Sunday, 20 July 2014

♥MyMelody School Bag from Cosmates!♥

Happy Sunday everybunny!♪  I hope you're well, I've been busy packing and preparing the last few things for my holiday.♥ Just over a week to go now. c: 
Today I'm really happy to bring you a post about a wonderful gift I received! ; v ; ♥
The lovely store Cosmates sent me a super cute MyMelody school bag, like the one I use with my kogal outfits! ;; v ;;♥♥ When they told me about it, I was so so excited and felt so lucky!♥ MyMelody is one of my favourite Sanrio characters.♥ It's really so very kind of them, so a huge huge thank you to Cosmates for my adorable MyMelody school bag!^^♥♥

A little about Cosmates → you can find so many cute pieces in this store such as seifuku & other school uniforms, maid costumes, cosplay, lolita pieces, accessories, and even shimapan!♪

♥The Bag♥

They were kind enough to send it by EMS, so it arrived very quickly!♥ Thank you so much!♪

MyMelo in the corner♪

Here it is out of the packaging, there's MyMelody embroidery on the corner and a pass case attached!♥

It seems very sturdy!(Since the straps are stitched down to the bottom, they seem extra secure^^) I'm hoping to use this as my hand luggage bag for my holiday.^^♪

 Pass case front and back details.♪ I can use it for my Suica card in Tokyo! Suica is like London's Oyster card, except it can be used on most trains and can be used in conbini and at vending machines too.^^

The mark of official Sanrio merchandise! *^*♥

I opened up the bag to see the interior, and there were more gifts inside!♥ Thank you so much Cosmates!^O^

The interior print is leopard print with MyMelo.♪ (I'm a bit of a sucker for leopard print ww ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ)

Print closeup. c: 

Close up of the other lovely gifts! ;; v ;; ♥♥

I added my fluffy fauxfur tail keyring to the bag too.^^♪



MyMelody School Bag, Cardi → Cosmates
Seifuku → SpreePicky (use my code Elizabunnii for a discount on your order!^^♪)
Headband → Bobon21
Shoes → Bodyline
Legwarmers → eBay
Shellie May Pouch → Tokyo DisneySea (through a shopping service)

At the moment, it's way too hot for a kogal outfit with the cardi and legwarmers! I still love wearing the outfit though, it'll be a lot easier in winter.♪ The bag is a really nice size, and is still practical while having the cute MyMelo decorations!♥ (I love practical and cute things c: )

 The bag is very comfortable to wear on the arm or shoulder.♪ Personally I prefer it on my shoulder, though depending on how heavy it is or what's inside, it might be more comfy to carry it a different way.^^

 Hopefully in Tokyo I'll buy more cute keychains to put on my bag.♥

I used two falsies on each eye!♪ I thought I'd try it since I got the lovely sets with my school bag.^^♥ (Also cheesy smile ww)

I used my Etude House teardrop liner under my eyes and my TonyMoly bunny gloss.♪


MyMelody School Bag → Cosmates
Seifuku, Shoes → Bodyline
Headband, Thighhighs → Bobon21

This outfit is a lot easier to wear in summer!♪ Much lighter ww You could wear knee socks instead of over the knee.^^ Though I prefer over the knee because they don't make me look so short ww. It's a comfy outfit for a warm day, but would be just as lovely in colder weather with a cardi or jumper.^^


 Woah, almost half decent face selcas! (* ; ω ; *) I can't wait to use the pass case for my Suica card!♥

Almost! ;; v ;; ♥ Also I love this headband, and the purple one! The blue one is now on its way.♪

 Thank you so very much for reading, and a super big thank you to Cosmates for the MyMelo school bag and the lovely lashes and socks too! ; v ; ♥ I love them!♥ 
I'm going to try to post a few more things before my holiday. c: Luckily there's not much more to do now since almost everything is packed and plans are... planned!♪♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. Oh Eliza! You are so adorable!!!!
    Such super cute outfits and I love your eye-make-up! I really hope I can learn to do mine that cute soon :D
    Love Belle xox

  2. 27.april 2013
    meid costume452
    cat ear color
    pink? white?
    im from japan!


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