Wednesday, 3 September 2014

♥My Book Bear! ROSY's Garden & Plushie Review!♥

 Hello everybunny!♥ I hope you're well. c: I'm really excited because I just booked another holiday!♪ Well, I'm not sure if it counts as a whole holiday.. perhaps a mini holiday. It's a weekend away with Josh at Thorpe Park for the Fright Nights that they have in October ww. Coasters are open until 10pm.*^* But I still need to blog about Tokyo before we get onto that haha. Until then, I'm very happy to bring you this post about my lovely bear, Louboutin!♥ Lou was another lovely birthday present, like the Loppys, from my brother & sister!♪ You'll see why he's called Louboutin when you see the photos. :D In fact, I think it was mum who gave me the idea for his name!

Lou was bought from another Storenvy store called "ROSY's Garden" which is another store selling plushies from UFO catchers!♪ As far as I know, there were no problems with the order at all.^^ Briefly off topic, there are currently Cinnamoroll plushies in the "Big Plushies" section, and Cinnamoroll is my boyfriend's favourite Sanrio character! I'll have to tell him!♥ Back on topic, I love the AMUSE plushies! They're so cuddly and well made, they're definitely worth the money or worth the effort on UFO catchers.♥ The only things I don't like though, are the "Classical Bears", which are clearly copies of Disney's Duffy Bear and Shellie May. >: (They even have the Hidden Mickey faces :c ) But, that's more a "dedicated & loving Duffy fan" problem than a quality issue!


Lou arrived safely & happily curled up in a sturdy cardboard box! 

He was also inside this bad for extra protection against the elements and travelling such a distance! Also the bag itself is adorable!♥ If you can't read the writing at the top, it says "Because I want to see your face with a smile", which is lovely. ; v ;♥♥

Lou also had a travel companion!♥

I think Lou's official name is "Cotton", but Louboutin suits him to a T.♪ There's also another Book Bear, which is in the picture! I'll have to buy that one sometime... if I ever manage to find room in my bedroom for more plushies. OTL I can hear my parents' voices "Nope nope nope nope".

Inside the tag.♪

And the little tag attached to him!

He's a sort of mouse bear, I think, because his ears are big & cute! This is quite a weird angle, but I wanted to show you his smile!♥ Also, his bow tie is adorable. ; v ; His fur is lovely and soft, and he's squishy and cuddly without being floppy.♪

See? His feet have red soles! Therefore, he must be called Louboutin!♥ (If you don't know, Christian Louboutin is a designer, and his shoes have signature red soles♪ Very very pretty. *^*) The embroidery on his foot is lovely too.

Here he is in full!♥ It's easier to see how he's a little mouse-like.♪ He also sits in a perfect pose for holding books to read!♥ I think Lou rather likes Dr Seuss and Beatrix Potter books.^^


Thank you ever so much for reading!^^ I hope you enjoyed meeting Lou, and I hope you'll look forward to seeing more plushie reviews in the future!♥ For a while now I've been on the lookout for a big, cute dinosaur plushie, I've got a little Spinosaurus called Arabella (I named her that before the Arctic Monkeys released their amazing song ww). But someday I look forward to reviewing a big (and cute) dinosaur!♥ 
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥

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