Saturday, 7 March 2015

♥Bobon21 Haul & Outfits ~ Fluffy Winter♥

Hello everybunny!♥ How are you? The days are getting sunnier & lighter which is super great for outfit photos ; 7 ;♥ Hopefully the weather will start to be kinder too. I'd like to go out and start to do light jogging or skipping before my holiday so I can tone up. >< If it's light exercise then hopefully it won't make my chest hurt too much. ; v ; I got this Bobon21 haul a while ago, though there hasn't been many Bobon21 winter pieces that have appealed to me but hopefully the Spring collections will be more to my tastes!♥

♥What I ordered♥

Faux thighhigh tights!♪ I got the black and white pair for my Simon Blackquill genderbend cosplay. I've kind of put it off for a while though since there aren't any upcoming events I'll be going to. May MCM is coming up but that's on the weekend I'm coming back from Japan www

Cable knit turtle neck sweater♥

The shoulders have parts cut out ww It kind of defeats the object of having a warm jumper, and I'll admit my shoulders get chilly, but it looks neat.♪

Alice in Wonderland blouse♥

Really cute details!

Cute embroidery on the collar

and more cute embroidery!


Faux fur trim shorts with braces♥ 
It has pockets at the front, which are a decent size!

Heart pockets at the back too♪

The lacing at the front with the chiffon ribbon and pompoms is really cute♥

There are also little hearts on each side of the lacing.

Fluffy sukapan♥

The fluffy layer is so soft ;; v ;;♥

There are cute details on the waist band♪

Shoulder bow top♥
At least, I think it's a top. It's quite thick but also quite fitted, so I don't think you'd want to wear anything heavier than a camisole underneath.

It has cute cable knit patterns, but isn't knitted at all! It's a pretty garment, but quite strange ww

The shoulder bows are really pretty♥ The top looks cute worn on the shoulder as well as off shoulder.♪ Personally I prefer it on my shoulders. ; v ;



Jumper, shorts, tights → Bobon21
Shoes → Liz Lisa 

This jumper is incredibly snuggly & warm apart from the shoulders which get rather chilly ww. It's really long too, so it'd be cute as a onepiece! I don't think that would suit me though.. The shorts are really big on me, especially around the hips & waist but wearing the jumper over the top means it doesn't show ww♪

I did put together an outfit with this jumper & skinny jeans and it was pretty awesome but for some reason I never took any photos for my blog oops. OTL

The shoulder gap is pretty big, I mean I love how it looks but.. chilly shoulders ahah.. ; 7 ; Perhaps it would look cute with a long sleeved tee underneath? If you're not a fan of really baggy clothes you probably wouldn't like this jumper so much. I love baggy jumper though ;; v ;;♥

Messy hair♪ I finally dragged my sorry butt to the salon the other day and I regret cutting it so short because I quite enjoyed it in this dolly-ish style.(I should have just had it tidied up ;; )



Blouse, shorts, tights, choker, bow tie → Bobon21
Shoes → Liz Lisa

Please ignore the ill fit of the shorts. ;; v ;; They still go nicely with the outfit though. ; 7 ;♥ They're really thick and warm, so really good for winter. I doubt they'd be practical as of mid-spring though. It's a shame that when I put these outfits together I didn't have my varsity jacket from Secret Honey, I think it would have matched pretty well.♥

The pockets are great. ; v ; The heart pockets on the back are also real pockets. Though I'm not really a fan of keeping things in back pockets since it's not so secure. ' ^'

Simple makeup with false eyelashes as always.♪ Sorry my makeup is so boring. OTL I've never really tried experimenting ahah. ;;

I'm really happy with my hair colour at the moment. ; v ; I'm really not happy with most things about me, but I'm rarely unhappy with my hair. ; v ;♥


Blouse, tights, bow tie, headband → Bobon21
Shoes → Liz Lisa
Shorts → offbrand

These shorts have been hiding in my wardrobe for a long time but I don't think I've ever actually worn them?;; They go nicely with this blouse though, and especially with the bow tie.^^ I guess I've never been totally sure about the lace on the shorts but since the blouse is lacy and has a big collar, it balances things out.♪

The blouse is really soft and comfy to wear.♥ It's softer than the Bodyline blouses that I have, think they use a thicker or sturdier fabric maybe. This is light enough that is could be worn through Spring.^^ I don't think it would be good for really warm weather though.


Top, sukapan, tights, choker → Bobon21
Shoes, bag → DreamV (Dear My Love) 
Beret → Handmade

Like I said earlier, this top is quite strange. ; v ; It's not uncomfy, but it's a little odd to wear and I can't quite put my finger on why ww. I like how it looks though.♥

Sadly I have no white or cream bags or shoes, so I tried to coordinate the brown into it. ; 7 ;''

The sukapan is pretty cosy, and it's pretty foofy too.♥ It also fits really well.♪ I think it would also look cute with a turtleneck top or maybe a cropped sweater.^^ I like this outfit since the textures work but the colours are a bit matchy matchy with all the cream.

The shoulder bows are quite puffy! I really like them.♥ I felt a bit bare without the choker, the top isn't even low cut. I suppose the choker balanced out the outfit between the top & beret. My life is currently berets.


Top, sukapan, choker, tights → Bobon21
Coat → Liz Lisa x MyMelody
Shoes, bag → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Beret → Handmade 

It's the same outfit as the one above but with one of my new coats.^^ I love this coat, it looks great with so many outfits.♥ It brings another colour into the outfit, I prefer the whole thing a lot more now.^^;; This would only be good for cold weather though. The outfit without the coat is already pretty cosy ahah.;;

This coat needs poof under it or it doesn't look quite right, so this sukapan works perfectly.♥

It's super cute when buttoned up too (but more about this coat when I do my Liz Lisa x MyMelody outfit post♪).♥

Thank you so much for reading. ; v ; I hope you enjoyed the outfits! Let's hope the Bobon21 Spring collections this year are as cute as last year's.♥ (Though at the same time, I'm conscious that I need to save for my holiday ww) Ank Rouge's Spring collection is cute enough as it is ahah. ;; 

Have a lovely day & a dreamy night♥

Love, Eliza♥


  1. Your outfits are always so adorable <3 I'm jealous >u<
    I really like the shorts and the baggy sweater~
    And your hair color is so cute!

  2. Wow! I love all the pieces you picked! Bobon21 always has such cute items >__<
    I think my favourite is the sukapan!

    Mia - Rainbow Road

  3. Bobon21 has so many cute clothes~ but I agree, I also hope for a better Spring collection!

    Kiyomoi ♥

  4. Everything looks amazing on you~ you have the cutest style!~ <3

  5. It all looks so cute <3 wish they had more sizes though ^^

    ~ Sann


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