Tuesday, 1 July 2014

♥Say Hello to.. Sweetie Pinup Style! (Pinup x Kawaii)♥

Hello everybunny!♥ I hope you're absolutely peachy!(*^ ^*) I'm sorry for the delay in making this post, I've had a few sponsored posts to do before this.♪ But now I can get a wiggle on with this and hopefully you'll enjoy all the outfits!♥

Sweetie Pinup style is simple!♪ It's a mix of the pinks, frills and pastels that come with a lot of kawaii styles, and the amazing pinup style.♥ Of course.. I don't have the booty or bust or face for pinup, as much as I'd love that... OTL So I decided to give it a cute spin!♪ I'm really into mixing retro/vintage with kawaii, like with flappie!♥
I wasn't sure about doing this style at first, because I'm showing a lot more skin than I'm used to as well as my awful thighs (but I can imagine they're like Chun Li's, right? I mean, they're muscular after all..). ;; But I hope you'll enjoy the outfits!♥ This isn't as much of a "set" style as flappie, and a little more difficult for me (because flapper style was all about looking as boyish as possible, girls even bound their chests to make them look flatter!) but I think I did okay.^^ Also, all of the outfits in this post are using pieces from one of my recent Bobon21 hauls.♥ Another arrived the other day, but I haven't had a chance to do photos for that yet.^^;;


Dungarees → New Look
Crop top, Thighhigs → Bobon21
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)

At the moment, this crop top is my number one sweetie pinup piece!♥ I'm in the process of acquiring more, and in the other Bobon21 haul that arrived the other day, another top that's parfait for pinup arrived!♥ It was nice to wear my dungarees again, I had barely worn them since last summer, when I wore them so so much.^^;; Though this year I have a much larger variety of summer clothes!♥♥ These thighhighs are really comfy and flattering, they don't make the awkward thigh muffin top.

 No false lashes! *^*♪ Though I'm not sure how I managed such a good shape with my eyeliner, my shaky hands tend to dictate how it will look. OTL I want to try my best to get a shape almost this good again soon.♪♪

My eyebrows are naturally a lot darker, but I use Etude House's "Color My Brows"!♥ I want to try more pinup hairstyles too! But short curls work really well with headbands like this!^^ Ah yes, all of these outfits are with my real hair, no wigs, no extensions etc.♪



Skirt, Crop top, Thighhighs → Bobon21
Shoes, Bunny ear clip → Bodyline

This outfit also makes use of magical flattering thighhighs! (yay♪) This outfit is kinda... maid-ish too, though still nice and casual.♥ I don't think you're supposed to wear a bra with this crop top, hence the halterneck top underneath, but I wore mine anyway with all the outfit, and just attempted to hide the straps.^^;

 The bunny ear clip is so cute ;; v ;; Unless it's an OTT lolita coord, full blown ears are a no-no for me, personally.OTL So I like having the bunny ear effect with the clip.♥

Magical thighhighs! They're also not too lacy, just some plain lace at the top and little satin bows at the side.♥

Big eye makeup c: ♥ Of course, I'm wearing falsies with this haha. ;; I also tried a pink lipstick! I generally avoid lipstick because it looks silly on me, but I think this worked okay.^^;

This crop top is brilliant because I don't need boobs for it to work!♪ I keep finding cute bustiers, but alas, they have "breast" as a requirement. As silly as it may sound, I'm considering getting an invisible padded gel push up bra thing so I can fill them haha. ;; I'd rather add boob than try to bind boob when I want to wear boystyle.^^;;;



Crop top, Shorts → Bobon21
Handbag → Ted Baker
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)

Sorry for my awkward muscle thighs (this is what years of martial arts and cycling will do I guess, but yeah.. Chun Li! OTL) ;; o ;; but in a way, these shorts make me a little more comfortable with them.. ; v ;''♥ The only problem is, they're pretty roomy around the waist haha..;; Anyway, I think this is probably my favourite!♥ The shorts have neat hearts cut out of the sides!♥♥

Obligatory salute pose haha.♪

I love this handbag, it seems to go with pretty much everything I own! ; v ; It's probably going to accompany me most places in Tokyo.♪

Heart cut out!♥

 This headband is kind of the same as the clip in the last outfit.♥ Bunny ear, but not bunny ear ww. c:

More falsies and lipstick! c: Actually, it's the same makeup and the last outfit haha. ;; The second selca is dorktastic. ovo;;

Bonus♪ I featured this outfit in my Yume Kanzashi review recently, but it fits this post too so here are just a few photos.^^♥ 


Crop top, Tights → Bobon21
Kanzashi clip, Necklace → Yume Kanzashi
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Skirt → Taobao

I hope you enjoyed this style post!♥♥ Thank you so so much for reading, I really appreciate your support!(*^ ^*)♥ As well as flappie, you'll be seeing a lot more sweetie pinup outfits in the future!♥♥ I also have some plans for more retro/vintage x kawaii styles, but they'll probably be kept until after my holiday so I can get some more pieces together. c:♥
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. You look adorable girl! *o* ♥

  2. omg too darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Really cute outfits ♥ Reminds me I need to do a Bobon21 haul at Christmas, their clothes are adorable.

  4. May I say I envy your legs? Tighs included XD And the outfits are just the sweetest, like this style really suits you *^*

  5. Seriously too cute! Such an adorable take on the style - loving that crop top. And your thighs are lovely, so don't be so self conscious <3

    L. Figment
    Good Morning Angel.


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