Saturday, 22 June 2013

♥Squirrel Party Co-ord~!♥


♥ Squirrel Party♥


Good evening, everybunny~!♪ I hope you're having a beautiful week so far~♥ 
Today will be a short post, but I hope you like it~ m(_ _)m
I finally got Bodyline's Squirrel Party print in pink a month ago, I bought it secondhand from the very kind  Sakura-Kitten! It's such a lovely print, and I love the mix of florals and cute animals.♥ 
I've been meaning to make this post for a while, and since I made another co-ord of it the other weekend, it's definitely time to make an outfit post, hooray!♪
Sorry for not posting it sooner! ;;


She sent a super cute note with the package, and a hairclip and bow~!♥♥

Here's the dress laid flat~♪ The print is so cute~! QvQ♥


I've worn it twice since I bought it, in two different co-ords~♪


In this co-ord I used the front bow as a headbow~♪ 
The bag is Loris, and the shoes are Bodyline.♥


Makeup and hair shot♪


I tried a different hairstyle this time, and decorated it with rose clips from RoxieSweetHeart~!
The roses match with the falling roses in the Squirrel Party print!♥♥ 
I love my petti too~ it's so foofy~♥

Although it's a super duper cutesy print, it can be matched with accessories to be really cute, or slightly more elegant. I'd like to try it with a peignoir and rhs or other platforms and a flower headband for a cult party kei look~♥ I'd like to get the jsk in sax, too! I think it would be really cute with a light pink blouse♪

 Makeup and hair shot #2♪

Thank you so much for reading~! I hope you enjoyed it♥
My Angelic Pretty haul is on its way to me, and I'm hoping it will be here before I go on holiday, so expect a pretty big post for that ww~♥♥♥
My boyfriend Josh will be visiting next weekend and we'll be having a week long holiday by the sea and then a lazy week at his house~! I'm really excited, and there will probably be a few posts on that~♪ We have a lot planned~!♪

See you soon, everybunny~! 
I hope you have a supersweet week♥ 


  1. This looks so adorable on you~~!!
    I really, really love this print too c: I'm hoping to get it for myself in mint sometime in the future ;w; I feel like boydline's prints are just getting so adorable aahhh <3

    1. Eee~ thank you so much~!(*^ω^*)♥
      Oh gosh I hope you get it soon~ It'll lookie super lovely!♪ It's a shame you're super far away, we could be Squirrel Party twins~(>ω<;)
      The Cinderella Bunny print is uber cute too, as is the Biscuit border print (L515) ♪♪

  2. What a wonderful blog >U, < Everything's so nice and pinkish - can't wait for more of your entries <3


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