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♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Day 13 (Yokohama! Pikachu Outbreakchu & Cosmo World! →CoasterCutie!)♥


Hello everybunny!♪ It's time for another theme park trip report! Well, theme park and themed event♪ Since we went to Hakone the day before, we decided to take it easy in the morning and then go out in the afternoon.♪ Our destination was Yokohama, which is a city just along from Tokyo.^^ In fact, from Ikebukuro, we only needed to get one train and we could get there directly all the way to Minato Mirai, which is the area where a special event was being held!♥ The event was 'Pikachu Outbreakchu', we were really lucky to be going to Japan when this event and the Pikachu café & Pokemon exhibit were happening!♪♪ All around the Minato Mirai area, there were Pikachu themed events going on! There were also special Pikachu that you could download onto X & Y as well as a special Pikachu card. As soon as we found out this was going on, we absolutely had to plan time for it!

Pikachu Outbreakchu poster at the station in Yokohama!♪

Details about the things happening at Landmark Tower!


Inflatable Pika ww♪ 

We couldn't find the right exit out of the station at first www.. we got there in the end though!

Woah there it is, Landmark Tower!♪ We thought this would be our first stop for Pokemon events, but as we were walking there, some ladies excitedly ran past us towards the station, so we looked back and suddenly there was like.. an army of Pikachu leaving the station!♥

When we walked out, this area was mainly empty, but then all these wild Pikachu appeared and suddenly people too! ww The Pikachu did a little dance routine, then started heading towards Landmark Tower!♥ So of course, we had some fun following along♪

The Pokestaff all had cute Pikachu themed outfits! Some even had Pikachu plushies on their shoulders ; 7;

Flower crown Pika!♥

This Furfrou was very calmly perched on a seat and enjoying the parade :3



It was all super super suuuuuper adorable ww♥♥ 

After the parade, we headed into Landmark tower to find the Pokecen!

Could it be?

It can ww

On the way up to the Pokecen we spotted this!

It a Pikachu head filled with Pikachu heads. Out of context and without the photo that phrase would be awful.

Ta-daaaa! Shoping time.♪ Outside the Pokecen was a stand where you could buy Pokemon Bingo cards, so Josh and I each got one.^^ We also downloaded the Landmark Tower Pikachu!♥

Another parade! Woah!♥

Then we headed back down to see a cute show while we waited for Pokemon Bingo.♪

We had no idea what was going on but it was super cute ww♥ The Pokemon Bingo wasn't held here but in a massive hall on one of the higher floors. It sure is a good thing they had a big hall, it was packed! I'm also putting it out there that we weren't the only big kids playing Pokemon Bingo, there were plenty of us haha :D

I got bingo eventually! Plus I had Goodra & Noivern & Salamence & Haxorus on my card!♥♥ Yay dragons ww After Pokemon Bingo, we headed out of Landmark Tower to go to Cosmo World!

Bye bye Landmark Tower♪

When we got outside we spotted this across the bridge and it was like "Is that... that Pikachu?" ... "Oh. Yep. Yeah it is."

This ship had Pikachu decorations ww

We needed to go towards the big Ferris Wheel!

Pikachu across the street! They're everywhere ww
There's the diving coaster!

While we were walking over towards Cosmo World, we saw quite a few people looking into the water at something, and it turned out to be jellyfish! So peaceful and pretty ; 7 ;

 Here we are! Cosmo World!♪

It didn't look like the diving coaster was operating. D: Noooo!

But soon after we walked in, there was an announcement to say that the diving coaster had just begun operating omg www Super good timing! First we catch the Pika Parade, then we arrive at Cosmo World just as the diving coaster opens♪♪

The ride tickets had Pikas on!♥

Somehow between the announcement and us immediately buying tickets, the queue got pretty long, so we found ourselves waiting a while. ; 7 ;''

Vanish! Because it actually does disappear! Ironically, I failed to get a photo of where the coaster 'vanishes'. OTL But there's a pool with a hole in the the coaster fives into. :3 It's pretty neat! I was really looking forward to riding it.♪

Almost... our... turn... ' ^'

So... close...

Stuff shot. Check out all my stuff. Hah.

It's here!! Sadly we were in the second row and not the front ww

There's another train going around.♪

After the diving coaster, we got the special Cosmo World Pikachu!♥ Then we decided to go on the ferris wheel! The one at Cosmo World used to the the world's tallest! It isn't anymore, but it's pretty neat to think that at one point it was. As well as normal capsules, there were also Pika capsules, and... glass floor capsules. I wasn't brave enough for that and Josh certainly wasn't www

We could see the other half of Cosmo World which was across the river♪

The view was amazing!♪ It's a shame it wasn't a clearer day though.

Landmark tower again.♪ After our ride on the ferris wheel, we went into the game centre to do purikura together ww♥ Then we thought it was a good time to head back into Tokyo.♪ It was a really fun day! The Pikachu Outbreakchu event was amazing, I wonder if there will be another this summer?♪

 Thank you so much for reading!♥ There'll be more Pikachu cuteness soon but before that we visit another themed restaurant♪

Have a lovely day!♥

Love, Eliza♥


  1. I love the Pikachus. They are so kawaii! ^_^

  2. *V* PIKACHU IS TOO CUTE OMG. I wish I was there myself~!!!
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  3. Wow I would have loved to see all of those Pikachus! I don't know if it would be magical or a bit scary lol. Looking forward to reading more about your travels, I love themed restaurants ^_^ Gonna follow you.

    { sparklesideup.com }

  4. Pikachus, Pikachus everywhere @u@
    I'ts veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lovely <3 <3 <3

  5. This looks so cool! I really wanted to go to the pokemon centre last time I was in Japan, but I got lost trying to find it and ended up missing out :(

    <3 Sarah | Oh So Kawaii


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