Tuesday, 2 June 2015

♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Day 14 (Capcom Bar + Review!)♥

Hello everybunny!♪ I hope you're well.^^ I got back from my holiday to Japan last week, but I was super tired so I haven't gotten around to anymore blogging until now, sorry. >< I'm really really excited to start the posts of the holiday I just had, but firstly I need to finish the posts for last year's holiday!♪ 

On this day, Josh was very worn out & a little under the weather, so we had a relaxing morning watching Japanese tv ww Luckily he started feeling better early afternoon, so we decided to head out to the Capcom Bar! It's a little tucked away in Shinjuku, but we managed to find it!♪

The menu!♪

The fragrance of dark coffee♥ Josh got the iced coffee, Godot blend 107♪

I got the Fransziska themed drink!♥ It came with heart shaped fruit jellies, very cute♥ We both got soft drinks, but there are also lots of cocktails.♪

Okami themed spaghetti. The sauce was crab & tomato, it was really yummy! They also set the butter alight on top.♪ I got this because a lot of the Ace Attorney food was like.. super fried ahah ; v ;'' Not so great for my tummy OTL

It looks like yummy innocent takoyaki right?
Wrong... ; 7 ;
It's Phoenix Wright russian roulette bluff takoyaki... and one piece contains a habanero chili...hah.
Josh got it for himself but offered me a piece, he had only taken one so there was only a one in seven chance that I'd get the habanero! 
Turns out I got it. ;; 7 ;; Luckily I'm pretty good at handling spicy foods, I just find them gross www So my eyes only watered a little. But ugh it was gross ww so very very gross. At least Josh didn't get it, he probably would have run around screaming or something www

Objection! Onion rings! 
When someone orders this, everyone plays the objection! game, where the staff act out a trial and you have to listen out for one of them to say a certain line and then everyone shouts OBJECTION!!! Well.. since it's in Japan, everyone shouts IGIARI!!! www

Igiari! made from nori ww

It also comes with a croquette gavel!

Blue Badger pancake!♥ This was really really yummy♥

Trucy themed dessert! It even came with a little magical wand www This was super delicious, I loved it!

The Capcom Bar is so so fun, I really really recommend going there if you have time! It's not too expensive either, and you can also buy merch!♥♥ They've updated the menu since this trip, but a lot of the things we had are still there.♪ You can also play Street Fighter on the tvs.♪ 

After we went here, Josh went back to the hotel to rest for a while, and I went to Shibuya quickly.♪ I headed to Parco to see if I could find the MyMelody café.^^ I had no plans to go that afternoon, but wanted to find it just in case we wanted to go later in the holiday. I found it, as well as an elevator with One Piece characters in it www I also found the café which was great.^^ i didn't want to hang around though, so I went to the Disney Store quickly, which is just along from Parco!

This is the outside of the store, it's a castle♥♥ I had a lovely chat with one of the shop staff about UniBEARsity and Duffy bear, though it was in my terrible Japanese ahah... ; v ; Afterwards I went straight back to the hotel instead of exploring, the crowds had gotten to me. >< Though I was really happy that I managed to get out on my own and even have a nice little chat with someone too. :3

Goodies from the Capcom Bar!


Stamp cards with Ace Attorney stamps!♥

The back of the fan♪

 Thank you so much for reading!♥ In the next holiday post, we travel to Yokohama again!♪

Have a lovely day♥

Love, Eliza♪


  1. all the foods look so delicious T*T im jealous!


  2. Ahh the roulette food! I had such a bad experience with this at the Arabian Rock restaurant. We couldn't understand what the waitress was trying to explain about it so we weren't expecting it at all. I thought my ex was dying when he got the spicy one! I hope I get to go to this café next time I'm in Tokyo.

    { sparklesideup.com }

  3. Omgaahhhhh I wanna go to the Capcom Bar!!!! Was there a lot of Monster Hunter stuff?! I love that fan! So cute! <3


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