Thursday, 18 June 2015

♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Day 15 (Cup Noodle Museum, Pikachu Outbreakchu, and Sweets Paradise Round 2!)♥


Hello everybunny!♪ I hope you're well.♥ Here's the next part in my 2014 Japan holiday!♪ Wow there aren't many days left to write about now, then it's onto posts for my 2015 holiday! ww  On day 15 we went to Yokohama with Jen to go to the Cup Noodle Museum! If you're around Yokohama, I really recommend visiting there! It's pretty interesting. There's also one in Osaka, which I believe is pretty similar.

It was very busy, but we finally got in! There was also a dinosaur there for some reason. :D

A room surrounded by different types of cup noodles♪

There's even a noodle timeline, it's pretty neat!

There were lots of cute chicken ramen goods on display ww

Walls and walls of ramen!

Inside the museum is the 'Noodles Bazaar' where you can try noodles from around the world♪

I tried the fried noodles♪ The rest of the noodle dishes were soupy and I don't like soupy noodles. ><

Jen and Josh each had noodles too! They didn't look appealing to me though...;;

There was also a workshop where you could make your own cup noodle, but all of the sessions for that became fully booked super quickly! ;; After we finished looking around the museum, Josh and I went back to Cosmo World to enjoy more Pikachu Outbreakchu fun!♥

We did Pikachu yoyo fishing! www 

Josh showing off his fishing skills ww 
Let's also take a moment to curse his annoying ability to tan and not burn.

 I caught a bunch too! well as sunburn ww
After pika fishing, we had another look around the park and did some purikura.♪

Giant pikachu! I have my shoulder pika, pika fan, and pika yoyo www♥
And oh hey, ootd ww


Massive pika poster!

As we were heading back to the station (it was almost time to meet our friend!) we spotted a dinosaur themed event ww


After Yokohama, we headed back to Tokyo to meet Brian! He was working in Seoul back then so he came to spend the weekend with us!♪ It was getting towards dinner time and it was Jen's last day in Japan, so we went to Sweets Paradise together ww It's seriously... such an awesome place. ; 7 ;♥

Curry! And a pink prawn cracker www

Our table.♪ It was fun to all have dinner together! I have a feeling the blue plate with a messy mass of cake was Josh's. In fact I'm willing to bet on it ww

Caaaaaaaake! ♥♥

After Sweets Paradise, we went to do karaoke together and the Pasela Resorts place near our hotel.♪ It was really fun! I can't sing though. 
...but I can do air guitar.

We had a surprise when a guy arrived with drinks for us! Turns out Brian had sneakily ordered some for us www...♪ The mocktails were suuuper yummy♥ I love pineapple!


After karaoke, we wandered around for a while and then decided to head back to our hotels. Josh & I got up really early to say goodbye to Jen. ;; - ;; The next day it was time to head to Odaiba! There are a lot of awesome things there. c:


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you'll enjoy the posts that will be up soon!♥

Have a lovely day♥

Love, Eliza♥

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