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♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Day 2 Part 2 (Asakusa and Tokyo Skytree)♥

 Hello everybunny!♪ Welcome to part 2 of the day 2 report! c: 

Here's a brief recap of part 1→
♪We went to Ueno Zoo
♪I went to pick up the Tokyo Disney Resort tickets from the kind shopping service owner
♪It was quite a kerfuffle to get there though
♪Josh & Jen spent time looking at the rest of the zoo

I met up with Josh & Jen near these pretty fountains! We were going to go to one of the museums but since I had such a delay, we decided to head straight to Asakusa.♪

Heading back to Ueno station. Whenever we were walking around, there was always something interesting and new to look at. London is a city too, but very different to Tokyo. The city near here looks like a town in comparison to Tokyo ww

Everything is so nice & orderly in Japan. I noticed that pretty much everyone waits at crossings even if there's no car coming, which was strange since over here people just cross the road if there's no traffic nearby.^^;

When we arrived at Asakusa, we spotted the Asahi beer hall with the golden poop on top www

The Skytree! It was a beautiful day with a lovely clear sky, but we felt like we might self-combust at any moment.

Senso-ji, it's an ancient Buddhist temple in Asakusa. This building is the Honzomon.

Josh was hungry so he picked up some takoyaki. 
And proceeded to burn his mouth because he didn't wait for it to cool down. OTL

Senso-ji was amazing, but incredibly busy. So very very busy.;; So we had a look around, but didn't stay very long. We would have stayed longer if it weren't so crowded, but it was super hot and super crowded. I'm so glad we got to visit here though.

The five story pagoda.

There were some very pretty gardens surrounding the temple.

After we looked around the temple, we each got some shaved ice! It was so refreshing.♥ Near here we could see Hanayashiki, which claims to be the oldest theme park in Japan. We decided against going, since we wanted to get to Skytree. We were hoping to go later in the holiday but never got the chance, but maybe one day I'll get there. c:

Golden poop again ww

After sightseeing in Asakusa, we took a short train journey to the Skytree.♪

The view from the train was lovely!

There was a Gundam Café stand!

I love space stuff, so thought this was pretty cool. c:

We weren't sure if we wanted to go up the Skytree, so we headed into the shopping mall, Solamachi. We couldn't make heads or tails of the map, I have a feeling we were too tired from the heat www so we just wandered in.♪

There was a character goods store, and when we walked in there was a Pokemon event happening! It was Pokemon bingo! Everyone shouted together 'Seino! Pokemon Bingo!'♪♪ We didn't take part this time, but we had a chance later in the holiday! (Though we didn't realise it at this time ww)

Rilakkuma store!♥ It was super cute, I bought quite a lot ww

Pokemon short "Pikachu Kore Nan No Kagi?" poster!

I think this was a poster for a Pokemon episode that was being shown in the planetarium.♪

There was a shop full of Shonen Jump series merch.♪


We stopped for a rest, and I got a milkshake.♥
Afterwards, we decided we were super tired and retreated to the hotel to rest.♪ I think again, we just had something like an onigiri from the konbini for dinner OTL It was too hot and we were too tired for anything else. We did go to a nearby shop on this evening though, where we found some large bottles of juice! So we got one to keep in our hotel room fridge.♪ I really recommend doing this on holiday if you can! 
Thank you for reading!♥ I hope you enjoyed this trip report and I hope you'll enjoy day 3, which will include a theme park trip report!♪♪

Have a lovely day♪

Love, Eliza♥

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