Friday, 26 July 2013

♥Hyper Japan → Hello Kitty Cosplay~!♥

Heyo everybunny~!♪ It's a super duper uber exciting time~!♪♪
Tomorrow, Josh and I are going to Hyper Japan together~!
Neither of us have been before, so we're really looking forward to it!♥
At first I was planning on wearing Dream Sky or another lolita co-ord, but it's been so hot recently, I didn't want to risk feeling overheated and ill. ;; So last weekend I decided to cosplay~!♥
I've never cosplayed before, so I went for something basic → Hello Kitty!♥♥♥
I'm actually really nervous, but I'm sure it'll be really fun~♪ It's nowhere near as good as most cosplayers, but I'm pretty proud! I managed to get all the extras I needed from eBay for under £30.


♥Outfit rundown♥

Dungarees → New Look
Nekomimi → Pinkly Ever After (I removed the middle bow)
Top → M&S
Paws, tail, socks, shoes, bow →  eBay


The top is really light and soft and comfy~! So it'll be nice in the heat (hopefully!)~
The bow is pretty much perfect, too~ I'm so happy~!♪♪


Since Hello Kitty is a bobcat, my bunny tail works nicely~!♪

 I'm really so excited~!♪ I'm hoping to meet some lovely friends there too!♥
I can't wait!♥
Thankies for reading~♪
Have a sweet day and a dreamy night~!♥♥


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