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♥Sponsored: Yume Kanzashi Review!♥

Hello everybunny!♥ I hope you're peachy! c: Approx. one month and one week until Tokyo.. woah. I'll post my Tokyo plans next week when there's only one month left!♪
Today I'm really happy to bring you a review of the gorgeous store, Yume Kanzashi!
 Click the banner to visit the store!♪ Click here to visit the Facebook page.♥

The owner creates lovely handmade accessories inspired by kanzashi, the traditional hair ornaments worn by geisha and maiko.♥
"The style of Kanzashi created at Yume Kanzashi, is Hana Tsumami Kanzashi – Folded Flower Kanzashi, where each petal is hand folded using traditional origami techniques to create every flower to the highest standard." (From the Yume Kanzashi website♥)

A huge thank you to the lovely owner Marianne for sending me such beautiful accessories to review! (When she asked me if I'd like to do a review for her store I was so excited because everything is so so gorgeous! Make sure to check out the store.^^♥♥)
The Products

The package was safely and securely sealed. It was also really cutely wrapped in brown paper and my address was written on Hello Kitty paper!♥♥

I was so so impressed when I unwrapped the package! It's packaged so well and the ribbon is even special Yume Kanzashi ribbon!♪

Flipping over the little box revealed a beautiful flower!♥ I was super excited to open it. ; v ;

Both accessories were in pretty silver pouches.♥

Both accessories are absolutely wonderful!♥ The left is a necklace with a flower inside, and the right is a kanzashi hair clip.♪

The necklace is so so beautiful! ;; v ;;♥♥ The cherry blossom flower inside is handmade and also has a little pearl in the centre.♪ The resin is really smooth with no chips or bumbs, and the necklace chain is securely attached. It's about 3cm wide, so it's not a tiny accessory that just disappears into an outfit, it stands out nicely.^^
You can buy it here.♪ It comes in a variety of colours.^^

This kanzashi clip has some of my favourite things: Hello Kitty, strawberries and gingham!♥♥ It's adorable, but not too in-your-face adorable, which is great. ; v ;♥ The back has an allicator clip which is securely glued on. It's also hidden, so you can't see it when looking at the kanzaship from the front.♥
You can find it here!♪

Close up of the flower's centre.♥ I really love the mix of the satin fabric and the non-shiny Hello Kitty fabric, and the pearly decoration in the centre really tops it off!^^♪ The folds are so neat, ahh it's such a gorgeous accessory! ;; v ;;♥

Even the business card is beautiful!♥ (I'm a sucker for this sort of font ww)

And hey, here are the links again! c: ♥

Worn Photos


Kanzashi, Necklace → Yume Kanzashi
Crop top, Tights, Earrings → Bobon21
Skirt → Taobao
Shoes → Bodyline

These accessories were the perfect chance to put together a Summery Strawberry Shake outfit! *^*♥ The accessories are just the right size to stand out, but not too big so they're comfy to wear too!♪ I really love how the kanzashi in particular is on the line between cute and fancy/elegant with the cute fabric but the intricate & elegant design♥, so it works with the "Sweetie Pinup" style I'm trying out here!♥ (Actually, you'll see more of this style soon, just like Flappie, it's one of my big styles at the moment! *^*♥♥) The gingham and strawberries on the clip match the outfit perfectly, and the necklace really stands out from the heart on the crop top!♥ (I love these accessories and this outfit so much ;; v ;;♥♥)

 I wasn't sure if it would work with the sweetie pinup style at first, but I really like how it looks! It's a nice alternative to the regular bunny ear style bow or regular bow.♪

 The kanzashi would also be really cute with yukata, of course!^^ I was reading about foreigners wearing yukata the other evening, as there are a few matsuri around Tokyo that I'm hoping to go to, and I'd love to be able to wear a yukata for them, but wasn't sure if it would be appropriate. However, it seems that the general opinion is people are really cool with it, even quite happy about it as long as you're wearing it properly and with respect.^^ So I'm looking forward to hopefully experiencing a part of traditional Japanese culture!♪

 The kanzashi sits really nicely in my hair, it's so light!♪ It didn't wobble around while I was wearing it either, which is something that usually puts my off wearing large accessories, and because it's so light it doesn't tug on my hair uncomfortably. (My roots are getting super long but I'm trying to wait until just before my holiday to re-dye them ww ; v ; )

Once again, thank you so much to Yume Kanzashi for the gorgeous accessories, I've really enjoyed wearing & reviewing them!♥ Thank you also for reading, I hope you enjoyed this blog post!♥ Please check out the Yume Kanzashi store and take a look at all the beautiful accessories.^^♪
I hope you'll look forward to future blog posts!♥
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥

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