Saturday, 28 February 2015

♥Liz Lisa Haul ~ Dusty Pink Winter Pieces♥

Hello everybunny!♥ How are you? Have you had a nice February?♥ It seems to have gone really quickly! So before it's fully over, here is the Liz Lisa haul that I bought with my Christmas money.♪ Below are also a few outfits I've put together with these pieces. They're pretty versatile and go with many things that I already have in my wardrobe!♥

What I Ordered

Web Limited Plaid A-line Top

It's pretty cosy & warm because it's made from a fleecy fabric.♪ It's perfect for colder weather so I think I'll get wear from this until the end of March, maybe even through April.^^ Sometimes it stays cold ahah...;; I think it would work in Spring here too, since it doesn't really get very warm.♪

The details are simple but cute, I love the rose lace.♥ The plaid pattern is really pretty too, I love the delicate colours.♥


Web Limited Plaid Sukapan 

These make a set with the top above, it's very cute.♥ It goes well with other pieces too, like blouses and turtlenecks.

More simple & cute details.♥

Town and Flowers Panel Top

The fabric for this top is kind of a very small knit I think? It's very soft, as is the collar, which is removable. c: I haven't tried it without the collar though, I prefer things with collars.^^

If you don't already know, I love theme parks, so this print really caught my heart♥♥ I mean, it's not modern theme park, it's super retro but still awesome.♥ (And very pretty♥) Florals and carousels and ferris wheels, it's so perfect www ;; v ;;♥♥



Web Limited Floral Check Bow Shorts

I didn't get the matching sukapan for the top above because I thought the row of buildings would look a little odd overlapped with another, so I opted for these shorts instead since the top that matches these was off shoulder.


More florals!♥ These are made from a similar fleecy fabric to the other web limited set.


More pretty rose lace.♥

Big Bow Scarf

When I saw it on the online store I wasn't sure how soft it would be, since it didn't really look so soft, but it's lovely & comfy.♥ I bought the dusty pink, since I figured it would go well with the beige pieces I have as well as all of the pink pieces in my wardrobe. It's veeeeery big!♪ It would be cute if they released a pashmina like this with a clip on bow.♪

The bow is on a loop so it can be removed, but I prefer to have it on the scarf.♪ There's a little metal charm on the bottom right that says 'Liz Lisa'♥


Top & sukapan set → Liz Lisa
Shoes → Bodyline
Wig → SpreePicky
Tights, beret → offbrand 

This set is lovely to wear, it fits pretty well and it's also very comfy.♥ It's a really good outfit to wear a beret with.♪ (I love berets, I should buy a few more..) I love that Liz Lisa releases don't get boring in the winter, there's still plenty of lovely shades of pink, cute patterns, pretty florals etc.♪

I like top & sukapan sets where the top has a collar.♪ There have been a few onepieces and tops lately where I love the print but there's no collar, so I haven't bought them. (The only exception has been the one with little Eiffel Towers and florals ww)


Coat, scarf, top & sukapan set → Liz Lisa
Bag → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Shoes → Bodyline
Wig → SpreePicky
Tights, beret → offbrand 

This is the coat that I got in my Liz Lisa fukubukuro.♪ It works so well with all of the dusty shades of pink. ; 7 ;♥ I also love that the colour is similar to Shellie May.♥ I love how the skirt and top sort of puff out under the coat, it's pretty cute.♥

This outfit would be really cute for a shopping date or a trip to the theme park.♥ I think pink engineer boots would be really cute with it, but I don't have any.;;

Without the scarf. It's a bit cold around the neck without it ww. I think with this particular outfit I prefer having the scarf there, though with a turtleneck underneath instead, the coat looks better.♪ (There isn't an empty-looking gap between the lapels)

If I had the patience and didn't enjoy more masculine looks for my very casual clothes, I would absolutely grow my hair this long ww I keep getting my eyeliner neater & neater, which is always cause for celebration.♪



Shorts → Liz Lisa
Shoes, blouse → Bodyline
Wig → SpreePicky 

I feel very dapper in this outfit.♥ I think it's a really neat mix of prince and princess. c: ♪ I remember now that I wore a wig on this day because my hair was being super unruly, otherwise my hair would have been more princely for this outfit.OTL At least this wig is cute with the other outfits ww

These shorts are great; they fit perfectly and they're really comfy!♥♥ I just need a pink or brown waistcoat to go with this now.♪


Shorts → Liz Lisa
Turtleneck, boots → DreamV
Wig → SpreePicky 

This outfit is very lazy ww Just a top, shorts, tights and boots.♪ It's really comfy and practical though!♥ Perhaps flatter boots or simple shoes would add to the practicality of it.♪ I've worn this once or twice recently, it's easy to just throw on but it still looks cute! I have a few turtleneck & shorts combinations that are cute go-to outfits.♪

 You could make an outfit like this a little more dressy by adding more accessories (like a pearly necklace), a cute blazer, and maybe crew socks & cute heels instead of wooly tights & big boots.♪


Top, shorts → Liz Lisa
Boots → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Wig → SpreePicky 

I need a variety of plain wooly tights ww.. I have a few pairs but they have patterns like stripes or dots which wouldn't work so well with these pieces. This top is so lovely, I'm really glad I got the shorts to go with it!♥ This top would probably be really cute with chinos underneath, or a plain light pink sukapan.♪ I'd like to try it with high waisted trousers that go over the skirt part, up to the waist line, just to see how it looks. o:

This top is so cute, hopefully it won't warm up too quickly so I can try more outfits with it.♥

I have a neat eyebrow. And neat eyeliner. The apocalypse is surely on its way. (I accidentally shaved a chunk out of it the other day though, so we're all safe for now www)

Thank you so much for reading!♥ Which is your favourite outfit? More blog posts soon.♪

I hope March brings us all positivity.♥

Love, Eliza♥


  1. Those are some great pieces!


  2. Everything looks so pretty and cozy! The theme park print is too cute ;;

    Kiyomoi ♥

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  4. You are really beautiful! ;A; everything looks super adorable on you~

  5. I bought the same set up as you but in white! You look totally cute in your items~

  6. You and your blog are so cute omg. *w*
    I love the bow shorts and all your cute hats. <3

  7. Everything looks so cute! ^^

  8. Those are really adorable! I love the big bows!


  9. Your outfits are always so adorable! ^.^
    And I love the carousel dress <3 <3 <3

  10. Ahh cute haul *w* I really love the shorts


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