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♥Fukubukuro 2015 → Ank Rouge Happy Bag!♥

 Hello everybunny, happy February! c: January seems to have flown by, and usually I'd be sad that time is passing too fast but I want it to be May already so I can go to Japan & go to theme parks ww. Josh & I are in the midst of planning some awesome things, the only things left to buy are some attraction tickets and our JR rail pass. :D We're going further than Tokyo this time!♪ Today I have another (and sadly my final ;c) 2015 fukubukuro post.♥ (Though I've seen a few on auction that I'd like to get ww♥) I didn't have plans to buy this fukubukuro at first, but after seeing reveals posted to twitter & instagram I fell in love with the contents! Ank Rouge had left sales open until around the 5th Jan, I bought mine on the 3rd.♪ It was on pre-order for a week or so, and then I decided to have it shipped by SAL, which took almost two weeks. OTL But it finally arrived with no customs fees, so I was very happy with that hah. ; v ;
 The online fukubukuro came in a drawer box (you'll see in photos below♪), the in-store fukubukuro was a heart shaped bag. I wouldn't have had much use for a big bag like that, but I'm grateful for the extra clothing storage www

The thing that put me off getting the LP before was the random coat/jacket.;; The sailor collar jacket wouldn't have really matched anything I have unless it was beige (even then I'm not so fond of the style;; ), and the red duffle coat would have made me look like I was in Team Magma (I've been wearing turtlenecks a lot recently ww). The beige duffle coat though, is super cute.♥ Plus it had a hood (I lack any hooded jackets) and it would look cute with my boyish clothes too. I decided to just take my chances and hope for the best though.♪

The fukubukuro would also contain a onepiece. Though this is a onepiece, I probably wouldn't wear it without a cutsew/turtleneck/blouse unless it was super hot. ; 7 ;'' The designs are super cute, I love the high waist style too.♪

They also contain a blouse (brown tie or pink tie) a skirt with the same design as the onepiece, and a turtleneck.♪ I didn't have a colour preference for any of these, they're all really cute! Plus the blouse is the same design with just a different colour ribbon which I could easily get from elsewhere. c: From what I gathered after seeing reveals that others had posted, there was also another random item included, bringing the contents to 6 items total.♪

The total cost was ¥10,800 (incl. tax) and the value was stated to be around ¥40,000.♪♪


The box is a decent size, and the design is super pretty.♥ It's made from strong cardboard and seems really sturdy, so I'll definitely be using this to store clothes.♪

 There's a convenient carry handle on top. c:

 Voila, the drawer slides out! 
(I took this after I had opened everything up, when I opened it for the first time, everything was wrapped up and such)


I was really surprised to see this in the LP! I guess this is the 'random item' I got.♪ Although I barely wear black, this backpack will go pretty well with my boyish clothes. c: I don't have any super casual bags like this either, so I'm pretty sure this will come in handy! Though I think this would suit my boyfriend's wardrobe more than mine.^^;

It's pretty roomy, and the straps are adjustable.♪

Each item in the fukubukuro came with tags attached with the retail prices on, so you could see yourself how much everything inside is worth.♪

I got the skirt in the brown colourway.♪ Sadly I lack dark brown shoes, but the detailing is pink and I have no shortage of pink shoes!♥ I have two pairs on their way from DreamV too.^^

The skirt has an elasticated waist and a little bow at the front.♥

I'm not usually a fan of all over prints unless they're florals, but I quite like this one! I think I prefer the light print on a dark background rather than vice versa. The skirt isn't sukapan, though it does have a very soft lining.♪ I don't have much experience with Ank Rouge products, but since my other skirt isn't a sukapan either, I'm guessing Ank Rouge don't really do them? I need to find some cute safety shorts at some point.♪


I got the blouse with the dark brown tie.♪ It's lovely & simple, so it will go with a lot of different things.^^ With a different colour tie, or even sans a tie, it would be cute with lolita. ; v ; I prefer to wear my lolita clothes with simple long sleeved blouses, I prefer old school dress/skirt + blouse + petti + bow + bag ahah ;;

The heart buttons and frill on the collar are both very cute. ; v ;♥

Simple cuffs.♪ It's a really versatile blouse, I think it would work well with boystyle too.^^


The onepiece is super cute!♥ I love the high waisted style and the little bow.♪ I think I'll end up wearing this a lot with different cutsews, blouses etc.^^

Just like the skirt, it has a little bow.^^

The bodice is simple, so a blouse or cutsew with a cute collar or other details would make this a little more dressy.^^ And likewise with a simple turtleneck, it would keep it casual.♪ It's quite versatile in that respect. c:

The print and lining are the same as the skirt.♪


Yes, I got the coat I wanted, I feel so lucky! ;; 7 ;;♥ It's even more wonderful than in the stock photos too!♥ Beneath the toggles, it buttons up, there are two nicely sized pockets, and it's fully lined!♪

The hood is a really nice size, and is really sturdy so it doesn't flop!♪ Floppy hoods are so disappointing. ;;

When I saw Swankiss release a coat like this with toggles (though that one had paw prints on either side of the toggles) I really really wanted one ww ; v ; Though theirs was longer than this and also very expensive, so I decided against it ahah. ;;

The pockets are heart shaped. ; 7 ;♥

 Thank you so very much for reading!♥ That concludes my 2015 fukubukuro reveals, unless I buy some on auction in the near future ww♪ I'll be posting outfit posts with clothes from my fukubukuro soon.^^♥ I have a Bobon21 haul to post too.♪

Have a peaceful February!♥

Love, Eliza♥


  1. Everything that you got is so cute!
    I want to see outfit photos from everything you got in the fukubukuros :3

  2. Everything is super cute! ;w;

    Kiyomoi ♥

  3. Hey there :3
    All the items you got were very adorable :3
    Especially the dress, its too die for :D

    Scarlett Juzzle
    A Kawaii Blogger at Pastel Dreams Rainbow Skies


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