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♥Bobon21 Haul & Outfits -Lovely Lavender-♥

Good evening, everybunny!♪ I hope your weekend is off to a good start. c: It's really hot at the moment, but I'm pretty happy about it because it's good practice for Tokyo!♥ 
Today's post is an outfit collection for the Bobon21 haul that arrived a few weeks ago!♪ (One arrived a few days ago, I'll try to post that soon but it might be a while because I'm off on holiday in a few days!) I'll post what pieces arrived, and then the outfits.^^ You might recognise some pieces from recent posts (especially the strawberry skirt and earrings)!♪ Maybe some people wonder why I order from Bobon21 so much? It's because it's super cute, affordable, good quality, and fits me better than most brands that I've tried! Especially Angelic Pretty, those dresses are sadly tent-ish. ; - ;
This time, I ordered a mix of Sweetie Pinup and Himekaji style pieces with a mix of pink and lavender.♥♥


♥What I Ordered♥

This dress had already been released for a while, but I finally decided to buy it!♥

Sheriff buttons? ww Also the fact that the bodice buttons and buttons on the skirt mismatch bother my mum a lot, and when she mentioned it, it bothered me too haha.. I still love it though.♪

Lots of shirring!

I felt like I needed a cropped jacket so I snapped this up to match the skirt and the jeans.♪


The bow at the back is removable.♪ In the model photos, it's also shown at the front, but I prefer it at the back in case I want to wear it with the buttons undone,

There was no way I wasn't getting this ww...♥

 It has pockets! *^*♥ And it fits my iPhone 4! I'm sure it'll fit other models too. c: The lace and print are lovely!♥

Bows at the front.♥

This is really pretty, and I love flowy tunic tops (yep, this is definitely a top!).♥

The net parts are see through, I love the polka dots too!

There's a nice simple ribbon on the front.♥

This top doesn't seem very impressive unworn, but it's a dream to wear haha. OTL It's made of a linen-ish fabric, it's so so light! Lovely for the hot weather.♥

 It has cute bow buttons and the frills on the collar and sleeves are so lovely! It's a really simple design but the frills and tie at the bottom add the perfect amount of cuteness♥ (for me, anyway c: )

 Cute jeans! *^* I bought these and wasn't confident enough to wear them at first, but I love them so much!♥ They're high waisted, which is glorious.♪


The bow details on the bottom are really cute.♥

Bow ties!♥♥♥ They have thin ribbons dropping down from them too.♪

Cute chiffon headbands.♪ I didn't order the blue version with this haul, but I did get it with the haul that arrived the other day!

The little metal heart says Bobon21!♪

There was also a necklace and bracelet, but I decided to just get the earrings for now!♥ They're suuuuper heavy, but lovely nonetheless. c:♥



Top, Skirt, Headband, Bow Tie, Earrings, Jacket → Bobon21
Shoes → DreamV Dear My Love
Shorts, Butterfly Backpack → Taobao
Glasses → eBay

I was super surprised at how short the skirt was! I'm wearing lacy shorts underneath. c: It's a really simple outfit, but really cute! Like the little details such as the headband and bowtie add the right amount of cuteness.♥ I'm not fond of piling on accessories..^^;; The backpack holds a nice amount of things, too! It also has side pockets that can hold water bottles, which is useful in the hot weather. c:

I think it'd be a nice outfit to wear in the winter too, with thick tights, a long sleeve blouse, and boots.^^

The shorts add a little poof because they're layered and lacy, but any more poof would look a little odd, given the shortness.;;

I love the jacket!♥ It sits nicely above the skirt.^^

The little ribbons coming off the bow ties are a nice detail.♥ The bow tie straps can also be adjusted so you can wear it with pieces that don't have such a wide neckline.♪

Simple makeup.♪



Crop top, Skinny jeans, Headband, Earrings → Bobon21
Shoes → Liz Lisa (Note: they're not official official, since they're factory rejects OTL but don't tell them that it might hurt their self-esteem because they're actually lovely)
Butterfly backpack → Taobao

Time for the lovely jeans to shine!♪ They're really comfy.♥ Generally I get Bobon21 things in size S (when they offer different sizes), but I got these jeans in M to accommodate my annoying thighs OTL It was a wise decision! They work so well with the crop top! *^*♥♥ Though... the crop top works with a lot of things ;; v ;;♥

I'd really like some purple platform shoes to go with these and my other purple things, maybe I'll pick some up in Tokyo.♪ (I'd really like the Swankiss platforms but I can't really afford them or find them right now ww)

The jacket matches this too!♪ Sadly the bust on it is quite big on me, and it's more noticable when wearing it with the jeans rather than the skirt. ;;

Boop, tummy button ww.

Same makeup as before.♪ On a only slightly related note, I'm not sure if I'm enjoying have striped hair enough to keep it.. ; v ; Hopefully I'll be re-bleaching it just before I go on holiday. Also having short hair is awesome when it comes to dangly earrings. :D



 Top, Shorts, Tights, Earrings, Socks → Bobon21
Handbag → Ted Baker
Shoes → Liz Lisa
Necklace → Yume Kanzashi
Sunhat → Bodyline

This outfit is so nice for hot weather. >v< The top is so flowy!♥ I managed to put a ladder in the lovely tights already, but luckily it's high up and on the inside of the leg, and surprisingly unnoticeable! Phew.♪ The top is really comfortable, in fact I've never had anything from Bobon21 that's uncomfortable!♥ It's worth paying the little extra compared to some similar things on Taobao, even if it's just for the fact the fabric isn't itchy and the dresses have lining etc. Not that the cheaper stuff isn't cute! But... my skin is sensitive and itchy things are a big no no ww

I have a thing for straw hats, I have a straw cloche on its way to me.♪

I think I'll wear this outfit for a cute date on holiday!♥ Not a theme park date though haha.. I don't fancy wearing a flowy top whilst trying to get in and out of coaster restraints ww



Top, Bow Tie, Shorts, Socks, Headband, Earrings → Bobon21
Handbag → Ted Baker
Shoes → Liz Lisa

This is more of a theme park outfit ww well, minus the headband and earrings! I think they usually ask you to remove jewellery on coasters & some flat rides. On some in Japan, I've heard they even get you to remove your shoes! I've found that this top is so simple and cute that it goes with so many pieces!♥ I'm even considering buying another when I have some spare money, simple because it's so versatile and comfortable.♪

It's simple but cute!♪ It's nice to have some totally flat shoes (well, they're platforms but they're not heels! ww) for more walking around. Though I'm lucky that the heels I have are comfy. c:

Of course, if I was wearing this as a theme park outfit, I wouldn't wear falsies! They might fly off during a loop or something www... On another note, I'm happy with how my eyeliner turned out!♪

Thank you so very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this review/outfit collection!♥ I'm trying to get some posts ready to post at different points during my holiday, and then I'll be blogging about my holiday!♪ I'll have a crazy amount of things to post since it's almost 3.5 weeks long ww ^^;;; If you'd like to follow my adventure while I'm out there, you can follow my twitter @Elizabunnii and like my facebook page → , where I'll be posting little snippets and fun things that I find!♪ It might be a while before I can post full posts about the places I visit after all ww.
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. Lovely post as always ♥ I can't wait to do a Bobon21 haul at Christmas, everything they sell is adorable!! Have fun on your holiday!!


    1. Where can I buy bobon21 stuff? ;-;

  2. Your outfits are so cute, I love everything you wear! I was also wondering if you could tell me which shipping service you use?

  3. Oh gosh!! I definitely need to get myself some bobon21 stuff!! Do you just order through taobao??
    You look gorgeous, I love the first outfit the most!!
    Belle xox

  4. Awww so cute @__@ I love everything especially the berry skirt <3

    ~ Sann

  5. All of the outfits are well put together but my favorite was the first purple one. I love the shape it gives.

  6. I love your style! I feel a big online shop coming on now I have some outfit inspiration. But sshhhh.... lets not tell my fiance, I'm supposed to be saving :P

  7. May i ask how do you buy in Bobon21??
    I love the long waist jeans!! <3


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