Monday, 23 February 2015

♥Happy Cat Day! 2月22日はニャンニャンニャンの日!♥

Bonjour tout le monde!♥ Did you know that 22nd February is cat day in Japan? For cat day, the Japanese Disney store released an adorable Marie themed collection!♥ I was so happy, since The Aristocats is one of my favourite movies, and Marie is one of my favourite characters.♥ A Tokyo Disney Resort themed twitter account that I follow posted some super cute photos of Marie, Berlioz & Toulouse in the park and the Happiness is Here parade!♥♥ (By the way, a few of my favourite TDR twitter accounts are @MezzoMikiD, @tdrexplorer and @studiolorien , check them out if you want to see lovely photos of characters, places, and food at TDR. c: ) I was seeing a lot of Marie on my twitter feed, so I decided to put together a couple Marie-inspired outfits.♪


Here are a few of the character goods that were released♪

I haven't bought anything from the Marie collection yet... but my boyfriend did get me this Marie varsity jacket which was part of the Secret Honey x Disney Aristocats collection for Valentine's Day (he's so sweet ;; O ;;♥♥ ), and my mum picked up this Marie Tsum Tsum for me the other day. ;; v ;;♥



Top, sukapan → Liz Lisa
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love) 
Bow tie → Bobon21

This set is one of my newest things from Liz Lisa.♥ I haven't really like a lot of their new releases, there haven't really been many things jumping out at me. But this set is so gorgeous.♥ It has roses, little Eiffel Towers, and 'le sourire de l'ange' in pretty writing.♥♥(I'll make a proper Liz Lisa haul post too with more photos♪) With the french theme and pink colourway, it's perfect for a Marie inspired outfit.♪

Spot the Marie Tsum Tsum♪♪

On a small note, I'm so glad my bow tie goes with this top! It's a little difficult to coord since it's a more orange pink than candy pink, and most of my pink clothes are candy pink ahah. ;;

I'm quite glad that at the moment my hair is a little longer than usual, I was able to do a Marie hairstyle ww♪ (Though it will be chopped off soon. It needs to be short again. I just need to drag my butt to the salon. OTL)

Tip: Tsum Tsums sit very nicely on shoulders.♪


Varsity jacket → Secret Honey by Honey Bunch
Top, shorts, tights → Bobon21
Shoes → Liz Lisa

Secret Honey by Honey Bunch is one of my favourite brands.♥ It's pretty casual & girly, kind of like a mix of Amavel's style and Swankiss' pastels? Though their Disney collab pieces tend to be more dressy and decorated.♥ The Aristocats collection is a mix of dressy pieces & casual pieces, all of which look cute together ww. I'm hoping to pick up a few more pieces soon!♥ Maybe the suspender skirt.♪ Sadly the bust on the onepiece would be too big for me. :c The Disney collabs come at a higher price than the normal pieces, and they also sell out pretty quickly. They're so worth it though! This jacket is so cosy and so adorable, and not only do I love varsity jackets but this one also has a hood & cat ears.♥

The pockets in this jacket are nice and cosy too.♪ It's pretty thick but hopefully it won't be too warm for it on my holiday in May.

Hood up. If I didn't have the Marie hairstyle, it would sit a lot better, but it's still pretty cute.♪ I love hooded jackets.♥ ;;- 7-

Ladies do not start fights... but they can finish them.

The ears on this hood are actually really good, they're not too heavy or floppy and actually stand up. :D

Thank you so much for reading!♥ I really enjoyed putting together some impromptu outfits for cat day. c: I have a few more pieces that would make great Marie imspired outfits, but I didn't want to spend too long on this post since I'm finally putting together my Japan trip reports haha.♪

Hope you're having a lovely February♥

Love, Eliza♥


  1. The outfits are so cute! And cat day is on my birthday hehe ^.^ No wonder I love cats~

    1. Thank you♥ And it's such a great day to have a birthday, I hope it was fun!♥

  2. I love the jacket, and all of the Marie goodies! Marie was always my favorite. I blame the Aristocats for making me such a cat person XD


    1. Marie is the best♥ I'm glad to meet another Aristocats/Marie fan ww♪

  3. I can't handle your cuteness! *3*

  4. So so cute.. <3 love your outfit..

  5. your outfits are beautiful !!! liz lisa top is so cute ♡

  6. I love that hoodie, it's so cute! I need to go on a hunt to find it now. ♥

  7. wow! that Marie wallet! I want it! You look so adorable as always!

    1. You might be able to find it on ^^ The owner also has a shopping service.♪ And thank you!♥

  8. Wowie, that's adorable! :3


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