Monday, 2 February 2015

♥Fukubukuro 2015 → Angelic Pretty Cotton Candy Shop Salopette Set!♥

 Good evening everybunny!♥ How are you?
Today I'll be posting about my Angelic Pretty fukubukuro! Before this set, I hadn't bought any lolita pieces in forever. I guess I've been sort of moving away from the style because I find a lot of Angelic Pretty dresses, skirts etc. have bust and waist measurements that are too big on me. >: (The cutsews are a lovely fit though, odd) It sucks so much because Angelic Pretty releases lots of pieces that I would love.OTL I ended up selling my Promenade de Paris skirt because it looked pretty silly.;; In the future I'd like to get a few pieces that are my particular favourites and alter them to fit me better. ; v ;♥ I really wanted to get an AP fukubukuro this year because they usually release a salopette set, and salos work for me a little better than other pieces because I can adjust the straps and use safety pin magic.♥ This year I saw it came with a hoodie, with really stole my heart ww I had a feeling the bag would also go with a lot of other things I have.♥ If you like Angelic Pretty but are put off by the cost, I recommend getting a lucky pack because it's such good value. c: I ordered mine and had it shipped via Tenso. I used EMS shipping.^^



Everything came in a large tote bag with cute constellations on!♥ 

Inside, the contents were wrapped up in a plastic bag. Everything looked to be a really nice shade of cotton candy pink.♥

For some reason the lighting was being indecisive, and a few photos I took have slightly different lighting to the rest.. and I didn't notice until I'd finished taking the photos. OTL

 Inside there was a random loose price tag ww

Fukubukuro Contents

 First up, the hoodie!♥ I was super excited for this because I've been wanting another cute hoodie.♥ (Lately I've been getting more cute roomwear, when my MyMelody roomwear set arrived I might make a post♪)

The socks are very cute.♥ I love the stripes.^^

The cotton candy animals are cute too.♥ 

The bag is lovely.♪ It's a really good size, and can more than comfortably fit my purse, phone, 3DS XL & case, and makeup. c:

So that you can make sure everyone knows you're wearing brand, there's a huge logo on the front ww

Cute heart appliqué and buckle♥

The zips have little hearts on too.♥

It's nice and roomy inside, and there's a small pocket too.♪

There's also a handy pocket at the back. c:

The strap is adjustable, which is useful.^^ 

The barette is nice & simple, and not too big.♪

It would look cute attached to one of the salo straps as well as being used as a hair accessory.♥

The salopette itself is so so cute!♥ The border print is quite busy, but I like how the colours blend together well. The rainbows along the bottom are very cute too.♥ The skirt is really really full! The back has lacing & shirring. I thought I could avoid the use of safety pins but just doing up the lacing fully, but that made it bunch up and look silly. :c So I need to spend some time putting in some pins so it fits better and doesn't bunch up.;;

Part of the reason I got it was for the dapper little bowtie.♥ I'm determined to find some cute pink x white brogues to go with this.♪

Handy adjustable straps. c: ♪

I love the print!; 7;♥ The animals are super cute, and I love the cute constellations & stars in the background.♥ (I love space/sky themes uvu♥) I wasn't expecting it to be so detailed, it was quite hard to tell in the stock photos, so it was a really lovely surprise!♥

It feels like it's been quite a while since AP released something this cute, the new Wrapping Heart print looks adorable too, but I'm not sure if I want to spend out on more lolita when I don't wear it so much. ;; (I love wearing it though ♥;; ) I love prints like these, they're like storybook illustrations.♥ It's very much wearable art, so lovely.♥

Cute Angelic pretty lace along the bottom.♥ I love AP lace, there seems to always be the right amount.♪ (The long lace is part of what put me off buying the recent BABY x Disney Alice in Wonderland pieces..;; )


Thank you ever so much for reading.♥ I will be posting a companion outfit post soon.♪

Have a sweet day & a dreamy night♥

Love, Eliza♥


  1. You are so lucky! I wanted this fukubukuro so much but I didn't have money to buy it ;-;
    everything is so cute especially the salopette ww♥

    Sweety Rainy Days

  2. Ahh it's so adorable! >u< The pink colorway is really cute~ And the purse looks so spacious!
    You should post photos of you wearing it ^.^

  3. I loved everything!!! So cute!

  4. what a lovely hauls you got!
    the bag so cutee XD esp the heart-shaped strap!

  5. Ahh~ what a cute Haul! Im in love with those socks! I cant wait to see the outfits you post! ʕ◉ᴥ◉ʔ

  6. I like this concept. I visited your blog for the first time and just been your fan. Japanese Snacks and Candy Keep posting as I am gonna come to read it everyday……………….


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