Tuesday, 28 May 2013

♥Londres et Caravan Palace♥

♥London Mini-Holiday Diary♥

It's been a really super tiring few days, but so worth it!(≧ω≦ )♥

♪Please bear with me, there will be a lot of  text and photos~!♪

On Thursday I met up with Josh and we did some shopping~! We went to a big fancy New Look and I spent my gift card and some birthday money on a new outfit~♥ I'm really into blue at the moment~ It was hard to pick out matching shoes, but I eventually found some!♪ I hadn't picked out the varsity jacket at first, but when I saw it I had to get it, because there's an "A" on the front for Amai ww~~♪♪

Afterwards, we walked along to Selfridges~♪ For those of you that don't know, Selfridges is a mahoosive department store full of fancy designer things and is a really really bad place for a clumsy couple to visit on a day out. It wasn't fun at all because we were too scared to even look at anything or take photos. It was fun to admire everything though heehee~ All the store staff were dressed in very fancy clothes and fancy makeup and it was all brilliantly fancy. Although there was a LOT of designer makeup, clothing, and home stuff, there was no burando, which we both thought would have fitted in nicely with the fancyness. Though price-wise, Angelic Pretty and BABY are both very affordable compared to the Louis Vuitton and Chanel. (✖╭╮✖) Josh loves suits so we were looking around the menswear a lot! An Alexander McQueen (♥♥♥) jacket caught his eye but he lookied at the price and it was about £1000+. It was lovely but terribly expensive. There was also a velvet jacket near it and it lookied like something from Austin Powers' wardrobe which was awesomies. Once we left, Josh pointed out one of the window displays! Pinkie Pies and Cadances and pastels ahh~!

Afterwards, we headed to the Trocadero and also lookied around Leicester Square and Chinatown~! We also went to... Hamley's!!♥ It's one of my most favourite shops in the world~ I didn't buy anything though, since I was trying to save my money for MCM!♪ There's a Hello Kitty boutique in there, and next to it is a little area full of accessories and tutus that would be perfect for fairy-kei~!♥♥

Our feet were getting tired, so it was time to find our hotel~!♪ It was in a pretty fancy looking area~ The overground stop was Kensington Olympia~ It was only one stop away from Shepherd's Bush, which has a Westfield centre and the O2 Empire!♪♪ The hotel was super cute and comfy, here are some pictures! I forgot to take them when we first got in because we were so tired so I took these before we left~♪

We chilled out for a few hours, and had the bento that I made for lunch~! It was too cold to eat outside..
Beef soboro, seasoned rice, with tamagoyaki on top~!♥

Then it was time to get changed and head to the O2 Empire~! Whee~!♥ I wore my new outfit with the new shoes, since they seemed a bit more sensible than heels ww~

At first I was going to wear...

Which is probbie more swing, but not so comfy for  dancing in.. >^<;;

Our tickets said doors opened at 6, but on the website when we checked for directions, it said 7pm.. so we decided to get there early, just in case. We got there waaaay too early so we decided to explore the area a little, there wasn't anything particularly interesting, apart from a shop selling gorgeous Hijab. At 6, we noticed some little barriers outside the O2 Empire, but hardly anyone was there! Turns out doors didn't open until 7, but we were second in line for the standing tickets!♥ I'd never been to any sort of gig before, so I was really excited, but a bit nervous too~ Although we had to wait almost an entire hour, we got to see loadsa people turn up in amazing outfits and and and

when it was time to go in

we ended up

right at the front!!(≧ω≦)

This is from when it had just opened~ it was pretty big, and there were like 3 bars ww~

For about an hour, there was a DJ playing lotsa electroswing tracks and Josh and I danced together and didn't shut up about how excited we were~♥ After an hour, the DJ announced that Alice Francis would be the opening act!♥♥♥ I was so excited~ I love her so much and I could watch from the front! Her band were awesome, and they were all really cute and funny too (especially Goldilocks! He's the guy in the piccy with the dreads)~ Alice was absotively amazing and beautiful and her dress was so awesomies and ahh~~♥ Someday, I want to become an Alice as great as she heehee~!♥ Josh is convinced that Mr. Bruce from The Correspondents was on the keyboard and after some thought, it really did lookie like him! She played my favourite songs, too! St. James Ballroom, What are you made of?, Get A Wiggle On, and Shoot him Down! as well as a few others like Sista, Gangsterlove, and Kiss My Ass~ You can see us in the photo from her facebook page eeee~~♥

After Alice Francis was an a capella trio called The Speakeasy Three~♪ They were super pretty, and had amazing voices! It was more traditional jazz compared to all the wubby electroswing from Alice Francis and Caravan Palace, kinda like sandwich! It was then back to the DJ for a while before Caravan Palace~ It would have been a good time for a drink but there was no way we were losing our place at the front ww~

Caravan Palace were absotively amazing~ like 100000000000infinity% amazing heehee~!♥ Zoé is so so pretty and her singing and outfits were amazing!♥ She's also so so good at dancing~ I want to learn to dance better~♪ -nodnod- They were all so full of energy!♥ And the dance solo in Rock it for Me was just~ kyaah~♪

Songs they played included (tries to remember as many as possible ;; )Queens♥ Maniac♥ Clash♥ Bambous♥ Suzy♥ Je M'amuse♥ Brotherswing♥ Star Scat♥ The Dirty Side of the Street♥ and Glory of Nelly♥

The bass was amazing, and Clash was crazy~! The floor moved so much ww~♪♪ It was such a good performance, they were so lovely and I miss them and and I can't wait for them to come back to the UK! (Qω Q)♥

You can see us in the piccy from their fb page heehee~♥

There was an afterparty at a nearby club, but we were so tired after a day of walking and then so much dancing! When we got back to the hotel, we made instant ramen and ate it while listening to Cabin Pressure~! Actually you should all listen to Cabin Pressure because it's a cute and funny radio comedy about aeroplanes, and well, it's just brilliant! (Also it stars Benedict Cumberbatch and he's also brilliant and if you listened to the show you'd know why I'm saying brilliant so much.♥) Then we listened to more Cabin Pressure before dropping off to sleep~

The next day we checked out and went to the Natural History Museum~! It's one of my favourite places to go in London and even though I'd already been there twice in the past year and so had Josh, we went again because we hadn't been together before. When it was time to leave, it was raining. A lot. So Josh let me wear his hat and we tried to find somewhere to hide from the rain. The rest of the day wasn't so exciting and more "Argh it's raining what should we do?" or "Argh our feet ache where can we sit down?". Most of the time was spent in the Westfield centre at Stratford and I went into Forever 21 for the first time and wow so many cute clothes~! Josh tried on a shirt and I think he should have bought it but we were both saving money for MCM~♪♪ He decided to wear his Bro sunglasses to try it on heehee~ Oh, and he had to use my phone because his died. >o<;;

We went to the world food court and got some duck noodles to share~! Super yummy~!♥

Finally it was time to go home~! The last couple days had been fun, but so tiring. So very very tiring. It was nice to be heading back to my house to relax~!

Well, relax until 6am the next day when we'd be heading back into London~♪ It would probably have made more sense to stay in a hotel, but it was actually cheaper to get train tickets. ;;

The next post will be an MCM Expo diary~ yay~!♥

Thankies for reading~♥ Have a sweet day and a dreamy night~!♥♥


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