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♥Pote Usa Loppy! Pixie Store & Plushie Review!♥

Hello everybunny! c: I'm back from my holiday to Tokyo, but more on that in blog posts to follow!♪ In the meantime, I have some post catching up to do.♪ Today I'll be showing you my precious plushies, Pote Usa Loppys!♥ Ever since I spotted them on Tumblr and Twitter, I had to try to get them!♥♥ It was conveniently close to my birthday too, so it ended up that my boyfriend ordered two for me and my bro (brother from another mother, bestie Brian ww) got me one too! ;; v ;;♥ I can't do a review for payment etc. but I can review the shipping and the plushies themselves!♥ All three Loppys were ordered from Pixie on Storenvy, which sells a huge variety of UFO catcher plushies.♪ These flower Loppys are now out of stock, however there are different types of Loppy still available in large size as well as other plushies!♥ I forgot to mention, Loppys are made by AMUSE, who also make Alpacasso!♪
The Loppys I got were Mimipyon (pink), Chappy (beige) and Shiroppy (white with black eyes).♥

♥Bunny Package!♥

Each Loppy was ordered seperately, but the packages were all identical! This package contained the lovely Mimipyon.♥

She was squished, but unharmed in transit! The pink package was tough so it protected her well.♪

The package included a sticker (I love the artwork!♥) and an alpaca phone charm.♥♥ The other two plushie packages contained a sticker as well!

The label was on, so you could tell she's genuine!♥ There's art showing each Loppy in the Flower series.♪

Close up of pom pom alpaca! ♥

♥Bunny Plushies!♥

All three Loppys are absolutely adorable!♥ They're high quality, very well made, and most importantly, very cuddly! ;; v ;;♥♥ Their fur is super soft too, and their faces are really lovable!♥

This is Shiroppy! There were no loose threads on her or any damage at all, she was ready for hugs! ; v ;♥ She's very bright eyed and has poofy cheeks.♥

The pink gingham flower bow really suits her ; v ;♥ And if you look carefully, you can see she has rosy cheeks! They all do, it's adorable!♥ The bow and flower are securely attached to her so they don't flop or risk dropping off.

Bunny butt and dramatic bunny three-quarter profile.♪ Shiroppy's favourite food... I think it's blue hawaii shaved ice with soft serve on top!♥

She also has a Loppy label on!♪

Say hello to Chappy!♥ He also arrived very safely and happily.♪ He has a more round face than Mimipyon, he's really cute and squishy! (If you look carefully, they have different faces!)

Chappy has a lovely green bow.♪

I think Chappy's favourite food is pancakes with maple syrup, which is okay because he's a plush bunny and is allowed to eat those things, unlike real bunnies.


Last is Mimipyon!♥ She has a different pose to Shiroppy and Chappy, but she's just as adorable!♥ Her fur is a very pretty light powdery pink.♪

Mimipyon's bow is red gingham!♥ Red like the spilled blood of her enemies.

Mimipyon's favourite food is prawn cocktail flavour crisps! If they're not available, she'll settle for ketchup flavour.


Here they are all together!♥ This photo was taken before I got back from holiday, now that area of my bed is covered in plushies! :D ♥♥ Overall, they're really cuddly, lovable and adorable!♥ Pixie is also a reliable store with a lovely variety of UFO catcher plushies!♪ Sure it's not as exciting or nerve wracking or rewarding as getting to win them for yourself (it's so so fun, but that's for another post ww), but being on the other side of the world, it's a great way of getting hold of these plushies! Pixie also updates regularly with new plushies, and you can see upcoming releases on the facebook page!♪


Thank you so very much for reading, everybunny! I hope you enjoyed seeing the lovely Loppys!♥ Upcoming posts include another plushie review, a Bobon21 haul post, and gradually tons of posts from my holiday including an outfit post of all the clothes I bought!♪♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


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