Wednesday, 29 May 2013

♥MCM Expo London May 2013~! Diary & Haul~!♥

After such a tiring two days in London, I was super worried that I wouldn't have the energy for MCM!o(≧o≦)o But I did~! It was super exciting, since I had a proper outfit to wear for it and it was also the first time I'd be wearing Milky Planet out~!

♥Outfit Rundown♥
(In case you missed the Milky Planet post!)
Salopette, combs bows, valetta (bowtie in this outfit): Angelic Pretty
Blouse, petti #1: Jill PunkxLoli (on eBay)
Petti #2: Hell Bunny
Shoes, tights, Magical DoReMi wand: eBay
Shoes, wristcuffs: Bodyline
Bowtie base bow: from my Seifuku (Bodyline)
Belt: made from fairydust organza (local fabric store)

♥Usakumya also joined me as my backpack and Magical Girl familiar~!♥
 Josh was looking fancy as usual in a shirt, trousers, hat, and jacket~ He was going to cosplay Bro from Homestuck but we were tired and couldn't get the wig quite right. It's probably a good thing though because the convention was boiling and a wig might have been too much.

Guess what we did on the train to London~! 
We listened to more Cabin Pressure~!♪ We love it so much~(*´д`*) Some music too~♪
At the ExCel centre, it was super busy~! I don't think I'd ever seen it so busy, though I hadn't been in a while. I'm glad Josh was there because I often feel intimidated and not so comfy in crowds. I knew to expect it to be quite busy so so I was able to prepare myself! -nodnod- Luckily we got early entry tickets, otherwise it would have been a super duper long wait~! It was only a little wait in the early entry queue (a little being just over 30mins ww~), but Josh got really worried and a little annoyed because the girls behind us were kinda messing around and kept bumping into Usakumya and then they started eating doritos (argh) so I just cuddled Usakumya for a while. ;;
Then it was time to go into the convention hall~! Josh wanted to get me an Arpakasso for my birthday so before we were even properly in the hall, he was like "ARPAKASSOS AT 11o'clock!"♪ We went to that stand first, and it was so pretty~! The shop's website is called LoveJojo and the ladies there were so so sweet~!♥ One let me cuddle an Arpakasso and I decided he was the one I wanted~! Since we spent over £10, there was a lucky dip, and I won a squishy Rilakkuma phone strap!♥ They also both loved my outfit and took photos of me! I felt really awkward because I'm not used to photos that aren't selfies... I get nervous.. OTL

The Arpakasso is called Martin~ like the Captain in Cabin Pressure! He is captain and supreme commander and everyone must show him 100000% respest because he is captain!♪ (Benedict Cumberbatch is his voice actor~) He's really big! So I carried him happily under my arm for the rest of the day~♪ Though it was a little difficult to carry him and my wand, he was very cuddly kyaaah~♥ I think Josh will be getting one soon, and he will be called... Douglas! Like Martin's first officer (not the captain) ww~♪

There were so so many stands selling kawaii things~! It was like a cute heaven~♥♥ The Tofu Cute stand was amazing~♥ And they had Chocomint accessories~~ Chocomint~ Chocomint ahh~♥ I bought a whole bunch of accessories, as well as a MyMelody handbag. I can't wait for their new store Dreamy Bows to open!♥ I'll be so broke from buying too much Chocomint ww~♥ I finally got dangly star charms, and picked up a ring and bracelet and "Love Me" dangly charm! 

I also bought a cute heart ring from Electric Sheep (because I have a serious lack of rings), twin rose bow clips (to go with Squirrel Party) from RoxieSweetHeart, and cute neko paws (the shop I bought those from didn't seem to have a name though.. )~!♥

When I was browsing the stands that were selling plushies I spotted a pastel Gloomy Panda~!♥ I spotted one of these on eBay months ago, but it was something like £45 OTL But I picked up this cutie for £35!♥♥ So so happy~ I spent some of MCM carrying her around too, so Martin under one arm and her under the other ww~♪ Her name is Snoopadoo, like Carolyn's pet Cockapoo (from Cabin Pressure). And even though she's a panda, not a cockapoo, I thought Snoopadoo seemed fitting because of the "pa".♪

During the convention, quite a few people wanted to take my photo, including a girl who recognised me from YouTube! -happycrycry- I'm surprised anyone recognised me ww~ I felt so lucky~♥ She was in AP too, hooray!♥ I also bumped into another lolita wearing Milky Planet!!♪ So happy~!♥ 
We tried mango shaved ice, which was delicious~♥ 

We also got prawn yakisoba, and did heads or tails for the prawn ww~♪

When we had finished looking around, we went outside~! I had never seen the outside area near the steps before. It was full of cosplayers and there was music and and so many cosplayers~!♪ Quite a few people asked to take my photo there~ I was a little nervous, but so so happy!(*´ω`*)♥♥ After looking around there for a while, we headed to the Westfield centre for some food~ It wasn't too long until our train, so we just got a McDo ww~ It was a little awkward being around so many people whilst wearing my outfit and carrying all my things, but it was peachy~! I also spotted some cosplayers, and a pretty lady with red hair came over to me while I was sat at the table and said "I'm glad I'm not the only one still dressed up!". There were lots of children who seemed to admire the outfit~!♥ Too bad most of the adults weren't so happy about it ww~ Do you ever hear stories about lolitas getting called "Little Bo Peep"? I always took them with a pinch of salt until someone actually called over to me like "Hey little bo peep has lost her sheep!". I may have had no sheep, but I had Martin the alpaca ww~♥ I didn't mind too much though! It must be odd to be shopping somewhere and suddenly see a girl in twintails and a foofy dress with big big plush toys, right?♪ I just hope that someday, everyone can get more respect and admiration no matter what they wear!♥ 
We also bought some... gelato!♥ The lady at the stand said I was very cute ahh~~♥♥ We got pineapple, mango, and cherry ripple~♥

Then it was time to go home~(o´ω`o;;) Martin and Snoopadoo were watching the scenery from the train~


Here's a collection of everything I bought~ like, a family photo~?♥

The next day, I tried on my new accessories!♪♪ It's very very OTT, but ahh Chocomint is so cute~!♥ I feel so so lucky to have been able to buy so many things~♥
What do you think~?♪


♥Bonus photo~ Me and Josh with the neko paws~!♥

 I hope you don't mind that it was so long~ thankies so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it~!(o^ω^o)
Hopefully I'll make another video soon~ one or two people have asked me about it, I'm so sorry! (´д` ;;)
♥Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night~!♥

Love and bai bais from Amai, Martin, and Snoopadoo~!♥♥



  1. Omaigoshi~! You were so lucky to be able to go to a con! I went to a con once, and my mom will never let me go there again.. T~T

  2. Aww this is a lovely blog post! Thanks for mentioning the Roxie Sweetheart hairslides ^_^ <3


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