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♥Taobao Haul & Bhiner Review♥

Hello everybunny!♪ I hope you're well.♥ I have a few things to talk about, but I'll save that for an update post or something!♪♪
Today I'm finally going to post about the huge haul I bought in preparation of my holiday to Tokyo! I need plenty of cute clothes for my three weeks there, and it's going to be super hot so I need to make sure I stay cool.^^ The shopping service I used this time is one called "Bhiner", I really recommend it to people who are maybe not used to using Taobao, or those who just want to order quickly and easily! It's a very convenient service, since you just get the link of the product you want, paste it, and it will appear on the Bhiner page with a converted price and translated size/colour etc. options!^^♥
You then add it to the basket, and once you've put everything you want to buy into it, everything then gets ready to be quoted!♪ The staff at Bhiner check the price, the stock, and whether the seller is trusted etc. then you get an email when everything is quoted.♪ After that you pay by topping your account up with money and then entering your shipping details!♪ 
As each product arrives at Bhiner, they will take a photo of it for you!♥ It's super handy, and you can check that the colour is correct and such.^^ Once everything arrives, the staff weigh and pack the package according to the shipping method you specified when you paid for the products. Then you get the shipping quote!♥
My Order

  • I sent my order for quoting on April 3rd.♪
  • On April 4th I made the first payment.
  • Then I had fun watching everything arrive and seeing all the photos, it's quite exciting!♪♪
  • By the 10th April, everything has arrived so I just needed to wait on the shipping quote.
  • April 11th arrived, and I paid for the shipping!
For the shipping, I chose AirmailHK! It's a lot faster than AirmailCN in my experience.^^ You can see information about the various shipping methods on Bhiner, they have some neat guides and help pages. c:
  • Around the 25th April, everything arrived!♥
The box was sealed really well, though sadly I bought so so much that even reducing the declared amout to the smallest realistic amount still incurred customs charges ww

So many clothes inside! *-*♥

Lots and lots and lots!♪♪

By the way, for this review I'll just be showing the clothes and then I'll show the outfits in themed posts (like himekaji, casual, romagyaru etc.), since there are just so many ww ; u ;♪

The Clothes

First up... lacy tights ; u ; ♥ I pretty much always wear tights, since I really hate my legs. ;; (My circulation is really bad so they often go blotchy or weird colours and blegh. ><;; ) These looked really pretty, and I thought they'd be really pretty with my himekaji things.^^

 I've bought so many pink things, so I thought I'd start adding a little blue to my wardrobe!♥ This dress is really simple & cute, so I thought it would be simple to coordinate and wear when I don't feel like going all out with an outfit.^^

More blue!♥ This is a simple top with a lovely printed lace (roses yay!♥) and cotton lining. There also a really cute chiffon peplum.♪

I probably should have bought myself something like these ages ago because oh my gosh I use them with so many outfits!♥ There are layers of eyelet lace and crochet lace.^^♥♥


 A summery dress with a sailor collar! ; u ; ♥♥ Super perfect! ;v; ♥ I love waistless and dropped waist pieces!♪ It's really vintage style too, the sailor collar and lack of tailoring/looseness is super 20s.♥(The 'vintage' style will probably come across more when I post the outfit!♪) Sadly the bow didn't come with a pin or anything, and was quite misshapen, so I pinned it on and into shape with some safety pins.^^ The whole dress is a floral lace layer over an underdress, I absolutely adore it! ; v ; ♥♥

Close-up of the floral lace ; v ;♥ The little buttons are cute little decorations.♪

Sailor collar close-up!^^

Following on from the last dress, you can probably guess why I picked out this one! ; u ; ♥ It's really flapper style, and when it's work it's super bouncy too! Of course, it's not totally accurate to the flapper style since it's much shorter than the dresses would have been, and many dresses didn't have sleeves, but I still absolutely adore it!♥

The lace along the hemline is really pretty!♥ There's an underdress with tulle around the hem which peeks out at the bottom.^^♪

Art deco patterns! ; u ; This dress is perfectly patterned and shaped, and I don't think it's even supposed to be flapper style haha.^^♥♥

This super cute blouse caught my eye because of the floral lace part!♥ It's really cute and fits perfectly, but the only downside is that the lace was quite itchy, so I've soaked it in a mix of warm water and fabric conditioner a few times to soften it up.^^

This top is a little strange, because it's a short sleeved sweater with a chiffon layer and lace trims! It's really pretty (more florals, oops!♥) and caught my eye because it says "sprout" which is what my mum has often called me since I was little ww 

The letters and numbers are made of lace!♥ Also more roses, because I can never have enough clothes with florals/roses on. ; u ;♥

I had been wanting cute shorts like this for a while, but was always too scared to get them.. ; - ; But I saw these and they were pretty cheap, so I thought if my legs look too bad in them, not too much money will be wasted. ; v ; But... I actually really like them!♥ They even have pockets.♪

Pocket close-up!♥ Though the flap part doesn't open, there's a pocket behind it.^^

But sadly these ones are fake pockets. ; o ;''

 This is super gorgeous, though I didn't think much when buying it because it's not really a colourway that matches other things I have, oops. ; v ; The floral fabric is gorgeous though, it reminds me a little of William Morris' designs.♥ The bodice is really pretty and comes up to the underbust line, and it fits perfectly.♪ Something like this needs to be quite fitted, so I'm so happy that it's not awkwardly baggy! It's so pretty, and there are pockets too!♥

The front buttons up, and below the buttons is a zip.♪ It's not a garment that can be slipped on, since it's so fitted. (I usually find myself bypassing zips and buttons on clothes haha... ; v ; )

There are little bows on the booty ww♥

Maybe if you've read my blog before, this dress will be familiar!♪ I bought the pink version a while ago and loved it so much that I decided to get the blue version too!♥

I also bought the shorts that match each dress.^O^♥♥ They have satiny inner shorts so they're lovely and comfy to wear.^^♪


This top is really cute and comfy, but sadly it's quite see-through.. ; o ;'' It's really flowy & pretty but I'll probably wear a matching vest or crop top underneath.^^

The lace is super cute though!♥

Thank you so much for reading!♥ If you're going to use the Bhiner shopping service, I hope it goes super well for you!^^ I already have another order arriving from them and two orders placed with them ww. >u < ♥ The outfit posts will gradually be on their way, as well as a lot more posts.^^ I hope you'll look forward to them.♥
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. Aaaaa I really really want to know where did you buy the tights and all that dresses?
    May I know the seller or link?

    All those items are gorgeous I'm in loveee

  2. Although I'm not ordering clothing from taobao through Bhiner, thanks to your review I understand the website so much better! Thanks a bunch! The clothing is so cute too!!!! (I also liked popping the bubbles on your page kekeke)


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