue or white ?? I've tried SO hard to figure it out xD


    1. Thankies~!♥

      Do you mean like my casual everyday clothes~?♪ It's not much different to what I post on here~! I could make a blog post about it maybe? (^ ^;)

  3. OMG OMG OMG what a cutie! *_*
    Seriously, I love all your outfits!

    You might be one of the few people really suited for salopettes ^^

    Bye bye! ^^

    1. Oh gosh~ thank you! It's so kind of you to say~!♡

      I feel so lucky that salopettes suit me~ unfortunately things like jsks and ops would be too big for me! ><;;

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    i like your post.agree with you!
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