Saturday, 7 June 2014

♥Cosmates Mini Haul!♥

 Hello everybunny!♥ I hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far.♪
Over the next week, I apologise if I seem to be making too many reviews! ; o ; It's just that the World Cup is coming up, and I also have lots and lots of reviews to do. OTL I hope you'll enjoy them though. c: By the way, do you like my new blog header? I'm changing things around on here gradually, I'll also be changing thw sidebars a little and trying to tidy things up.♥
Today I'll be showing you what I bought from Cosmates recently! Cosmates is a Japanese store that sells cute cosplay, maid outfits, school uniforms, and lolita pieces.♪ They ship internationally and stock a variety of brands! (*^ ^*)♥ Sadly a few things I ordered were out of stock... ; v ;'' Oh! When you order, you can get two free boxes of false lashes, so four pairs!♪

What I bought♥

 This is from Bodyline (Cosmates stocks Bodyline) but I couldn't see it on the site, so I ordered it from Cosmates instead. ; v ;

A lacy frilly scrunchie!♥ 

 This is another Bodyline headband.♪ I was probably just being stupid and didn't see this in the site too, but either way, I have it. OvO ♥

I bought this to go with a seifuku I ordered, but sadly it was sold out. ; v ; Luckily this goes with other clothes that I have.♥

 This caught my eye because it's actually a dress!♥ Almost all of my seifuku skirts have safety pins in the to hold them up, but there's no need for that with this one, yay. ; v ; ♥♥ It's got kind of a Sailor Moon vibe to it too.♪



Seifuku dress → Cosmates
Hairbow, Sock → eBay
Shoes → Bodyline

I just realised how low cut the top is, oops.. ; v ;'' Usually seifuku have the little triangle of material between the collar, but I guess this one doesn't.^^; It's a little roomy, but it's not so big that it looks silly. (Though I do think it might be a bit long on me? ;; v ;; ) It's really comfortable and the quality is really really good!♥ The neck bow is really cute too. I made a bow hairstyle and added a little hairbow for decoration.♪ I'm also wearing a pair of the false lashes I got!♥♥


The roots on my hair are really bad right now, sorry ;; v ;;  I can't decide whether to grow my natural colour out or to rebleach haha. ; v ;''



Sweatervest → Cosmates
Skirt, Neckbow, Shoes → Bodyline
Shirt → (It's actually my lil bro's school shirt. He's 10. Yeah, I know.)
Shellie May Pouch → Tokyo Disney Sea (Shopping service)
Socks → Offbrand

It was pretty warm when I took these photos, so please excuse the lack of loose socks! ;; v ;; Now it's warmer, I probably won't be doing the whole cardigan/loose socks thing, but that's something that I'll look forward to in Autumn!♪ This sweatervest is exactly the same as my other one, just pink! It's super comfy and the right sort of roomy!♥♥ I think it would look cute over a shirt and skinny jeans, or baggy tailored shorts.♥

Oh! By the way, a lot of pieces that Cosmates stocks come in different sizes!♪♪ So most things cater to a range of sizes, yay! ♥
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this blog post. c: ♥ My new flappie dresses and gingham skirts arrived last week, but I have a few reviews to do before I get to those.♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


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