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♥London Shopping~!♥


♥♥Happy July everybunny~!♥♥
Sorry for not posting in a while, I've been busy with holidays and things~♪ I actually went to London back on the 26th, but I've only just found a good time to make a blog post!


On the 26th June, I went to London with my sister because she was going on a biscuit and cake decorating course~!♪ She loves baking and she's really talented, so I took her to the bakery because she doesn't know her way around London too well.

I don't have an outfit photo of what I wore on the day, but it was a little like this:


Except I didn't wear the nekomimi or paws, and I wore my bat jumper from Hello Cavities over the top~♥♥ I also wore my Angelic Pretty Marshmallow Bunny series headbow.♪

While she was at her course, I went to Camden for a while~!♥
It was a little intimidating exploring London on my own, but I could do it!♪♪
When I got to Camden, two French ladies wanted to take my photo~! They took a few photos with me and then I left the tube station.♪But outside I got stopped again for a photo and... 
you know like how one person stops for a photo and then more people notice it and want to take a photo even if they may not have even noticed? I guess that happened~ (*^O^*;;) The French ladies also took more photos, and there were so many people with cameras and phones! ;; It was a little intinidating, but all the people were so kind and I got so many lovely compliments~!♥♥

Then I went to check out the market area with the Cyberdog shop and SaiSai! I always love going to Cyberdog♥ I'd love to buy some clothes from there but I don't think they'd suit me at all.. (QoQ;;) They have some really cute jewellery though~! Like super cute things in a futuristic style~♥ It's a shame that SaiSai seems to be the only shop in London that sells "lolita", though a lot of it is pretty bad quality and replicas and such... We need more lolita things in the UK~!♥♥

On my way back to the tube station, I was stopped again by some lovely girls wanting some photos~♥ I think they mentioned it was for a college project they were doing~♪ They were so so sweet~! There was also a slightly creepy guy who wanted a photo with me and put his arm around me then offered to take me out for lunch and I was very very uncomfortable... 0-0;;; But all the lovely people were super great~!♥♥♥

Afterwards, I went to Chinatown~! There's a shop there, near M&M world that sells loadsa super cute snacks like pocky~!♥♥ I probbie more more than I should have done in there ww~♪
The shop just has... so many snacks~!♪ There was also mahoosive pocky and really big boxes of Hello Panda!♥ The Kittyland biscuits were delicious~♥ And the illustrations on them were so cute!♥ The pejoy was also super yummy♪ It's like inside-out pocky! 

When I left the shop, I was stopped buy a man in a suit who said I lookied "absolutely fabulous!" and it was totally awesome.♪ Then I went to lurk in the Trocadero before I met up with my sis at Yo!Sushi♪♪ While I was waiting at Oxford Circus, a big group of guys wanted photos with me haha~ they were really funny! A guy from a newspaper also talked with me about my outfit, which was a little strange ww♪

This time at Yo!Sushi, I ate less than usual. ;; But it was still super yummy~!♥

We always start with edamame~!♥♥ It's my favourite heehee♥ I also had chicken katsu curry~ which is also my favourite~!♪♪

 Sis had one of the special burgers~♪ She chose chicken teriyaki! It came with nori crackers, daikon coleslaw, and miso ketchup~♪ She let me have one of the crackers ww~

We then shared chicken yakisoba, and then mochi for dessert~!♥♥
I think I could eat all of this forever...♪


After lucnh, we did some shopping around Covent Garden and went past Liberty~!♥


Nearby, I spotted a Portal Turret in the window of a building ww~

Then it was time to head to ArtBox~♥ Woohoo~!♪♪
A  lovely couple in the store asked to take some photos of me♥♥
I was a little disappointed that they don't seem to stock so many Q-Lia, San-x, Crux, or Sanrio stationery items anymore but...
Here is everything that I bought~!♪♥

 Powerpuff Girls letter set ahh~!♥♥♥

Hello Kitty pen, Rilakkuma pencils, and Chocopa mini memo pad♪

I saw Alice in Wonderland stickers, so of course I had to get them~!
(Because it's me ww~♪)


And finally, some Puppy and Kitty stickers~♥

When we were heading back, I noticed a shop near Chinatown that had a window full of Hello Kitty~!♥

There was no choice.
We had to go inside~!♪
There were lots of smaller shops inside, and lots were very very incredibly kawaii!♥♥
I also spotted a Purikura machine, so I just had to try it out!♪ Sis wanted to check some other things out, so I went in by myself♪

Here are the photos~!


Sadly, the lady couldn't email me the photos, so soon I'll scan these in~! You can see part of my outfit too~♪ It was super fun, so next time I'm in London with Josh, we've decided we have to do Purikura together~!♥♥

 When we had finished looking around the shops, it was time to head to the bus♪


On the bus, sis gave me a present~! It's a biscuit that she made at the bakery~♥


Here's Duffy on my lap, and Duffy with Little My~! Sis bought her from ArtBox, along with a Moomin bag~♪ Moomins are her favourite~!

That's all for my adventure in London~! Thankies superly so much for reading~!♥♥
Over the next few days I'll be making a post about Dream Sky (finally~!) and a post or two about my holiday with Josh!♥ Soon I hope to get back to reviewing things~ yay~!♪♪
Super love chu chu~!♥



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  2. You're so lucky!! It would have been heaven to go there!


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