Sunday, 9 June 2013

♥Shopping x GirlyGyaru Style!♥

♥Girly Gyaru Style~!♥

Heyo everybunny~!♥Are you having a happy June~?
It's been getting sunnier and sunnier here, though it's a little dull this weekend. 

Yesterday, I went shopping in the city with my lovely mummy~! We went to a café, and she had a latte and I had a white chocolate and raspberry milkshake~! Then we went shopping~
Instead of super kawaii things, this time I was looking for a more girly gyaru style, inspired by brands like Liz Lisa, TRALALA, DreamV etc~ Lately I've noticed a lot of cute clothes in high street shops, so I decided to do shopping there instead of the internet~♪ I even managed to find one of my dream items, and a handbag that I've been looking for over the past few months~!

Here's everything I bought~♪♪


Trenchcoat - £65 Miss Selfridge  ( Dream Item!♥♥)


Handbag - £32 Miss Selfridge


60s style dress £39 - Miss Selfridge

Pearly cat ear headband and faux leather bow headband - £3 each Miss Selfridge


Peach blazer - £25 New Look


Organza dress - £20 New Look


Skater skirt - £20 New Look

Everything is so pretty and dainty~! There were many other things that I wanted but unfortunately my size was either sold out or didn't exist. In fact, none of these were made in my actual size but thankfully they fit pretty well! Most are a bit more roomy than I'd like, but they don't lookie awful in my opinion~♪ 
To see my measurements for reference, you can visit my "About Me" page~!





Trenchcoat, handbag, pearly cat ear headband → Miss Selfridge
Shoes (also new, £20) → New Look
Tutu skirt and cutsew (under trenchcoat) → Yumetenbo/DreamV
Socks, tights → eBay

This is definitely my favourite~♥ I've been wanting a trenchcoat like this for so so long! I found one on Taobao a few months ago, but it was sold out.



Handbag, pearly cat eat headband → Miss Selfridge
Cutsew → Yumetenbo/DreamV
Skirt, blazer, shoes → New Look
Socks, tights → eBay

This outfit is cute too, but the skirt is a little big even though it's the smallest size... TT TT I'm so glad someone invented safety pins ww~♥ The blazer is really baggy, but I like that! It's summer so having something light and airy is comfortable~♪



 Handbag, pearly cat ear headband → Miss Selfridge
Dress, blazer, shoes → New Look
Socks, tights → eBay

I love this dress~! The flower detailing at the top of the dress is all embroidered similar to the cut-out embroidery dresses from one of the Louis Vuitton collections last year~!♥♥


Handbag, dress →  Miss Selfridge
Hair flower → H&M
Shoes → New Look
Socks, tights → eBay

I made my hair short for this one, since I thought it suited the whole 60s look a bit better~! It's really hard to find dresses like this that fit me.. I had one before but it was way too big! This one has a good fit and is also quite flattering~!♪


Here are some close-ups of the short hair~!♥ I'm really please with how it turned out! Up until a year or so ago, I always had my hair this length, though a bit more layered and boyish ww~  I like the fact that I can pin it up to make it shorter though, so I can have long styles and short styles~!♥ 


What do you think of the outfits and hairstyle~? 
It feels quite different wearing clothes like this, but it's a happy different~! I love trying out new styles.♥ Next time I'll be buying super kawaii things again ww~ I haven't been buying much recently since I'm saving up for Angelic Pretty's Dream Sky~!♥ I'm so excited~ hopefully if I manage to get hold of it, that will be another dream item ticked off my list~!♥♥ And only 6 days until the UK/EU release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf~ more excitement~!

Thankies so so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it~! 
I have another post ready to do during the week~♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night~!
-hughug- Chu~!♥♥


  1. Amazing! you turned high street clothing into gyaru very well :3


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