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♥Review: Pinkly Ever After♥

Pinkly Ever After Review! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybunny~!♥ Today I'm super duper happy to be reviewing Pinkly Ever After~!♥
Pinkly Ever After is a sparkly fluffy store selling fairytale-inspired kawaii clothing and accessories! It makes me feel like a magical girl~ They even have a motto - HAPPY & CUTE☆ The designs of the clothes are really unique, and things sell out quickly! I always try to keep some money saved in case a design I really like pops up♥

Go to their Storenvy by clicking the heart~♪


And check out their website, and Tumblr~♪

I bought the Blue Polka Dot Kitty Headband, and the Baby Kitty Heart Paw Charm!
The Charm is now sold out, but there are still Kitty Headbeans available~!
Clicky the piccy to take a lookie~♪

And here's the stock photo of the Charm~
Note: The bow is included!


This is another shop where the items are all wonderfully presented~! It's nice to see them coordinated to give an idea of how they could be worn~♥

I placed my order on the 23rd April~♪ The Kitty Headband was $12 and the Charm was $15. The shipping was $15. 

On the 29th, I got an email to say that my order had been shipped~ hooray!♥ Then it was just a matter of waiting~♪

The lovely pink package arrived safely and happily on May 3rd~!♥  Super exciting~


Everything arrived in a super cute pink package~!♥♥ 


So cute~!♥ It was neatly and safely wrapped up~

Look at all the sparkly goodies inside~!♥ Everything was in a placstic packet with a super duper PEA sticker on the front!♪

 Inside was the Kitty Headband, Charm, Pinky Invasion CD, and some surprises~!


 A cute whip frosting ring, and 3 Campinos! I haven't had them for years~ They used to be some of my favourite sweets~ thankies so so much~!♥


Here's a close-up of the ring~ I love it!♥♥


First up is the Charm! 
I'm not sure if the bow is handmade, but the satin is lovely~! It's not thin or weak, and is very soft~
The strap is adjustable too~


The badge has an incredibly cute design!♥ I love the detailing and the shine on it~
So far it seems to be 10000% full of happy magical power heehee~♪


Next up is the Kitty Headband~!
At first I was a little worried because the headband isn't fully covered, but it's actually very comfortable, and I can wear it for a long time!
The fur is very soft, and the bow is super cute~


On the back is a cute star~! What a sweet surprise~!♥

♪~Rating Time~♪

♥ Shop ♥

Presentation: (Everything is oh so pretty~!♪ I love the coordinate examples~ a lot of effort seems to go into the presentation~)

Customer Service: (So many cute surprises were included~♥ Things like that make you feel superly appreciated as a customer~)

Fees: (For the quality and uniqueness of the items, it seemed super fair~!)


PEA is such a lovely shop~!♥ Everything seems so magical and sparkly~ even the packaging is cute! So the magic goes from ordering all the way to opening the package and wearing the goodies~♪♪ They're also sweet enough to include surprises~! Super yummy campinos~♥

♥ Items ♥

Quality: (Both the Kitty Headband and Charm are wonderful quality~! Everything is very neat and tidy, and the fabrics are good quality too~)

Design: (I'm especially impressed with the design on the Charm~!♥ The Kitty Headband is also very unique, plus pink x saxblue is one of my favourite combinations!)

Comfyness: (Although I expected the Kitty Headband to get uncomfy after a short time, it didn't! I stayed on nicely and didn't hurt.)


Both the Kitty Headband and Charm are absotively adorable~!♥ They're so magical and cute~ perfect for so many of my outfits~♪ The quality is great, so I totesy recommend them~! I really hope I can buy a PEA dress or other piece of clothing soon~


♥ Outfits & Styling ♥


(It wasn't a good idea to take a piccy this morning, it was too sunny www ;w; )

♥ Outfit Rundown ♥

Dungarees: New Look
Dungaree Bows: Rara's Jewels on Etsy
Blouse: Jill PunkxLoli on eBay
Kitty Headband & Charm Bow: Pinkly Ever After on Storenvy
Shoes: Bodyline
Socks & Tights: eBay



Duffy chan wanted to be in a piccy pyon~!♥♥


Kitty ears~!♥ Nyan nyan chu pyon!♥


I'm a kitty chan with... bunny teeth! ww~


That was a fun review to do~ I felt so happy and magical~!♪♪ Soon I want to buy more things from Pinkly Ever After, and some Mahou Shoujo weapons~! I already have a Magical DoReMi wand, but I need more www~♥ I need to keep a lookie out for things heehee~♪
Oh! My shopping service managed to get my Milky Planet salopette~ and I also bought the cutsew and valetta~ for some reason she couldn't get my headbow? ;; I need to somehow find one.. Q^Q I'll be reviewing everything as soon as it's here~!
I hope you enjoyed the review, and thankies so very much for reading~♥
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night~!♥♥

Love and baibais from Amai~♥


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