Thursday, 10 April 2014

♥Himekaji Dress!♥

Hello everybunny!♥ I hope you're peachy!♪ 
A few weeks ago I bought a cute himekaji dress and flapper dress.♥ I didn't plan on buying them, but I spotted them one day and just had to pick them up ww.♥♥ So today I have a small outfit post with the himekaji dress.^^ I'll make an outfit soon with the flapper dress, but I just need a few more accessories. c:
♥The Dress♥

 It's not as light pink as the stock photo which is a shame, but it's still adorable!♥ (Maybe the stock photo used a lightening filter?) It's a really cute shape, with no waist, so a little like an empire line.♪ I love them because they seem to work really well with my figure! ; u; I bought this in blue in my most recent haul so soon I'll have both colours ww. ; v;♥

I love the bodice part so so much!♥ The pinktucks and buttons are super cute, as is the collar. ; u;  The dress also came with a detachable bow, which is pinned to the bottom of the bodice part in the stock photo, but it could be pinned on the collar like a bow tie!♥♥

The see-through fabric has a really cute & delicate polka dot pattern.♥ 

The dress has a satiny part inside, which is good because the outer fabric with the grid pattern has see-through parts ww. It's really soft, wheras the outer fabric isn't so soft. Though it might get a little softer are a couple washes?

 It's very short! It's kind of like a long top? So it works best with a notso poofy petti or shorts or bloomers.^^ I'm wearing it with the Bobon21 pettiskirt that I got from SpreePicky.♪ It also looks a lot better worn, it seems to go a tad strange when laid flat, which I'm guessing is because of its shape?



Dress, Wig → Taobao
Pettiskirt → Bobon21 (from SpreePicky)
Accessories → Candy Geisha, Rara's Jewels, offbrand.
Shellie May pouch → Tokyo DisneySea (from a shopping service)
Handbag → River Island
Shoes → Bodyline
Socks → offbrand

I'm sorry that Duffy Bear and Shellie May get in every outfit ww I just love them so much and the pouch goes well with so many outfits.; u;♥ I'm actually hoping to get tons more Duffy & Shellie May merchandise and accessories when I go to Tokyo DisneySea this summer.♥♥
The handbag matches the colour of the dress really well! They're both a sort of salmon pastel pink, rather than a baby pastel pink.^^;

 The shape of the dress is perfect, and it fits so so well!♥♥ I feel really lucky when things fit as well as this, so I'm really excited for the clothes in my Taobao haul to arrive!♪

It's quite a simple outfit, and I think even as it gets warmer it won't be too much of a problem that it has sleeves, since they're thin!♥

 Simple makeup for himekaji, but the falsies are still here. ; u;♥♥ I'd like to get a blonder bob wig soon.^^♪

Alternative hairstyle!♪ The bunny ear scrunchie matches the colour of the dress perfectly!♥ I think it works well with the wig colour too, though I think this wig makes the outfit look a little different? c: ♪

Natural hair plus wearing the bow as a bow tie!♥ Sadly my hair was being fussy and wouldn't style so well for this so I popped a headband on, but I'd like to see how it looks with a curlier hairstyle!♥

Thank you so much for reading, everyone!♥ I hope you enjoyed today's post, and I hope you'll look forward to future posts.^^♪ I paid the shipping for my Taobao haul this evening so it should hopefully only be a couple weeks until it's here. c: ♪♪ I'm thinking of ordering some more DreamV things next week if I have money leftover after I pay my fees for my Japan trip (even though my other DreamV things aren't here yet). ;v;
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. aww such cute dress*^* and you look so pretty^^ great outfit :3

  2. Awww this dress is so cute!! I love your outfits so much!
    But when you're looking for cloths on taobao, which words do you type? Something like "cute dress pink"?

  3. the dress look good on you. so kawaii! pretty pink color <3



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