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♥Milky☆Planet♥ & MCM Expo Outfit!♥

Pyon pyon heyo everybunny~! I hope you're ready for a really super happy blog post~!♥
 *Note: This won't be a review, but more of an outfit post. Please be prepared for an image-heavy post.*

Recently, Angelic Pretty announced the re-release of Milky☆Planet! Since I discovered Lolita fashion and learned about different brands and prints, Milky☆Planet has been a favourite! (I have a huge huge soft spot for anything spacey or starry!)♥ It also reminds me of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds heehee~♪♪ I had many oppurtunities to buy a replica, but I wanted the original more. It's worth a lot, so I thought it would be a long long time before I could afford it. One morning I woke up early and was just browsing through Twitter (I follow all the AP accounts heehee~♪) when I saw "Milky☆Planet"!♪ Of course, I had to get it! But then, thanks to my terribly horrifically limited Japanese (OTL) I noticed that it would be released in 3 days. 3 days after the announcement. So I had to place an order with the SS I usually use, and then embark on a treacherous quest into to the city and to the bank to get money out of my savings. Then I sent it to the SS and it was just a matter of waiting~! For more about how I got on with the shopping service, please see the detailed review I'll be posting soon. There will be small points about my SS experience in this post.


To sum up what I bought:
Milky☆Planet Salopette in sax (through shopping service)
Milky☆Planet Headbow in sax (ordered through SS, got let down, bought from USA site)
Milky☆Planet Valetta in lavender (from international site)
Milky☆Planet Cutsew in pink (from international site)
Milky Star Comb in sax

Here are some stock photos~! Unfortunately, so many things are sold out that I was unable to find stock photos on the shop pages so I had to hunt around!

It didn't take long for it all to arrive! On the day of the release, I bought the cutsew and valetta, and then I bought the Milky Star combs when they were released, so two separate packages from AP international. Both packages added up to £47 customs fees, but I don't mind because it all arrived very quickly and safely!♥ It took my SS a very long time to ship my package out, it was a little disappointing. At least it's all arrived a good week before MCM! I was initially going to wear my meido costume or fairy-kei, but since Milky☆Planet was going to be released before, I thought it would be super great to wear that!♥♥ See more towards the bottom of the post~♪

Top left: Salopette from the SS, Top right: Bodyline's Squirrel Party OP(pink) from Abi♪(Post coming soon!)
Bottom two: Cutsew, Valetta, and twin comb bows from AP International.
♥All the packages were very secure, and my items were all safe and happy inside!♥


The cutsew was wrapped up in sugary sweet tissue paper like a present~!♥ The valetta was inside a packet and also wrapped in bubble wrap. There was also an Angelic Pretty shopping bag~♪♪


The acrylic ice cream on the valetta is attached by a safety pin, so you can wear it with or without. It contains super sparkly glitter and starry shaped glitter!♪ The star and pearl beads are sewn on. On the back is a large hair clip, but I'm expecting to use this as more of a bow tie!♥ The cutsew is so so soft, and the sleeves are very slightly puffed. the print is really detailed and there's also a little ribbon on the ice cream cone!♪ 

 The Milky Star combs were packaged very similarly!♪ Though they came with care instructions in English (super handy!♪) and a transparent sticker! When I eventually get an iPad, it's going to go on the back~♥♥
The star beads on the bows are sewn on, and the bows also have very subtle lace!♥ At first, I couldn't work out how I'd use these, but after some experimentation and a lot of re-doing twintails, I got it!


The salopette arrived folded in plastic wrapping.

 Front and back views!♪ 
The front has a space for a belt, which I made use of for my magical girl co-ord~♥ The bow on the front is also detachable, and has a pin on the back so it could be put anywhere! I love the striped fabric underneath the scalloping, it finishes off the base of the skirt nicely. The bow on the back is also detachable, and there's partial shirring too. The salopette is fully lined, as is the shirring, and the skirt has a petti. It doesn'tmake it particularly poofy, but because it's a salopette you could get away with no petti if you wanted.

Print details~!♥ 
It stands out wonderfully on the sax fabric~ and it's also...
I'm not sure if it's possible to tell from these pictures though. >< But the glitter is subtle and so so pretty~!♥ 
I love love love the bear and bunny in the ferris wheel, and the carousel ponies too~♥ Everything is so detailed and cute~ I feel so lucky to own this print~♥♥

The back bow has ric-rac edging, and two little AP charms on the tips!

There's a pocket!!♪ Only on the right, because the zipper is on the left of the salopette. To give you an idea of the size, my iPhone 4 sits inside nicely!♪


The buttons are filled with glitter, too~! the salo also came with a spare large button and a spare small button.

There's a pocket on the front, too~!♥ It's not particularly big, but I could fit some small sweets in! There's also some lovely embroidery!♪


At the top, there's more super cute scalloping!♥ This time, edged with some simple lace.


Ice cream lace~!♥♥ I'm so happy this was included in the salopette~♪ It's so sweet~!♥ There's also ric-rac that follows the length of the straps~



♥Outfit Number 1 Rundown!♥

Salopette, Cutsew, Valetta, Comb Bows: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Socks, tights: eBay
Petti (shape): Jill PunkxLoli (on eBay)
Petti #2 (poof): Hell Bunny
Note: I would never ever wear the Hell Bunny petti on its own! My Jill PunkxLoli petti has a very firm cupcake shape, and the Hell Bunny petti just provides some extra poof underneath. 

As I expected, the salopette is fairly roomy on me (particulary around the waist and bust), and the shoulder straps are long on me, just like Marshmallow Bunny. The cutsew fits wonderfully and isn't too tight or baggy. Both are very comfy~!♪ Please take into account that wearing the pettis under the skirt make it shorter than it would be without or with a less poofy petti. 
In the pictures of me wearing it, I've shortened the straps and also safety pinned the sides for a better fit.

To give an idea of the fit, here are my measurements.

Height: 157cm, 5ft 1inch (and a lil bit)
Bust: 76cm, 30in
Waist: 58cm, 23in
Hips: 79cm, 31in

Sorry for the awful expression DX I get so nervous when other people take photos of me. OTL This is in my sister's room, by the way. She has an Abbey Road poster!♥♥ 

I took the bow from the front of the salo, attached the valetta to it, and then put the bow on a headband! Since my headbow hasn't arrived yet, this makes a pretty cute alternative!♪



The next outfit is what I plan on wearing at MCM Expo next Saturday! (25th May) I'm really superly excited!♥ I'll be there with Josh, who's going to be cosplaying Bro from Homestuck which I still haven't read so I don't know much about it at all. ;; 

♥Outfit Number 2 Rundown!♥

Salopette, combs bows, valetta (bowtie in this outfit): Angelic Pretty
Blouse, petti #1: Jill PunkxLoli (on eBay)
Petti #2: Hell Bunny
Shoes, tights, Magical DoReMi wand: eBay
Shoes, wristcuffs: Bodyline
Bowtie base bow: from my Seifuku (Bodyline)
Belt: made from fairydust organza (local fabric store)

The way that the pettis poofed the skirt reminded me of Madoka's magical girl costume!♥ It was a fun experiment, and I'm really happy with how the outfit has turned out!♪ The organza belt nips it all in at the waist, so the skirt poofs out a teeny bit more. 

Here's a close up of the bow and wristcuffs! The blouse has a fairly large peter pan collar, so the bow sits nicely underneath!♪♪ The valetta is attached to the base bow using its clip.♥ Around the wristcuffs, I added my pastel rainbow star bracelets from LittleMizzKitty (Etsy)!♪


Usakumya has demonic pinky-red eyes like Kyubey, so he's my magical familiar ww~♪ I'm a little worried about bringing him to MCM, but he's just too cute to leave out of the outfit!♥

For MCM, I'll make the twintails curlier and fluffier~!♪ If the headbow arrives before then I might wear that too~? I'm not sure yet, since it might be too much.



That's a wrap for this blog post, sorry it's been so long, but thankies so so much for reading~!♥♥
I can't wait for MCM~! I feel more excited for it than before, but this time I have a lot of money to spend heehee~♪♪ I'm also a little scared though, but hopefully everything will be super peachy!♥ Soon I'll be making a post about my Squirrel Party OP and very possibly a shopping service review (though it's looking quite negative at the moment ><).
♥I hope you have a supersweet day and a dreamy night~!♥
♥♥Love and bai bais from Amai and Usakumya~ chuchu!♥♥


  1. Ahhh, so cute! I wish I had enough to buy Angelic Pretty ヽ(;▽;)ノ Hopefully one day! You're so cute, your outfits are so well put together as well! <3

    1. Eek, sorry I only just saw this message ahh... >O<;;
      It would be super awesomies if you got AP too, it would really suit you~! We could be AP twins~! ♥ (≧ω≦)♪ And thankies so so much~! (QωQ )♥♥♥


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